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Teaser ~ for Unleashing the Woman Within (A Mystic Museum Novella) by Loc Glin

Unleashing the Woman Within
The Mystic Museum Series 3
By Loc Gliln
Genre: Erotic Romance
Word Count: 20,900
Heat Rating: SEXTREME

Categories: Erotic Romance (MF), BDSM, Contemporary, paranormal elements, HEA

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Rowena Milestone, corporate executive, has an accomplished career. Yet one thing eludes her. Try as she might she can’t seem to have an orgasm even though she likes sex. Her position in the corporate man’s world tends to intimidate her dates. They perform well enough in bed, but they just don’t push her over the edge, until she meets Stephen.

Stephen Sloan has a secret. He belongs to a very special, no holds barred, anything goes sex club. He never thought he’d meet anyone like Rowena there, so he wanted to believe her outrageous story that she didn’t know how she’d gotten there. When she disappeared without a trace he knew she’d been telling the truth. Now armed with three pieces of information he is determined to find her.

Rowena was devastated when the curator of the museum couldn’t help. Minerva had said, "If the universe is willing, he will come to you." Fat chance she has of that happening.

Here is the premise for the Mystic Museum Series
Minerva’s Mystic Museum is located in New York City. Every full moon the “powers that be” choose someone from the visitors of the museum. This someone, known as the mystic walker, will be the hero/heroine of the novel. The “powers” select someone they feel deserves a second chance, or just a chance to follow their destiny. Minerva, the curator and caretaker of the museum meets the chosen mystic walker. Through the magic that has been entrusted to her, Minerva supplies them with the opportunity to change their lives.

“I am Rowena Milestone. Release me at once, Stephen.”

She said his name with an icy blast. She was used to being obeyed. Maybe she was a Dom trying her hand at a submissive part. If that was the case, she wasn’t doing very well. “Why do you think you’re here, Rowena?” he asked.

“I don’t know.” She looked confused now. “I was in front of the painting, and now I’m here.” She shook her head. “I don’t understand. This must be a dream. It has to be a dream.” It sounded as if she was trying to convince herself.

So she wasn’t a Dom. He chose not to explore her answer, at least not at the moment. “So you’re saying that you don’t want to be here?”

“Yes,” she sounded a little hopeful. Her eyes had softened, and they held the same hope he heard in her voice.

For excerpts and first chapter click here.

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Teaser ~ for The Curse of Winford Manor by Loc Glin

The Curse of Winford Manor
by Loc Glin
Genre: Mainstream Romance
Heat Rating: SENSUAL
Word Count: 44,821

Categories: Historical Paranormal Romance (MF), Time Travel, HEA

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Would you like to take a little trip back in time? Join Leslie Braddock on her journey. Will Leslie find love amidst the mystery and danger of Winford Manor? Will she survive the curse?

Leslie Braddock feels responsible for her husband’s death. She is having trouble reentering the dating scene. Leslie travels back in time where she meets Sir James.

Sir James Winford is a three-time widower. He believes he is cursed, and is certain death to any woman he loves. He has vowed never to love again.

Emily, the ghost of Sir James's first wife has unfinished business, and still lingers at Winford Manor. She wants to see her husband happy, and she wants to bring her murderer to justice.

Rose has loved Sir James since childhood. She must live with the unspeakable things she has done trying to make James see her as more than a child. She believes she is close to achieving that goal when Leslie shows up.

Leslie and Sir James share the experience of losing a loved one. Will Leslie be the woman to break the curse? Or will she be just another victim.

Story Excerpt
“Sit down, dear. I trust you slept well last night.”

Leslie put her coffee next to her plate. “Well, actually, something woke me in the middle of the night. Is this house haunted?” She slipped into the chair and settled in next to Margaret.

Margaret almost choked on her toast. She took a swallow of tea to wash it down. “I don’t think so, dear,” she lied.

“Are you okay?” Leslie asked.

“I’m fine, dear. Your question just caught me off guard, that’s all.”

“You believe in ghosts, Leslie?” Rose smiled a malicious smile. “They don’t exist, you know,” she said in a superior tone.

