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Faye Hall ~ an interview and her novel ~ Passions in the Dust

Faye Hall

Faye Hall's passion driven, mystery filled books are set in small townships of North Queensland, Australia during the late 1800's.

Each of her novels bring something symbolically Australian to her readers, from Aboriginal herbal remedies, to certain gemstones naturally only found in this part of the world.

Each of her books tell of a passionate connection between the hero and heroine, surrounded and threatened by deceit, scandal, theft and sometimes even murder.

These romances swerve from the traditional romances as Faye aims to give her readers so much more intrigue, whilst also revealing the hidden histories of rural townships of North Queensland.

Faye finds her inspiration from the histories of not only the township she grew up in, but the many surrounding it. She also bases most of her characters on people she has met in her life.

Faye was able to live her own passion driven romance, marrying the love of her life after a whirlwind romance in 2013. Together they are raising their 9 children in a remote country town in northern Queensland, Australia.

Q: If you could morph into any creature what would it be?
A: A hippo
            If you don’t mind me asking, why?   
A: No reason really, they are just my fav animal
Q: When you think of a garden, do you picture vegetables or flowers?

A: both

Q: What is your favorite word? Is there a reason?
A: Rhetorical – because so many people don’t know what it means

Q: What is your least favorite word? Is there a reason?
A: Hate – because it’s a destructive emotion

Q: Which element of book writing is most difficult for you?
A: Trying not to head hop to much between the characters.

Q: What is your favorite part of writing?
A: Writing the romantic interactions between the main characters.

Q; Now your least favorite part?
A: Usually coming up with a book title.

Q: Describe your favorite heroine? (This doesn’t have to be one of yours.)
A: Any heroine who is strong headed and doesn’t bow down to tradition and etiquette

Q: What are you working on now? Would you like to share anything about it?
A: I’m waiting to hear back from the publishers about 2 more scripts, so I’ve started book number 7 titled ‘Lust & Chastity’.  It’s my own take on one of the seven deadly sins and a heavenly virtue.

Q: Do you have a new book coming out soon? Tell us about it.
A: Passions in the Dust will be out, tomorrow, 1st October.

Q: How can we find you? Do you have a web page, FaceBook page or any buy links?
A:  Here they are:
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Social media links

Walking to the end of the small corridor, Ella began to feel as if she had done a complete turnabout.  Seeing the solid wooden door just up ahead, she assumed it would lead her back to her bedroom.

Opening the door, her eyes resting on the naked back of the man before her, her line of sight quickly going to the towel wrapped around his waist, Ella knew how wrong her assumption had been.

Ella knew he must have heard her gasp.  How could he not have?

The man before her quickly turned at her sudden intrusion.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

Ella leaned in the doorway, her arms crossed just under her breasts, trying to display a casualness she didn’t feel.

“Is that any way to greet me after five years, Seth?”

“Ella?” Seth held the towel close against him.  “I wasn’t expecting you.”

Ella nodded.  “Apparently not.  You couldn’t even come pick me up from the station, Seth.”

“I…I was busy.”

Ella raised her brow.  “To busy to come meet the woman you bought to be your wife?”

“It wasn’t like that,” Seth tried.
“It wasn’t?” she continued.  “I suppose when one orders a wife as one would a shipment of cattle, one should be expected to treat them the same.”
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