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C M Fontana ~ and interview and his novel ~ Sexual Sorcery

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C M Fontana
Chris Fontana is a British erotic author, currently living in Italy. His first two full length novels, Sexual Sorcery and Deadly Adultery, are available on Amazon for Kindle, as are two novellas continuing the Sexual Sorcery series.


Q: Are you a morning person, or a midnight candle burner?
A: Left to my own devices, I'd get up late, and then sleep late. That's especially true if I'm writing – I tend to get into my stride in the early evening, and then will happily keep going into the small hours. But in reality, the rest of the word expects me to get up early, so, that's what I generally do.

Q: Bedtime, relaxing so you can sleep sounds. Is your preference, white noise, TV, soft music, ocean waves, forest or meadow sounds, babbling brook, or something else?
A: The most pleasant sounds I've ever fallen asleep to were in Asia – listening to the sounds of the wildlife, and especially geckos, is wonderful. But if I'm in Europe, just simple silence is best.

Q: Dine in or dine out?
A: Out. Absolutely out. If I'm on my own I can't be bothered to cook – it seems like a waste of effort just for myself. And if I'm with other people then I want to focus on them, not on cooking or washing up.

Q: How do you feel about exercise?
A: The key for me is not getting frustrated. I can manage a few minutes of high-impact exercise in the mornings, but if I try to work out for long I just start thinking of all the other things I could be doing - I just don't have the patience for a long work-out. This is one reason why I try to live in places with great scenery – I can walk through the mountains, or cycle for hours and never get bored.


Q: Who's your favorite author?
A: I'd have to say – and I'm really sorry about this, because it sounds horribly pretentious - either Shakespeare or Umberto Eco. Eco is just insanely intelligent, and I find that a joy to read; I could never write like that, so I am in awe of his books. Shakespeare I love because of the way that, within works that we all assume are terribly high-brow and literary, there are actually some thunderingly good plots and really interesting characters – something like King Lear or MacBeth could be a Hollywood action movie... which may be why Hollywood has just made a movie of MacBeth.

Q: Which of your own releases was your particular favorite?
A: As a stand-alone story, I'd pick Deadly Adultery. It's an erotic murder mystery with paranormal elements, which sounds like it could have too much going on. But it manages to balance detective work, character development and relationships, with a lot of sex, with the sex itself driving the plot along rather than being added-in. And it has moments of reflection which I'm also pleased with – I found that as I wrote it a lot of my own assumptions were being questioned, and readers tell me they've found the same.

Q: When crafting the story do you go from beginning to end, or do you jump around writing the scenes that are pushing themselves forward in your brain?
A: I generally write in the order in which events occur. Characters are important in my stories, and I want them to be free to develop as events unfold, and for their character development to drive the plot.

Q: Have your characters ever taken the story in a different direction than you had originally planned? Do you have a for instance, for us?
A: Yes, often. Although I always know what the situation is, what the secrets or mysteries are and how they are likely to unfold, I let the characters determine exactly how that will happen. And often they say or do things which surprise me. For example, Sexual Sorcery follows an investigation into a conspiracy which I assumed the heroes would neatly penetrate and then defeat. But as the story unfolded I found myself writing dialogue from one of the villains giving a quite convincing argument why their scheme should not be foiled, and I realised that one of the heroes would probably be convinced by that. It isn't quite that one of the heroes switched side and joined the bad-guys, but certainly the outcome became less straight-forward and more interesting – both for the book itself, and in terms of what can now happen in sequels.


Q: What are you working on now? Would you like to share anything about it?
A: I've now finished two short novellas which follow on from Sexual Sorcery, and which pave the way for a sequel. So, I'm writing that sequel, Sorcerer's Proposal now, and I'm putting a lot of time into thinking about how to develop this as a series. The whole Victorian occult setting is just far to interesting for me to leave it after just one novel.

Q: Do you have a new book coming out soon? Tell us about it.
A: There are two – one for Halloween and then Sorcerer's Proposal for, I hope, Christmas. Both have a similar impetus. In each, I wanted to take a really familiar idea, and do something fresh with it. So, Sorcerer's Proposal has a very familiar sounding premise – a powerful nobleman invites women to come to his castle to impress him... it's all very 1001 Nights, and has been done over and over. But because the Sexual Sorcery series is based around mystery and duplicity and conspiracies, it stands to reason that the nobleman has an ulterior motive, which may be rather darker, less predictable, and more intriguing than the premise suggests.

Q: How can we find you? Do you have a web page, FaceBook page or any buy links?
A: There are excerpts and listings of everything that I've written on http://mysticerotica.com , and Sexual Sorcery is available from Amazon: http://mybook.to/sexualsorcery
Q: Are you currently participating in a blog tour? If you are let’s tell everyone where you’re going to be so they can catch up with you again.
 on the 29th, and then  http://deannasworld1.blogspot.com.au/

Sexual Sorcery
An unwitting academic stumbles into the erotically-charged occult underworld of Victorian London. With a cast of characters including an investigator with a talent for seduction, a mesmerist collecting a harem of beautiful ladies, and a woman who believes she has had sex with Satan, Sexual Sorcery is a sizzling story of decadence, conspiracy and carnality.

When a collection of books go missing from the University's collection, Fredrick Clifford travels to London in search of the likely culprit, an apparently respectable gentleman named Victor Braystone. But he soon finds that he is not the only one with an interest in Mr Braystone, and the manipulative Catherine Wolseley soon draws him into her own schemes.

As he, Miss Wolseley and their seductive accomplice begin to unravel Mr Braystone's plots, Fredrick Clifford finds himself both confused and entrapped in a shocking world of of sex and duplicity. And as the trail leads him from the seductions of a London club to a Satanic altar in the wilds of the Welsh borders, he struggles to make sense of both the dark uncertainties of the occult, and of an unfamiliar realm of debauchery and sex.

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