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Katie McKnight ~ an interview and her novel ~ Destroyed By Lies

Katie McKnight

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Katie McKnight lives on Long Island with her husband, three sons, two rescue dogs and a few turtles. She successfully completed writing programs through Piedmont Community College and Queens College. Her writing achievements include a television interview on "The Writer's Dream", a spot on a Top Ten Best Seller's List and two nominations for Best of Long Island under the category of Author.

Katie offers writing programs for school-aged kids; she teaches drama and works as a dog trainer. She also volunteers at a local Animal Shelter. When she is not spending time with family and friends (human and furry), she is working on her next novel.

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Q: Tell me one thing about each of the four seasons you like. It can be anything.
A: Winter = Christmas! I love the kindness between people during this time of year.
     Spring = Warmth. Ready to shed the winter clothing.
     Summer = No school. Kicking back and spending time with family and friends.
     Fall = The colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the slight chill in the air.

Q: Tell me something you would like your readers (fans) to know about you.
A: I love animals. If I could, I would surround myself with them. In addition to training dogs, I find homes for animals and volunteer at a shelter (in some capacity).

Q: Bedtime, relaxing so you can sleep sounds. Is your preference, white noise, TV, soft music, ocean waves, forest or meadow sounds, babbling brook, or something else?
A: I would love to listen to a babbling brook, rain or a thunderstorm, but sounds disturb my sleep. I have restless legs. The condition kicks in whenever I am awoken from sleep.

Q: Have you ever been too embarrassed to promote any certain titles to friends or family?
A: Yes. I worked on a project with a fellow writer. I thought the storyline was great and enjoyed incorporating my characters into her story. The problem: She is an erotic author. My mother would be horrified if she read the story. Since my mother promotes my writing to everyone she meets, I did not promote the work. Could you imagine her promoting the book to her church friends? Sadly, I believe it caused a rift in my friendship with the author.

Q: Favorite color?
A: Purple is my all-time-favorite color. I outlined a tattoo in purple. If I could, I would color myself that color.


Q: Where do you get your ideas?
A: My first book, Secrets Revealed, came to me in a dream.  Actually, in the dream a woman visited her new in laws and they were mean to her.  The story continued to haunt me until I came up with a plot for these characters and wrote a book.  Destroyed by Lies came from a newspaper article I read over ten years ago.  Again, the story stayed with me until I created my own characters and situation.

Q: How did you come to write your genera of choice?
A:  To be honest, the genre came to me.  I want to write a mystery, yet suspense and romance keep flowing from my brain.

Q: What do you think is the hardest part of writing a book?
A: Editing and promoting. Writing the story is the easy part.

Q: Generally speaking, is your work based on real life experience? If it's not would you want it to be?
A:  Thankfully no.  I would never want to face the problems Tara Steffen faces in Destroyed by Lies.  Her whole entire life unravels before her eyes.  


Q: What are you working on now? Would you like to share anything about it?
A: I am promoting my new novel, Destroyed by Lies.  The e-book originally published in June 2015.  Two months after the release date, my publisher closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy.  After I received the rights back, I  re-released it in early November.  The paperback will release early 2016.

Q: How can we find you? Do you have a web page, FaceBook page or any buy links?
A: I spend too much time on Facebook.  While I am looking around, I enjoy chatting with readers and other authors.  You can find me at
You can find my website at

Q: Are you currently participating in a blog tour? If you are let’s tell everyone where you’re going to be so they can catch up with you again.
A: My virtual tour begins on December 7 and runs through December 17. 

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Tara’s marriage began to deteriorate soon after it began. As her fifth wedding anniversary arrives, Tara is determined to fix the damage and rekindle the love affair.

Brad could not wait for his military deployment to end so he and his fiancĂ© could begin their lives together. His future plans crumbled the afternoon he found his fiancĂ© in the arms of another man.  Unwilling to risk further heartache, Brad abandons his dreams of starting a family and focuses his energy on his career.  

Elizabeth struggled with infertility for years.  Her obsession with having a child almost cost her the love of her life. After a brief separation and personal heartbreak, Elizabeth is ready to start anew.

Tom has made a lifetime of bad decisions. After years of dishonesty, he’s prepared to clean up his past and move forward with the woman he loves.
A late-night accident yanks all four characters out of their comfortable lives and into a world of secrets, lies and heartbreak. Will the deceit destroy their happiness? Will any of the relationships survive?


Laura waved Tara and Charlotte past the scene in the waiting room and led them into the elevator. The three women did not speak until they arrived to the administrative wing.

“Come on in,” she said.

Laura’s office contained an oblong glass desk covered with folders and computer equipment.

Nestled in the corner of the room were a dark, wooden table and chairs. Tara and Charlotte each took a seat at the table while Laura relocated a large, silk floral arrangement from the center of the table to the floor.

She removed a legal pad from her desk drawer and joined the two women at the table. “Mrs. Steffen,” she looked at Charlotte. “How are you related to Thomas Steffen?”

“I’m his mother.”

“Do you have your driver’s license with you?”

“Sure.” Charlotte opened her purse and dug through her wallet. “Here it is.” She handed it to Laura.

“What is your relationship with Thomas Steffen?” She asked Tara.

“I’m his wife.” She removed her driver’s license from her wallet and slid it to Laura.

The women sat in silence for several minutes while Laura copied information to the legal pad.

“Do you require this information for insurance reasons?” Tara asked. “My husband’s boss is in the waiting room. He can provide medical insurance details.”

Laura folded her hands on top of the legal pad and stared at Tara and Charlotte. “Three people came to the Intensive Care Unit claiming to be Tom’s family members.”

“What?” Charlotte and Tara responded in unison.

Laura nodded. “Rest assured your husband is safe. A guard is stationed outside his door and the people are banned from visiting.”

A line formed between Tara’s brow. “This is crazy.”

“I have never experienced this type of situation and wanted to take safety precautions.” She slid the driver’s licenses back to the two women. “I apologize for the inconvenience.”

“I’m glad you are on top of this matter,” Charlotte said. “Why would someone do such a thing?”

“The man who confronted you on the way to your office, is he…”

“I can’t provide the identity.” Laura interrupted.

“Some whack-job is trying to gain access to my husband. What if he approaches me or Charlotte outside the hospital? We could be in danger.”

“I will permit you to park in the doctor’s parking lot and assign security guards to escort you to your car each night.” She bit her lip. “If your gut warns you to keep away from the man we encountered in the waiting room, go with it.”

Tara nodded.

“One more thing you should know,” Laura told them. “The man’s wife offered to submit to a paternity test. Considering Tom is an adult, her request is ridiculous. Should she pursue this matter with the courts, we’re obligated to comply.” Laura waved her hand. “Not that I expect her to take the matter to court.”

Tara sighed. “We won’t have a problem getting into ICU for visiting hours tomorrow, will we?”

Laura shook her head. “No. I requested you stop by my office tonight, so you won’t have a problem tomorrow.”

Tara stood up and shook Laura’s hand. “Thank you.”

“I don’t know what to think,” she told Charlotte on the way back to the ICU waiting room. “This whole situation is crazy.”

Charlotte stopped and turned to face her daughter-in-law. Her eyes sagged and her mouth hung slack. “I have something to tell you.”

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