“Not exactly, but I do believe there are things in this world that can’t be explained. Who’s to say what is or isn’t so.”

“Quite right,” Sir James agreed.

Rose frowned and shot a look of pure hatred at Leslie.

“Well, if there are ghosts, I certainly hope they’re friendly.” Margaret winked at Emily.

“He always was a freethinker,” Emily said.

“Yes, I know,” Margaret agreed.

“What was that, Mother?”

“Oh nothing, dear, just thinking out loud.”

“You do quite a bit of that lately,” Rose said snidely.

“We all have our bad habits,” Margaret said. She looked at Rose. I wish I could prove what you’ve done. She took a sip of tea to drown the words she longed to say and to cover her annoyance.

James was standing by the table looking out the window. “Mother, it’s a lovely day. Would you like to go for a drive and maybe a picnic?”

“That’s a nice idea, dear, but Rose and I are going to town today.”

“Then I shall go riding.”

“Horseback riding?” Leslie asked. Excitement filled her voice.

“Of course, dear, what else would he ride?”

“I love horseback riding,” Leslie said.

“Would you like to join me? We could make a day of it. I haven’t had company on a ride in a long time. It would be a pleasant change.” Her brown eyes were sparkling and her cheeks dimpled slightly as she answered.

“Could I? I’d love that.” Leslie smiled.

Rose pressed her lips together. “Excuse me,” she said.

“Margaret, I will see you in a little while.” Rose moved past James and to the door. “Be careful, James, riding can be dangerous. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to our guest.” She paused and waited for his reply.

“Don’t worry, Rose, I will take good care of Leslie. You and Mother have a nice day.” He spared only a moment for a casual smile before returning his attention to Leslie. “I shall meet you in the stables. Will an hour give you enough time to dress?”

“More than enough.” Leslie looked first to Rose and then to James. She could see the jealousy all over Rose’s face. She could see Rose fighting to control her temper. She looked at Margaret. It appeared that no one else noticed.

Margaret watched Rose turn and leave in a snit.

“This girl will be good for him, Margaret,” Emily said.

“Do you think so?” Margaret whispered into her teacup.

“I do.”
* * * *

Leslie looked at the riding habit the maid just handed her. “I’m supposed to wear this?” She made a face showing her dislike.

“Yes, miss.”

“Even the hat?” She looked at the maid hopefully.

The maid concealed a smile. She shrugged and curtsied as she left the room.

Leslie was sure it was comfortable enough. Christ, the seat of the pants was padded. But look at the size of the hips. They would stick out a mile. She would wear the blouse, the jacket, the boots, the gloves, and the hat if she had to, but the pants were out.

A few minutes later she was rushing down the stairs and out of the house.

Leslie waved as she hurried across the yard.

Those blue pants stopped James dead in his tracks. The horse bumped him from behind.

She was breathing deeply. “I didn’t want to be late.”

“You didn’t have to run.”

“That wasn’t running.” She tucked a loose strand of hair under the ridiculous hat. She adjusted the hat on her head.

“I would have waited.” He held the halter and rubbed the horse’s nose.

“Thank you for that. Where’s my horse? I’m ready to saddle him.” She almost rubbed her hands together in her excitement.

“You don’t have to saddle your horse. Why would you think that?”

“I’m used to it. I always saddled Corky.”


“The horse my father let me ride as a kid.”

“You have ridden a lot, then?”

“Not so much in recent years. But I did my fair share back then.”

The groom was bringing out her mount, a docile little mare. She frowned when she saw it.

“You don’t like Lady?” James asked.

“Lady is fine, but I was hoping for something more challenging. If you are riding that”—Leslie nodded toward the beautiful Bay—“I will be hard pressed to keep up on her.”

“Can you jump?” James asked.


“And you’d like a mount with some spirit?”


“I probably shouldn’t do this. The Colonel’s horse is a handful. But now that you’ve gotten me thinking about it, I would enjoy a good run,” he said. “Evers, saddle Spartacus,” he called to the groom.

“Spartacus?” she repeated.

