Monday, December 31, 2018

Jade West ~ presents ~ Buy My Soul

Title: Buy My Soul
Author: Jade West
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: A Sixty Days Novel #2

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Part two of the Sixty Days trilogy.
My sixty days begin here.
The beautiful monster holds my body and soul in his brutal fingers.
I’m his to use. His to dominate. His to command like a puppet on a stage for dirty eyes across the dark web.
I shouldn’t want this.
Shouldn’t want him.
Shouldn’t want to take every dark instruction from his lips and give him my everything.
But I do.

It should be about the money. About saving my sister from certain doom and bailing us both out of financial misery.
It should be about forging a new life, a new world for the pair of us once my sixty days are served.
But it’s not.
Not anymore.
It’s about him.

**A full length novel**

Sell My Soul (A Sixty Days Novel #1 )
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Amazon UK
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Amazon AU

Pre-Order Own My Soul (A Sixty Days Novel #3 )

Author Bio:
Jade has increasingly little to say about herself as time goes on, other than the fact she is an author, but she’s plenty happy with this. Living in imaginary realities and having a legitimate excuse for it is really all she’s ever wanted. Jade is as dirty as you’d expect from her novels, and talking smut makes her smile. She lives in the Powys countryside with a couple of hounds. She has a zebra print living room, and fights a constant battle with her addiction to Coca-Cola.

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Friday, December 28, 2018

Loc Glin ~ presents ~ End Detour (A Mystic Museum Novella)

End Detour
The Mystic Museum 4
By Loc Glin
Genre: Erotic Romance
Word Count: 32,964
Heat Rating: SEXTREME

Categories: Erotic Romance (MF), African-American, Contemporary, paranormal elements, HEA


Visiting Minerva’s Mystic Museum can change lives forever. Magic makes life altering changes possible. Can Shamika and Harold forgive and forget? Can they overcome trust issues and make a life together?

Shamika must give up the life that she has come to accept and trust as normal. Is it time for a change? Does she really want a change? Will her history as a prostitute make that change impossible? Does Harold’s stubbornness prevent it? The unlikely pair are about to find out.

One encounter in a barn catapults these two strangers down a road of self examination and rediscovery. Past events have tainted their visions of what life should be. The powers that be have given them the opportunity to change their lives. Join them as they conquer their fears and the past disappointments that haunt them.

Family ties will be drawn into question. A possible future together will terrify them.

Mystic Museum magic is in the air!

Note: This book contains forced seduction triggers.

Shamika stood at the sink washing dishes. Rinsing them for the dishwasher would be more accurate. Nadine had told her it wasn’t necessary, but her mother always insisted it be done. “Just rinse the food particles off. We don’t need those pieces of food sloshing around in the machine. It isn’t that difficult.” She could hear her mother as clearly as if she was standing next to her. Memories of her childhood and family life seemed to spring to the surface quite readily here. This place reminded her of her home. A home she was realizing she truly missed.

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Glyn Williams ~ presents ~ Nature vs Nurture

Title: Nature Vs. Nurture
Author: Glyn Williams
Release Date: September 13, 2018


Alex Kane is a young, handsome & successful man living happily in Chicago Illinois. At this point in his life Alex has everything going for him, he has a good job managing his dad’s plumbing store, loving parents & grandparents who raised him to be a good kind-hearted man. He has several good friends especially his oldest and best friend Jacob; his charms have always drawn in the ladies but Alex only has eyes for one a beautiful nurse named Jessica from Sacred Island General Hospital where he volunteers. Alex has lived a truly blessed life but has always felt out of place like there was something separating him from other people and for good reason. A series of tragic events brings out a dark soul crushing secret kept from Alex by the people he trusts most since the day he was born, in a single moment Alex’s ideal life is thrown upside down causing him to question not just his life but the whole of creation and his place in it. Sent down a dark and dangerous path, Alex’s family & friends must race to find and stop him, they make it their mission to save Alex from himself before it’s too late both for them and for the world.

