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Jennifer Young ~ an interview and her novel Looking for Charlotte

Jennifer Young

Author Bio:

I live in Edinburgh and I write romance and contemporary women’s fiction. I’ve been writing all my life and my first book was published in February 2014, though I’ve had short stories published before then. The thing that runs through all my writing is an interest in the world around me. I love travel and geography and the locations of my stories is always important to me. And of course I love reading — anything and everything.


Q: Are you a morning person, or a midnight candle burner?
A: I’m a peculiar mix, part lark, part owl. Monday to Friday I’m up before seven and in the gym by half past, productive most of the day and flagging in the evenings then going early to bed. But at weekends I’m the opposite: I have to be dragged out of my bed kicking and screaming. But maybe that’s because I work so hard during the week. (Or maybe because I’m a lazy toad at heart.)

Q: What kind of music do you listen to? Do you have an all time favorite song?
A: I would say my music tastes are pretty broad. I like most stuff from the eighties onwards — currently I’m keen on The Killers and a bit of Taylor Swift, although Robbie Williams singing swing always go down well. When I’m writing I tend to have a playlist for each book which I listen to incessantly as I write. And my all-time favourite? It’s probably The water boys and The Whole of the Moon.
Q: Dress up or dress down?
A: Down, whenever I possibly can. I’d much rather be comfortable than stylish. When I dress up it can go spectacularly wrong, like the time I went to a smart dinner and ceilidh (Scottish dancing) only to realise when I arrived that I’d forgotten to change my shoes and was wearing a comfy pair of loafers. Great for the dancing, though!

Q: When crafting the story do you go from beginning to end, or do you jump around writing the scenes that are pushing themselves forward in your brain?
A: A bit of both. I have a notebook at the very start and I jot down all sorts of things - ideas, character notes, snippets of dialogue. then when I have enough I sit down to put them in some kind of order and see what that tells me about the plot. Not all of them have enough - I’ve plenty of notebooks full of ideas that never made it.
Q: Do you always know how a story will end when you begin writing it?
A: Oh, always! The trouble is that as I write the plot changes. It’s not uncommon for me to change the ending several times and sometimes I think that even when a book is complete, if I had another edit I’d change the ending. My current novel, Looking For Charlotte, is a classic example of that — the ending could have gone either way.
Q: Have your characters ever taken the story in a different direction than you had originally planned? Do you have a for instance, for us?
A: You mean, apart from the ones who can’t make their minds up? Yes, often. Most spectacularly, in my second book, No Time Like Now, one of the minor characters, who was in a sexual but not emotional relationship with the hero, proceeded to fall in love with him and then decided to confide in the heroine. Believe me, that took a lot of sorting out!
Q: What geographical locations are your favorite and why?
A: I studied geography, I love travelling and I do a bit of travel writing on the side…basically, wherever I am there’s a story. I don’t have a favourite location although most of my ideas come to me when I’m on holiday so the tend to have holiday-type locations. Not always, though. One day I’ll choose somewhere gritty not pretty and see what I come up with.


Q: What are you working on now? Would you like to share anything about it?
A: I’m half way through a trilogy set on Lake Garda, in northern Italy. It’s a variant on the Romeo and Juliet theme, with two warring families and it tells the stories of three young women who are caught up in it. It’s the first time I’ve tried anything other than just stand-alone books so it’s a challenge to make sure the characters develop throughout - and of course I have to keep going back to put things in Book 1 as they develop!

Q: Do you have a new book coming out soon? Tell us about it.
A: My third book, Looking For Charlotte, was published on 22 April by Tirgearr Publishing. I’d call it contemporary romance/women’s fiction, with a dash of mystery and it’s set in one of my favourite locations, the dramatic — and sometimes bleak — scenery of the Scottish Highlands. Flora Wilson sets out to find the body of a murdered child, Charlotte Anderson, when the police have given up on her, putting her own relationships under pressure as she struggles to bring closure to the child’s mother.
Q: How can we find you? Do you have a web page, FaceBook page or any buy links?
A: I’m all over the place….
Tirgearr Publishing

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Q: Are you currently participating in a blog tour? If you are let’s tell everyone where you’re going to be so they can catch up with you again.
A: Yes, I’m on a tour and these are the places you can find me: 

1st May
4th May
5th May
6th May
7th May
8th May

Divorced and lonely, Flora Wilson is distraught when she hears news of the death of little Charlotte Anderson. Charlotte’s father killed her and then himself, and although he left a letter with clues to her grave, his two-year-old daughter still hasn’t been found. Convinced that she failed her own children, now grown up and seldom at home, Flora embarks on a quest to find Charlotte’s body to give the child’s mother closure, believing that by doing so she can somehow atone for her own failings.

As she hunts in winter through the remote moors of the Scottish Highlands, her obsession comes to challenge the very fabric of her life — her job, her friendship with her colleague Philip Metcalfe, and her relationships with her three children.

I was married in June.  It’s supposed to be lucky, June. We had the full works. Marquee, ceilidh band, the lot.’ Over the years she’d tried to forget about it, but suddenly it surged up in her mind dappled sunshine, rose-petal confetti, flower girls, laughter. Lucky horseshoes.
Jo and I married in a church on Loch Lomondside. Reception in a local hotel. We even had the view down to the water, just like this. It had snowed the day before. And there was a moon. Gorgeous. ’
She could see that he was just as reluctant to recall the details. Their weddings had been a long time ago. How we must both have changed.’
Change happens to everyone in the end. It’s just that it comes to some of us sooner than others.’
Yes. Think of poor Suzanne Beauchamp.’
The silence persisted. They moved along the terrace a little way, isolating themselves from the clustered smokers, breath and cigarette-smoke mingling to make a fog of the night air.
Actually,’ said Philip, after a moment, I wanted to talk to you about that.’
About what?’
Suzanne Beauchamp. Though I know this isn’t the time or the place. But you mentioned it.’
‘Go on.’ Of course it was the right time, the right place. It was because of the drink and because of the memories and because it showed he cared.
You aren’t going to find that girl.’
I might. Charlotte.’ She has a name. She narrowed her lips, her eyes, not in a scowl but in determination.
Flora, she’s dead. She could be buried anywhere. You’re chasing some ridiculous shadow for reasons of your own. You’re letting it take over your life.’
‘Im not.
You are. I never see you. You’re always out. You’re always tired. It’s making you unhappy.’
It isn’t.’ No, it isn’t that.
And at the end of the day you won’t find her.
She has to be somewhere.’
She does, but you don’t know where. And you won’t find out. How can you? We don’t even know if the clues on his letter were right. He could just have dumped her in a loch somewhere and made up the rest.’
He might. Or he might not.’ Flora stared out at the nearest thing to stare at, a few straggly shrub branches, iced and still. If you want to see me you could come with me when I look. He would laugh if she said that, or worse, shrug his shoulders and look away.
I think you should drop it before you make a fool of yourself.’ Then, after the silence he said, Sorry. Wrong time, wrong place.’
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