“Spartacus is a bit feisty. He doesn’t belong to me, but I’m sure the Colonel won’t mind. Evers has a hard time handling him, so he doesn’t get much exercise. You may ride my mount, Kadin.”

“Spartacus will do just fine. If he lives up to his name, we will do well together.”

“You are familiar with the story of the Roman slave Spartacus?”

“A little bit, and I liked the movie.”

“Movie? You do have an odd way of speaking, Miss Leslie.”

Oh shit, she did it again. She really had to watch herself. “Well, I’m not from around here, and please, call me Leslie.”

“What is a—” The groom was bringing Spartacus out of the stable. Spartacus was prancing and agitated. James moved to take the reins. Spartacus rose up onto his hind legs, not much, just enough to make James falter.

“Here, let me have those,” Leslie said. She took the reins before James could protest. “Easy boy,” she comforted the horse. “It’s okay,” she said, rubbing his nose. “We’re going to have a wonderful run together. You can work off all that energy there.” She patted his neck. Spartacus bobbed and snorted agreement.

“That’s amazing,” Evers said. He removed his cap and ran his hand over his balding head.

“It certainly is,” James agreed. “You seem to have a knack with horses.”

“Yeah, I love them.” She patted Spartacus’s neck.

“Shall we mount then?” James smiled. “I’m looking forward to this ride.”

“Can’t wait.”

“Let me give you a hand up.” He cupped his hands for her foot.

She looked at the English saddle. She was used to Western-style. The English didn’t have a horn, so she decided to take him up on his offer. “Thank you.” She grabbed the saddle and put her booted foot into his hand.

He helped her up, and then mounted Kadin. “Bobby, be a good lad and get the gate for us.” Bobby ran ahead and opened the gate.

Opening the gate was harder than closing it. Leslie looked back as she heard it creak. The joy she saw on Bobby’s face as he jumped on and rode the gate until it clicked closed made her smile. She remembered doing the same thing as a child.

“I sent Evers to look for your car…cart,” he amended.

“I don’t think he’ll find it. I was really very lost by the time you found me.”

“What had you out in that kind of weather?”

“I was going to visit the Gypsies. When I started out there was no fog.”

“You like to have your fortune read?”


“It is poppycock, you know. The last time I saw her she told me I would meet someone from the future. How can someone travel back in time?”

“That’s what I would like to know,” she whispered.

“The Gypsy said the woman would lighten my heart.”

“You have a heavy heart? What did she mean by that?”

“I suppose she was referring to my wives. I’ve had three, you know.”

For excerpts and first chapter click here.

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Sierra N. Terry ~ presents ~ The Longest Knight

Author Bio:
Born and raised in Central Virginia, there was almost no chance I could have grown up NOT being creative. My mother was and still is, highly creative with her drawings and poetry and she always encouraged me to pursue my work even if she didn't always like my subject matter!

I realized pretty young I loved to draw and read and despite all the encouragement I had I somewhat put my creativity on the back burner until a few years ago. No job ever interested me like art and storytelling does so in my mid 20s I started my comic again and worked on it like my second job! Since then I finished drawing the comic, wrote 5 fantasy novels and more recently put all my works under my business name Sailorfrill Studio as well as started selling at anime, book or comic conventions.

The Longest Knight is an erotic romantic fantasy Illustrated novel about Princess Milena and the love she carries for the one and only Werewolf knight in her kingdom.

After three long years of war with the Borras Kingdom, Princess Milena is sent away in secret by her father to her grandparent's house for her personal safety and she gets to bring none other than the wolf that holds her affections. With the road full of enemy soldiers, wild animals and the threat of being discovered, can the pair make the three day long ride there unharmed? Or will the dangers of war tear them apart before Milena ever has a chance to tell her knight her heart's desire?


It's subtle but The Princess's body shakes all over, she's terrified and is growing more scared to move at all. Without warning the drooling wolf lunges for The Princess, opening its mouth wide so they could see all of its jagged teeth. The Princess screams as Dagger yanks her out of the path of the wolf and blocks its attack with his armor's arm plate.