Author Bio:
My name is Glyn Williams; I am twenty five years old and from South Wales. All my life I’ve been the type of person who never quite knew what the future held for them, I always thought I’d just deal with what came my way but a few years ago something came my way I never expected. My vision began to decline and after several months of testing I was diagnosed with genetic Optic Nerve Atrophy leaving me visually impaired to a degree. At that time a lot changed for me in a negative way, feeling down and useless I began to think of things I could do to show I still have some worth. Over the years many ideas had crossed my mind so I decided to start writing a book, at first it was just for my own sense of accomplishment but the more I wrote the more I enjoyed it and my family urged me to consider getting it published. Part of me never thought it would happen but much to my surprise people seemed to like my story, suddenly I had achieved something great for the first time in my life and although I still have personal issues I struggle with I no longer feel completely useless.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Julia Kent ~ presents ~ Shopping for an Heir (Freebe Blitz)

Freebie Blitz
Shopping for an Heir
(Book 10 in the Shopping series)
by Julia Kent


FREE for a limited time - SHOPPING FOR AN HEIR. A hilarious standalone in Julia Kent's bestselling Shopping for a Billionaire series. Gerald Wright works for billionaires. He never imagined he’d become one. Get the Whispersync audio for $7.49 on Amazon or your favorite audiobook retailer.

Gerald Wright works for billionaires. He never imagined he’d become one.

The former Navy Seal is a chauffeur by day, artist by night, so when hotter-than-ever ex-fiancée Suzanne Dayton interrupts his nude model sculpting class to serve him with inheritance paperwork from a man he’s never heard of, he assumes it’s a joke.

Turns out the joke’s on him. There’s just one catch. A big one.

And it might be Suzanne — in more ways than he ever dreamed.

Shopping for an Heir is the 10th book in the New York Times bestselling Shopping for a Billionaire series by Julia Kent.

He smelled like home. Like love. Like promise and comfort, like passion and disbelief.

“What’s wrong?” he snapped, his face alternating between joy and anger. “Why are you here?”

Coming to her senses, she extracted the thick envelope from her brief bag, looking him square in the eye. “Legal matter. I’ve been instructed to deliver this to you.” She used remarkable restraint in not peering around Gerald to get more of an eyeful of Declan McCormick’s stately form.

Then again, Gerald was an impenetrable wall of muscle himself, not easily subverted. She’d need taller heels to peer around him. He did not move his palm from her arm, and his touch infused her, a deeply satisfying sense of connection slowly creeping along her skin, her breath quickening, his touch ringing bells inside her that had been dormant for a decade.

“What is it?”

“Read it. You’ll understand.” She turned on her heel and started to leave, shaking inside so hard she might trigger the New Madrid fault.

He glared at her. “What? That’s it? Ten years and that’s it?” He pulled back, breaking contact.

All her anxiety faded, like an antidote injected straight into the heart, his words kicking in, providing such clarity.

“Ten years you chose, Gerald,” she hissed, mouth curling, throat seizing. “You do not get to put this on me.” Grief flared in her, a burst like a fireball, and then it turned to the ash of anger, a light coat settling over every spare surface of her heart.

His eyebrows shot up, eyes gliding away, his nose twitching and mouth tightening as if holding back.

Squaring her shoulders, Suzanne decided to make this easy for him. God only knew why. “My law firm is handling the estate of deceased billionaire Harold Hopewell. You’ve been named in his will.” She tapped the thick envelope in his hand. “These papers explain everything.”

“Explain what?”

“You’re his heir. One of them, at least.”

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Author Bio:
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent writes romantic comedy with an edge. From billionaires to BBWs to new adult rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every contemporary romance she writes. Unlike Shannon from Shopping for a Billionaire, she did not meet her husband after dropping her phone in a men's room toilet (and he isn't a billionaire). She lives in New England with her husband and three sons in a household where the toilet seat is never, ever, down

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Loc Glin's Holiday Post

From my house to yours ~ 

Wishing you Peace, Good Health and Happiness today and every day that follows!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Jo-Anne Joseph ~presents ~ Honor

Title: Honor
Author: Jo-Anne Joseph
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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I left home and the only girl I ever loved to serve my country,
But what I got was not what I expected.
Losing a friend on the battlefield made me see the world differently.
And what I'm left with, is a choice,
Honor, or follow my heart,
In my quest to do what's right,
I knew she'd be my only casualty.
And I'd be left broken because of it.

