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Angel Marks ~ an interviw and her novel ~ Becoming His

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 Becoming His (MF)

Angel Marks


Q: Most defining part of you?
A: Motherhood.
I’ve traded my alarm clock for two early birds, my string bikinis for the mommy miracle suit, my radio station for Chick a Chick a Boom-Boom, long runs for kids’ soccer, and a two-door for a crossover. I refuse to graduate to the mini-van thank you very much. Regardless, becoming a parent has been fairly all-encompassing. It was also the catalyst I needed to get writing. Just when it seemed I had absolutely no time for my private bucket list (i.e. write some novels, damn-it), I was able to find some. The little bits of time I should have been sleeping I spent rattling out this overwhelming urge to write. I’m a bit of an insomniac.

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
A: Back to Oz. When I turned eighteen my parents gifted me with a trip as an exchange student to Sydney, Australia. It was a bit of a family tradition. Growing up, each child played host to an exchange student, and in turn we were shipped off overseas to learn something and not make an embarrassment of ourselves or our country (the United States). I was fortunate that my mother liked the idea of Australia as much as I did, breaking the tradition that included becoming proficient in another language. I had already earned my language wings with our Mexican exchange student. Anyway, living in the beautiful country of Australia with the kindest, most welcoming family, and making lifelong friends was the most amazing experience of my life. It’s my dream to return with my family.

Q: Left or right?
A: Blessed to be part of the left-handed minority.

Q: Why write erotic romance?
A: It wasn’t what I planned to write when I first put “be a novelist” on my bucket list, but it ended up being what I have a knack for writing. I started Becoming His after a friend said I had to read Fifty Shades of Grey. It was a totally taboo genre that had gone mainstream. This made me feel comfortable with writing the genre myself and I happily discovered it to be fun to write.


Q: What is a typical writing day like for you?
A: Writing doesn’t happen until the end of my day, late at night, after I have tucked my babies in and they are asleep... which can take a while. On a work week I may write from 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM and on the weekends I may sacrifice some sleep to log in more hours.
     I start by brainstorming ideas long hand. I remember reading something about how our brains work differently when we type versus hand write and I tend to agree with this. I plan better by hand, but when it’s time to write the chapter, I’m on my computer.

Q: What helps you write?

A: I need to be alone in a quiet room with no concern of disruption, and a text I use in one of the classes I teach, Writing Analytically by David Wasserman, has been really helpful for me with generating ideas with some of its practices: i.e. free write, notice and focus, show – don’t tell, Hemingway’s five finger exercise, avoid using adverbs, etc. Great text – I highly recommend it for all writers.


Q: What are you writing now?
A: I am working on a sequel to Becoming His, which takes place five years later, and I have three other erotic romances in progress – two are BDSM with Daddy Doms.

Q: What kind of characters do you like to write about?
A: My heroes are strong, slightly flawed, but powerful alpha men who are able to fight for and protect the heroine who may or may not want to be protected. There is always a sizzle in their coming together and there may be a fetish or two that could be taboo, but is natural for the characters.

Q: What is the fetish / taboo in Becoming His?
A: The characters in Becoming His have a variant of the BDSM relationship where the hero is a “Daddy Dom”. To have a fuller understanding of what this variant is, I suggest doing an internet search on Daddy Dom.

Q: Where do you get your story inspirations?
A: I write my best when I’m passionate about the material, and I’ve always been a big daydreamer in the middle of it all, the quiet observer in the circle - storing away what I observe to somehow appear later. Like putting a beak on a frog or a hurricane in Alaska, I mix and match what I know, research what I don’t, put it together and out comes fiction.

Becoming His by Angel Marks
Published by Siren Publishing
Heat Rating: Sextreme
[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, HEA]
Twenty-two-year-old Noelle Snow tries not to remember what happened that night of her sophomore year in college, but it’s hard. It has shaped her life ever since. Now, two and a half years later, she is graduated and working in publishing in upstate New York as a copywriter, but she’s stagnant. Bogged down by student loans and emotional baggage, she passed on her dream job in NYC and is feeling rather hopeless, until she meets Will Martin, whose sexiness is only surpassed by his chivalry.