The animal jumps back after biting into the cold metal then came back in a split second and mauls on the part of Dagger's arm that isn't covered in armor.

“N-no....” she watches in horror as Dagger struggles to get it away from his body.

He eventually just punches it with his unharmed hand and that is enough to disorient it for a minute or two. Blood squirts out of Dagger's new injury randomly and she could see from behind him the massive pain it causes him. His hand hovers over the wound, unsure what to do about it. The drooling wolf is back on its feet again and attacks Dagger once more. This time Dagger brought his sword out and slices the beast in two, ending its life with one fell swoop.

He stands there panting for a minute, taking in what just happened then looks back at The Princess. She still looks scared and the flower has fallen out of her hair but otherwise, she's unhurt. Dagger still feels some guilt, he didn't want to have to kill the thing in front of her, but he didn't see a choice. He picks up the halved animal and tosses its remains in the river to be carried away out of sight. As he watches it float away while holding his injured arm, he wonders if that's how people saw him at first: as a wild animal that would attack them at any point for no reason.

“Dagger!!” The Princess rushes over, hugs him then brought her attention to his arm. “Oh, Gods! That thing bit up your arm so badly! You said it was probably infected with something! You have a healing potion, right?! I remember all the knight's armor were redesigned to have a special compartment for healing potions years ago, so please tell me you have one!” she pleads with him, her voice still shaky.

“Yes, yes I have one Princess...”

“Please! Take it quickly!”

Dagger slips his hand into his armor's breastplate and pulls out the small bottle. The Princess made sure he drank all of it and watches as the wound clears up in a matter of minutes. The Princess's eyes grow misty as she uses her handkerchief to wipe his fur clean of his leftover blood. It's too much blood for the little bit of fabric and she really isn't doing much but ruining it.

“Gods, I never wanted you to get hurt over me! I'm so sorry...”

“What? Princess, please don't fret over me! And your handkerchief, you don't need to do that!” Dagger stops her hand by touching it gently then he notices the tears that are streaming down her cheeks. “No...don't waste your tears on me...again...”

She hugs him again, longer this time and Dagger stood there, debating if he should hug her back. Right as he is about to place an arm around her, she looks up at him, cups his face in her hands to bring him down to her height and kisses him. Shock overtakes him, and his mind goes completely blank. The kiss only lasts a few seconds before The Princess pulls away from him and covers her mouth, shock, and disturbance painted on her face.

“I didn't quite mean to do that...” she says clutching the skirt of her blue dress. The Princess turns her back to him and slowly heads towards the horse. “We should go now.”

Dagger stays there frozen in place, watching her get closer and closer to her horse. His heart is beating faster now than when he was fighting the wolf. He's confused, shocked, a little aroused and somewhat irritated. When The Princess reaches the white horse Dagger finally found the nerve to move and rushes over to her. He grips her hand, making her stare up at him.

“What...why..!” Dagger keeps starting to say something, but he just never seems to be able to finish.

The Princess waits for him, she wants him to say something about it. She wants him to demand an answer from her, but he must have lost his nerve and releases her with his eyes planted on the ground.

“Just wait a moment, Princess.”

Dagger goes back to their picnic spot and gathers up all the things they brought out and packs it all up and put it back on the horse. When he finishes with that he stops and holds his hand out to The Princess, looking to help her back onto the horse as well. However, she notices he never looks at her.

'Oh, Gods....he's not looking at me. Why isn't he looking at me?' she asks herself as she takes his hand and settles into the saddle.

Surprisingly Dagger hops onto the horse in front of her as well. No warning, he never said anything, he just got on and starts the horse back into the forest towards the road. The Princess is amazed he didn't ask like before but is still more preoccupied with his lack of looking at her.

'He couldn't be angry about it, right? Why would anyone be? Unless...what if he doesn't think of me that way? We did kind of grow up together...what if he just sees me as a sister?' That thought had never crossed her mind until now. She spent so long dreaming of him that the possibility of him having nothing but innocent feelings for her just never came up. 'Ugh...I'm soo stupid.' The Princess thought as she wraps her arms around his waist again.