I knew I shouldn't have fallen in love with my best friend,
But I did it anyway,
Despite knowing it could lead to heartache.
He left me with a promise,
And returned only to break it.
Wyatt is a changed man, and I am no longer the naive girl he left behind.

Buy Links:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon AU

Author Bio:
Jo-Anne Joseph is a South African Author who writes fiction contemporary romance, psychological romance and romantic suspense. She has a flair for creating stories that are sweet and sassy, others riveting and suspenseful . Along with a passion for writing, she is an avid reader and enjoys painting and coloring. She also has a deep love for poetry and prose. Her lifelong love affair with words started at a young age and resulted in her debut novel Infinity published in September 2017. She has since published five other titles along with a poetry anthology, as well as contributed to two anthologies.

Her books are available on, Ibooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble in ebook and paperback format. She has worked with an international publishing company on one of her anthologies. Bridge Books in Johannesburg and Maboneng carry her titles.

Jo-Anne is a business professional by day, she works in the field of corporate governance, and an Author by night. She also writes on a volunteer basis for on-line publications Still Standing Magazine and the website Glow in the Woods. Her articles have been republished in several newsletters.

She is eager to encourage the culture of reading in South Africa and show regular working woman and parents that it's not impossible to follow the creative aspect of their dreams and goals. If you love something enough, you'll make the time for it.

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Friday, December 21, 2018

Loc Glin ~ presents ~ Unleashing the Woman Within (A Mystic Museum Novella)

Unleashing the Woman Within
The Mystic Museum Series 3
By Loc Gliln
Genre: Erotic Romance
Word Count: 20,900
Heat Rating: SEXTREME

Categories: Erotic Romance (MF), BDSM, Contemporary, paranormal elements, HEA

Rowena Milestone, corporate executive, has an accomplished career. Yet one thing eludes her. Try as she might she can’t seem to have an orgasm even though she likes sex. Her position in the corporate man’s world tends to intimidate her dates. They perform well enough in bed, but they just don’t push her over the edge, until she meets Stephen.

Stephen Sloan has a secret. He belongs to a very special, no holds barred, anything goes sex club. He never thought he’d meet anyone like Rowena there, so he wanted to believe her outrageous story that she didn’t know how she’d gotten there. When she disappeared without a trace he knew she’d been telling the truth. Now armed with three pieces of information he is determined to find her.

Rowena was devastated when the curator of the museum couldn’t help. Minerva had said, "If the universe is willing, he will come to you." Fat chance she has of that happening.

“First, let me assure you. We have to master and control all the things that are on these walls. We are not allowed to seriously injure anyone. Drawing blood is forbidden.”

“That makes me feel so much better,” she said sarcastically.

“Would you like a demonstration?” He moved to the wall. He took a whip in his hand.

“A demonstration is not necessary. I’ll take your word for it.” She pulled the sheet up to her chest. She couldn’t manage to keep the fear from her expression.

He gave her a sour look. “I’m not going to use this on you.”

“Oh.” She gave a tentative smile. “I thought…”

“You told me you were afraid, even terrified of the whip. Why would I use it on you?” Exasperation filled his tone.

“Because you can,” she said, her courage returning. “You made that quite clear earlier.”

“I thought I made more than that clear. This is a pleasure room, not a torture chamber. I thought you would have figured that out by now.” He frowned at her. His voice expressed his disappointment.

She felt chastised as if she were a child. “I have,” she whispered. Her cheeks flamed, she closed her eyes. “It’s just…”

“Open your eyes,” he snapped. “You have to see to believe.”

He lit three candles.

“What are you going to do?”

“Prove to you once and for all this will not hurt you.” He shook the whip in his hand. He loosened the whip from his fingertips and flipped it so its full serpentine length spread before him. The flames from the three candles flickered. “Would you like the lights on or off for the test? I can do this either way. I’m not quite good enough blindfolded yet, but I’m working on it.” He smiled.

He seemed proud of what he was about to do. “It doesn’t matter. You choose.” She had no idea of what to expect.