Noelle’s personal life is about to become hotter than the copy she writes for the sexual studies imprints her company represents. Will has a need to control and protect, and more than anything, he loves Noelle. His taboo form of sexual healing and his financial savvy are exactly what she needs to become independent, but then how will she become his?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The tip of Long Island was Noelle’s Disney World, if she were five-years old and in love with Mickey Mouse. Noelle took her friend Anna up on her invitation to her family’s Hampton’s beach house for a week in August. Every morning she rose at five for a sunrise yoga class on the beach, followed by a run, and the days were spent boogie boarding in the surf and baking in the sun while catching up on some missed personal reading, a huge accomplishment for the workaholic she had become. Evenings were filled with cookouts and invitations to neighbors’ for drinks and more cookouts and dancing on the beach.

“What’s your deal, man?” Anna asked as they left the Bartholomew’s party two doors down, tipsy and tan, in cotton sundresses and sandals.

“What do you mean?”

“Mark. He’s handsome, successful, single, rich, and funny. He invited you to the Bob Dylan concert, and you said you weren’t available.”

“Oh, yeah. What does he do again?”

“He’s a banker.”


“I’m sure he has plenty of girls who will be happy to go to Bob Dylan with him.”

“Yeah, but why not you, Noelle? Who are you waiting for? You’re not gay are you?”

“Would you like me any less or more if I said yes?”

Anna laughed, “I think you know my position on that.”

“All right, well, I just don’t feel like dating anyone right now. I’m focusing on my career. That’s why I moved downstate, to find success through myself, not to be distracted by men and end up marrying one. Besides…”

“There is nothing wrong with marrying a rich bloke.”

“Bloke? Are you British?”

“No, but I really like the sound of that. All those bloody blokes out there can fuck themselves, for all I care.”

“Wow. That’s a bit extreme. Where’s all this anger coming from?”

“Just venting. Sorry, Noelle. I’m giving Joelle some time, but I miss her and it really hurts.”

Noelle gave her friend a hug, “It will be OK, I’m sure Joelle will call you soon, and if she doesn’t, don’t worry, something good is bound to happen.”

“Eating your own words. When are you going to call Will? He’s the reason you’re turning down every eligible bachelor in New York. Who is this guy? The way you paint him, I may just decide to go straight; heck, you’re turning down Bob Dylan and Mark Bartholomew for him.”

Noelle didn’t say anything. She had had some drinks and was definitely feeling it. She pulled Anna by the hand down to the sandy beach where the moon hung over the ocean like a disco ball. They fell to the ground in a pile.

“Look, just look at that moon! It’s so full. It’s beautiful and fuck Juliet for not wanting to be compared to it. The moon changes and so do I. I don’t know a woman who doesn’t. Maybe I’ve moved on from Will Martin, Anna. Maybe this is how it’s meant to be.”

“Really? Don’t feed me that line of bullshit girl. If this is how it’s meant to be then you will stop pining over him and get your ass back in the game. But no, you’re pining. Will Martin is not over. It says so all over your face.”

“All right, so maybe there’s some truth to that. The moon is green with a jealous rage. I don’t wanna be green, Anna. Just yellow, or orange, or maybe red, but green is for witches.”

“Have you seen Wicked?”

They gazed up at the fabulous full bodied moon and listened to the ocean lapping close to shore. “There are probably sharks and whales right out there, so close to us right now, and yet in completely different worlds.” Noelle hypothesized as she remembered her whale watching adventure a year ago with Will.

“What are you afraid of?”

“I don’t know.”

“All right, well, if you want, I’ll go with you.”


“We could drive up tomorrow and you could ring his bell and sort it all out.”

“Why would you do that for me?”

“Because I’m getting sick of watching you turn down world class men. I would like to meet Will Martin for myself.”

“Oh yeah?” Noelle turned and grinned at her. “And just what are you going to say when you meet the infamous Will Martin?”

“I will congratulate him on having the ability to keep a girl faithful when she’s living in the biggest wolf trap in the States, and ask him for his secret.”

“Wolf trap and States. Oh Anna, you really do crack me up. Let’s go to London for our next vacation.”

“Definitely, I’m down, but just so you know wolf trap is my own euphemism, they don’t have wolves in the UK, and before that, you need to resolve your relationship issues.”