Be sure to check out Sierra's interview on March 4, 2019.
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Leigh Lennon ~ presents ~ Must Love Coffee

Title: Must Love Coffee
Author: Leigh Lennon
Series: 425 Madison Book #1
Genre: A Second Chance Romance

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I was stripped of all my own desires and wants when I was married to my ex-husband. I now carry a list with me--a list that will help me choose a man that will put me first in life. Then the storm cloud of an entitled millionaire appears in my life and knocks me off my axis. This man sends so many mixed signals, my body either quakes with anger or passion when I'm around him. I'm his son's teacher and his tenant, but I find myself wanting more.

My life is run with precision with little regard for others until a woman in crazy clothes challenges me to be a better father. She's one of the few people that puts me in my place and maybe for this very reason--I want her more than I can articulate. With her failed marriage and list of requests she needs from her next partner, I know she's my future. My life is less than perfect, and with it--baggage that follows me everywhere. Does she want my kind of crazy in her life? I'm her landlord and an a**hole, but I find myself wanting more. Where to begin? For starters, you must love coffee...After all, 425 Madison Avenue is the perfect place to fall in love. Each story is a complete standalone.

About the author:
Leigh Lennon is a mother, veteran and a wife of a cancer survivor. Originally with a degree in education, she started writing as an outlet that has led to a deep passion. She lugs her computer with her as she crafts her next story. One could say she loves pretty nails, big earrings and spiky hair. She can be found drinking coffee or wine, depending on the time of the day.

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Glyn Williams ~ 2nd guest appearance and his novel ~ Nature vs Nurture

Title: Nature Vs. Nurture
Author: Glyn Williams
Release Date: September 13, 2018

Author Bio:
My name is Glyn Williams; I am twenty five years old and from South Wales. All my life I’ve been the type of person who never quite knew what the future held for them, I always thought I’d just deal with what came my way but a few years ago something came my way I never expected. My vision began to decline and after several months of testing I was diagnosed with genetic Optic Nerve Atrophy leaving me visually impaired to a degree. At that time a lot changed for me in a negative way, feeling down and useless I began to think of things I could do to show I still have some worth. Over the years many ideas had crossed my mind so I decided to start writing a book, at first it was just for my own sense of accomplishment but the more I wrote the more I enjoyed it and my family urged me to consider getting it published. Part of me never thought it would happen but much to my surprise people seemed to like my story, suddenly I had achieved something great for the first time in my life and although I still have personal issues I struggle with I no longer feel completely useless.

Guest Post:
The writing process itself was slightly more difficult for me as with my condition I found it hard to spot errors I made along the way and I had to increase the font size to make out what I wrote, so after every session I had to change it back to normal to check how much I’d written that day. Also I must mention that without my families encouragement there’s a good chance I would have given up on the book, I’ve had self confidence issues my whole life so part of me thought that nothing I created would be any good but my loved ones convinced me otherwise. To thank them in a way I did give certain characters similar names to theirs, some characters however are pure creations of my imagination. Something’s I tried to do is deal with serious real life issues with both realism & respect and do my best to treat all the characters equally regardless of gender, age, race or sexuality, I made sure not to restrict my characters and let them be both strong and vulnerable, tough and emotional, I didn’t want to use any typical stereotypes when writing my characters. Overall during the whole process the thing I asked myself countless times is, If I was the reader what would I want to see? Asking myself that question helped me come up with several parts of the story and improve others. While writing Nature vs. Nurture I was careful not to write anything that would insult anyone’s faith, I did alter some things to make my own version of the supernatural but always tried my best to be respectful.