He flicked the whip. One of the candle flames was extinguished. The snap made her jump and gasp in surprise. Her astonishment must’ve shown in her face. He smiled. He seemed to enjoy her shock. He flipped the whip two times in rapid succession. The remaining flames were extinguished.

“Oh my God,” she breathed. “You didn’t even touch the wax.”

“So, you noticed.” He seemed pleased with himself. He gathered up the whip and put it in its place on the wall.

“I noticed.” The words were filled with awe.

“Doubting my abilities has hurt my feelings. How are you going to make it up to me?” His eyes swept over her body. They were dark and hungry.

She felt her body flush in response, and a quick jolt of excitement was awakening her nether region. “Take your clothes off and lie down. I’ll think of something.” She patted the bed next to her. She tried to give him a sexy and inviting smile.

He removed his clothes, never taking his eyes off of her. She ran her tongue over her lips before she sucked on the lower one. Stephen’s very muscular, taut frame slid into the bed next to her. Rowena straddled his hips. She eyed the handcuffs and leaned forward, reaching for them. He caught her wrist just before she could touch them.

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

R.R. Banks ~ presents ~ Just Pretend

Title: Just Pretend
Author R. R. Banks
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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"Just pretend to be my fiancée for Christmas."
Sure. What could go wrong?

The richest man in this city is an Adonis in the flesh.
So damn gorgeous, he can stop my heart with a single glance.
But he also happens to be my sworn enemy.
From his designer suits to his arrogant ways,
Colin Anderson has every quality I hate.
If only I could stop fantasizing about him...

His hands caressing every inch of me.
His mouth pressing against mine.

Ugh, let me stop myself there.
He's the enemy. You don't bang your enemies.
That is 'til I broke my cardinal rule, repeatedly.
Goodbye, virginity.
I fell into the "Just Pretend" trap with the most eligible bachelor in the country. 

Oh, did I mention I'm now pregnant with his baby?

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Author Bio:
USA Today Bestselling Author, The Washington Post Bestselling Author, International Bestselling Author, and Author of multiple Amazon Top 20 Bestselling Books.

As a man who is a hopeless romantic, your support is my inspiration. I'm excited to have you read my books so we can go on the hottest romance adventures together!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Sienna Grant ~ presents ~ Meant To Be

Title: Meant To Be
Author: Sienna Grant
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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The day Jaxon Cartwright walked into my life was the day my whole world turned upside down.
I didn’t expect to fall for his natural charm and wholesome good looks but he stole my heart completely.
I was his.

I’m 18. I was carefree and single, I liked it that way; I had my own problems.
Shelby Andrews threw a spanner in the works. She took my heart into her hands and never gave it back.
She owns me.

They say if it’s meant to be you’ll find a way, but when the unexpected happens and assumptions are made, can Shelby and Jaxon’s love survive the roadblocks that are about to be put in place.

Purchase here:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon AU

Author Bio:
Sienna Grant is a romance writer. She's married to her soulmate and is a mother to 3 children, two of which are all grown up.

When she's not being a mother and wife, she loves to write and make up her own world but still loves a hint of realism.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Julie Shelton ~ presents ~ Passion's Reward

If you're younger than 18 please explore elsewhere.
Adult language and mature content.

Title: Passion's Reward
Author: Julie Shelton
Genre: BDSM Romance
Series: The Doms Of Passion Lake #6

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Virginia is for lovers. Passion Lake is for…kinky lovers. Welcome to Passion Lake, a town owned and operated by a group of ex-Navy SEALs. A town where they are free to live their kinky lifestyles without fear of interference or censure.

Passion’s Reward Blurb

Worst way to meet a guy? Crash into him. Best way to meet two guys? Crash into them. On assignment to write a series of articles about the seamier side of BDSM, Rachel Adams goes to the town of Passion Lake. Pretending to be a submissive in search of a Dom, she literally collides with two of the hottest men she’s ever met.

Jake Weston and Roman Sanderson have been looking for their lifetime sub for several years, and Rachel Adams is irresistible. When they discover her subterfuge, they are naturally incensed. To teach her a lesson, they insist she turn herself over to them for one month and allow them to give her the full BDSM experience.