“Alright, but I’m not letting you drive me. I’m going to take the bus, and I’m not going tomorrow. This can wait until we’re back in the city. If Will meant what he said, he’ll still be waiting when I get there, and if not, well…”

“You’ll put him to rest.” Anna proclaimed.

“Or I’ll pine even more!” Noelle sat up from the wet sand and pulled Anna up with her. They skipped back home to the beat of a reggae band playing on the boardwalk and the soft roar of the ocean lapping at the shore, an experience much like flying at night, seeing the lights and buildings below, long stretches of darkness, small towns and then big cities. In both experiences Noelle was struck by her own mortality, and the need to live her life with integrity.

He walked to the security box and typed in a code, and then took her to a back room that had another desk and leather chairs.

“Get undressed.”

Without words, Noelle slipped her flip flops off followed by her shorts, and then her white with pink writing T-shirt. She stood before Will, her boyfriend, her soon-to-be husband, the man who she had given herself to, completely, and asked him to please help her undress.

He was obliged, unhooking her pink satin bra with lace trim letting her small round breasts peek up at him, her pink nipples quickly made erect by his straying fingers. Then he slipped off her matching panties, covered with white polka dots and trimmed with lace, both of which he had picked out for her in her bedroom an hour earlier.

She stood before the fully clothed Will in the nude, and demurely raised her eyes to his, reveling in the feeling of his gaze on her body.

He was enjoying watching her and deliberately holding back from pouncing on her and mating her hard and rough, which is what he really wanted to do. Instead he smiled, more aroused by her obedience, beauty, and trust. “You’re beautiful, Noelle.” And he openly stared at her, appraising her body, raking his eyes over every private and erotic nook of her.

She burned under his gaze, feeling her skin prickle and simultaneously loving that she was being watched. “I belong to you, sir.”

“Yes, you do, and I’d like to make that official very soon.”

“Yes, Sir,” was her quiet, excited reply.

“I love that you’re obedient, Noelle.”

“Thank you.”

“We’d never get along otherwise. We’re a perfect match.”

Noelle smiled up at him. “I had no idea how much I wanted to be obedient. Isn’t it silly? I never really thought about it, but when you began to court me, it felt natural that you took care of me.”

“That’s why we’re together. It is natural. Come here.” And he cradled her in his arms, rubbing her belly and nuzzling her neck, causing her to let out little moans of pleasure.

“That’s good, dear. Do you like this?”

Noelle pressed herself into him. “Yes, Sir. I love everything you do to me.”

“It’s hard for me to control myself when I’m with you. You’re such a good girl. Thank you for being so obedient.”

“I want to be yours, sir.”

“You are mine.” And he laid her on the Oriental carpet. “Get on all fours.”

Noelle positioned herself on her hands and knees sticking her bottom up in the air for Will to slap, which he did.

There was just something about Will Martin. She felt like she was a cat in heat with him. The connection between them made her full. She wasn’t complete until she was completely possessed by him.

Will sat down in one of the leather chairs, and she rubbed up against his leg. He reached down and pet her head, stroking her back down to her naked bottom.

“I love you, Noelle, and I will always take good care of you. Do you understand?”

Noelle sat back and looked up at Will.

“Yes, I hope so. I trust you.” And then she rolled over onto her back and put her hands over her head, simultaneously parting her legs to him, demonstrating her submission.

Will examined her swollen pussy and hurt to see the pain he had caused her. He had caused the swelling. She had never had such a large cock, not much dick at all, before him, and he had only claimed her the night before, but in doing so he had already entered her at least a half dozen times in less than twenty-four hours. Her pussy was in shock despite his efforts to ameliorate the pain by bathing and licking her.

“I think I should give you some time to heal, love. I don’t think I should take you right now.”

To which she whimpered and cried for him, causing him to lift her up and place her over his knee, giving her a big swat on her naked behind. “Do not disobey me, Noelle.”

The spank had caused her to gush for him, and his hand slipped down and became engulfed in her pussy’s wetness. It was too much for Will to hold back, and the carnal urges he had for her came racing out of him. In a blur he dropped his pants and slammed his raging hard dick deep inside her from behind with no warning. Noelle gasped and screamed with need as he ripped into her. On all fours she held her bottom up to him and he repeatedly slammed into her, mating her like a dog, sometimes biting the back of her neck, as he encompassed her body with his.

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