Contact me:

Alex Kane is a young, handsome & successful man living happily in Chicago Illinois. At this point in his life Alex has everything going for him, he has a good job managing his dad’s plumbing store, loving parents & grandparents who raised him to be a good kind-hearted man. He has several good friends especially his oldest and best friend Jacob; his charms have always drawn in the ladies but Alex only has eyes for one a beautiful nurse named Jessica from Sacred Island General Hospital where he volunteers. Alex has lived a truly blessed life but has always felt out of place like there was something separating him from other people and for good reason. A series of tragic events brings out a dark soul crushing secret kept from Alex by the people he trusts most since the day he was born, in a single moment Alex’s ideal life is thrown upside down causing him to question not just his life but the whole of creation and his place in it. Sent down a dark and dangerous path, Alex’s family & friends must race to find and stop him, they make it their mission to save Alex from himself before it’s too late both for them and for the world.

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Teaser ~ for Dulce Isle (A Mystic Museum Novella) by Loc Glin

Dulce Isle
The Mystic Museum Series 2
By Loc Glin
Genre: Erotic Romance
Word Count: 22,360
Heat Rating: SEXTREME

Categories: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre (M/M/F), paranormal elements, HEA

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Adrian Asorio can't seem to move on after the death of his beloved wife Angelina. While trying to fill the lonely hours in his empty life, he discovers Minerva's Mystic Museum. A painting of a female artist painting a nude male model fascinates him. He finds himself thinking about, and wanting, the male model. He begins to question his sexuality.

Adrian is chosen as this full moon's mystic walker. He is transported to Dulce Isle where he meets Jon and Rosa in the flesh. Adrian must confront his newly discovered sexual orientation and overcome the guilt he feels.

Rosa DeVario and Jon Balentine shared a life with Rosa’s husband, Leon. When Leon died, both were heartbroken. Without Leon as their common denominator, Jon has reverted to his "loving men only" lifestyle, leaving Rosa without a partner.

Will Adrian's arrival on Dulce Isle be the answer that mends three tattered and broken lives? The universe has provided the opportunity…Adrian's heart holds the key.

Here is the premise for the Mystic Museum Series
Minerva’s Mystic Museum is located in New York City. Every full moon the “powers that be” choose someone from the visitors of the museum. This someone, known as the mystic walker, will be the hero/heroine of the novel. The “powers” select someone they feel deserves a second chance, or just a chance to follow their destiny. Minerva, the curator and caretaker of the museum meets the chosen mystic walker. Through the magic that has been entrusted to her, Minerva supplies them with the opportunity to change their lives.

“Hop in,” Rosa said as she pulled the Ferrari out of the garage. “It’s high time I showed you our little island. You haven’t been out of the villa for weeks.”

“A Ferrari…holy shit, you own a Ferrari?” Adrian exclaimed.

“And a Fiat and a vintage Volkswagen Beetle.”

“Adrian laughed. “A Beetle?”

“It was mine before I met Leon. It has sentimental meaning for me.” She patted the passenger seat.

Adrian opened the door and slid into the seat. “Nice.”

“Yeah, this baby purrs.” She drove through town waving at and greeting almost everyone they passed.

“You know a lot of people.”

“Leon was a very important man in this community. You might even say he was the founder.”

“From what I can see, he left you very well off.”

She smiled, a sad smile, and that sentiment was reflected in her eyes when she glanced at him. “I’d trade it all in a heartbeat just to have him back. His money never meant anything to me.”

For excerpts and first chapter click here.

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Skye McNeil ~ an interview and her novel ~ Hearts Abroad


Skye McNeil


Author Bio:
Skye McNeil began writing at the age of seventeen and has been lost in a love affair ever since. During the day, she moonlights as a paralegal at a law firm favoring criminal law.

Skye enjoys writing romantic comedies and romantic suspense novels that leave readers wanting more and falling in love over and over. She writes contemporary and historical novels ranging from sweet and sassy to steamy and sultry.

Her constant writing companions are two cats and two dogs. When she's not writing, Skye enjoys spending time with family, photography, volleyball, traveling, and curling up with a cup of coffee and reading.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to? Do you have an all time favorite song?
A: I listen to pop and country for the majority of the time. My all time favorite song is She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5.

Q: What is the sexiest thing on a man?
A: Oh, goodness. His eyes. Most definitely. Eyes are the sexiest thing on a man.

Q: List these in order of preference, French food, Chinese food, Italian food, Indian food, Home cooking, backyard BBQ.
A: Home cooking, Italian, Chinese, BBQ, and French food.