Can they convince her that not only is she is a natural submissive, but that she is their natural submissive?

WARNING: The books in this series contain material that could cause spontaneous combustion of both panties and electronic devices. Read at your own risk. You might (okay, honestly? There is no “might” about it—you WILL) need a bucket of ice water and an industrial fan to survive the reading experience. You have been warned.
Hands gripping her hips, he held her still as he speared his tongue between her labia, licking and fluttering his tongue all around her clit. Shuddering and moaning with pleasure, she gave herself up to the pleasure piercing her. She could only imagine the lascivious sight they made. Roman on his knees in front of her, his dark head between her legs, ravaging her pussy with his talented tongue, Jake pressed against her back side, his big hands covering her breasts as he ravaged her neck with his kisses. The two of them making her writhe and moan as they pleasured her beyond her wildest dreams.

She knew she didn’t have to imagine it. She could see it. All she had to do was open her eyes. But, somehow, she feared that that simple act would break the spell that held her in its grip and destroy the magic of what was happening to her. If she opened her eyes, that would make everything real. Everything she was doing. Everything that was being done to her. It would no longer be a sensual dream. And it would make her somehow responsible for her own participation in…whatever this was. She’d never done anything like this in her life. And she was shocked with how much she wanted to do it now. She didn’t want to be responsible. She wanted the fantasy to continue. So, she kept her eyes closed, unwilling to break the sensual spell that kept her enthralled.

Roman drew his head back, pushing her panties all the way down around her ankles. He tapped his finger against the side of each ankle, a signal for her to step out.

As she did so, Roman stood and Jake stepped back, releasing her into Roman’s arms. He rubbed his face, wet with her juices, against hers before pulling her body tight against his. Seeking her mouth, he pried it open, letting her taste herself on his lips and tongue. “Sweet,” he murmured against her lips.

Amazingly, the sound of his voice didn’t break the spell, merely added to it. She let out a tiny whimper. It occurred to some distant part of her mind that if she wanted to put an end to this, she’d better do it now, before it was too late. But she had no intention of putting an end to this. She was enjoying his kisses way too much. Kisses that had her squirming and moaning with pleasure. Kisses she found so arousing, hot cream continually gushed out between legs. She’d never been this wet before.

He lifted his head slightly before lowering it again, to place a drugging, open-mouthed kiss against her lips.

“So.” Kiss.

“Fucking.” Kiss.

“Sweet.” Kiss, his mouth lingering on hers before moving off to graze along the curve of her cheek.

Breath held, heart hammering in her breast, Rachel waited, desperate to see where those lips would venture next.

Roman’s hand slid up her back to grasp the back of her head, fisting her hair and using it to tilt her face upward, a move which allowed his lips to go on a journey down her throat, stopping in the tiny hollow at the base of her throat. He licked the sweet indentation, feeling the frantic beating of her heart against his tongue, before gliding back up and swooping in to claim her mouth in another heart-stopping kiss. A kiss that sent arousal surging through her in a wave of surrender that swept away all reason.

Author Bio:
From fairies in the garden at age 9 to handcuffs in the boudoir at age 75, Julie’s writing has run the gamut. In between she managed to graduate cum laude with a B.A. in French followed by a Master’s Degree in Library Science. Having thus procured these two necessary but ultimately irrelevant pieces of paper, (Seriously. What can you do with a B.A. in French?) she launched a successful career as a children’s librarian, followed by an even more successful, 30-year career as a professional storyteller and puppeteer. She published Kidstuff, an award-winning, monthly newsletter, as well as a book, Puppets, Poems and Songs, both major language arts resources for early childhood educators.

At various points in her life, if asked what she would like to be, her answer would have been (in rough chronological order, since some of these lofty ambitions overlapped): a fairy, a princess, a ballerina, Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames, a paleontologist (until she realized that paleontologists spend much of their lives camping), Scarlett O’Hara, thin and beautiful, and an actress. Now, at age 76, her answer to that question would most likely be, “younger”.

Followed closely, of course by bestselling author. Oh, and a princess. Some dreams just never die.

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