Q: Pets? Do you have any?
A: Yes! Two dogs, Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever mix and two cats, Siamese and Tabby.

Q: Would you ever consider a joint project?
A: I am currently working on a project with two other authors. The writing project is taking longer than usual because we tend to laugh and drink quite a bit.

Q: Do you write longhand first, or does it go straight into the computer?
A: I write longhand first because I feel a better connection with the story and characters. I will write directly on the computer, but I usually have some things already handwritten before I do that.

Q: Have your characters ever taken the story in a different direction than you had originally planned? Do you have a for instance, for us?
A: Yes! This happens often for me. For instance, in Appointed By Fate, I originally had my main female character, Joci Dorous, end up with a different man. It’s funny how writing it makes the story develop on its own.

Q: How long does it take you to create a novel?
A: Typically from start to submitting to my publisher, a novel takes three-six months. Of course, that depends greatly on editing and free time.


Q: What are you working on now? Would you like to share anything about it?
A: Right now, I’m working on the threes. Book three in the Atlas series, book 3 in the Mobster Files, and book three in the Collegiate Peaks series.

Q: Do you have a new book coming out soon? Tell us about it.
A: I do have a book, Hearts Abroad, releasing February 2, 2019.

Q: How can we find you? Do you have a web page, FaceBook page or any buy links?
A: I am very active on social media. Here are my stalker links and buy links for Hearts Abroad.

Social Media:

Purchase Links:
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
Amazon AU:
Amazon CA:

Universal link:

Q: Are you currently participating in a blog tour? If you are let’s tell everyone where you’re going to be so they can catch up with you again.
A: I will be participating in a blog tour through my publisher, Hot Tree Publishing. I don’t have all the links.

When a fun-loving American nanny turns a millionaire British single dad’s world upside down, it’s inevitable life is going to get complicated.

Taking a break from screenwriting in New York City, Londyn Bellerose takes a nannying job in Colorado to get away from the hubbub. A summer to live without regrets is all she wants. While her boss is British, gorgeous, and a millionaire, he has no clue how to have fun. Determined to mend the relationship between father and daughters, Londyn doesn’t expect to fall for the museum curator.

Londyn is American and everything Callum Archer swore to never fall for again. With her carefree spirit and energetic smile, she’s perfect to nanny Callum’s two daughters. The problem is she’s also perfect for him. She’s sassy, musical, and tends to speak her mind more than she means to.

When old history and new dreams threaten her happily ever after, will Londyn and Callum’s love survive?

Hearts Abroad is book one in Skye McNeil’s contemporary romance series, Atlas. Each book contains a millionaire to envy, snort-worthy comedy, and visits to many beautiful cities in the world. Yes, all of that, plus each novel ends with a fabulous HEA.


After rummaging through her bag, Londyn settled on a black hooded sweatshirt with a penguin playing hockey on the front. One look in the mirror and she was good to go.

Her long braid, courtesy of Bailey and Bethany, swished behind her back as she ambled down the hallways, passing closed doors along her way. One of these days, I need to check these all out. Retrieving a slip of paper from her pocket, she studied it. Alfred had been kind enough to draw her a rough map of the estate, so she followed his directions until she reached a brightly lit formal dining room.

Stepping inside, she caught sight of Callum at the head of the table. Though he’d changed into slacks, a button-up shirt, and wore a different tie, he still looked ready to give a seminar about modern art. The spread on the table looked scrumptious, and her stomach growled in response. She hadn’t eaten since that morning, a mistake she wasn’t used to making.

“Oh, um, I didn’t know we dressed up for dinner,” she said, taking a seat between the girls. “Whoops.”

Bailey patted her hand. “It’s all right. Daddy likes to look nice all the time.”

Ouch. She smiled at the cutie in the same blue outfit as earlier. Even that looked dressy compared to her attire. “I guess I’m used to going with the flow. Abi and I never dress up for anything, much less dinner.”

“And Abi is your girlfriend? Or is it life partner or wife?” Callum’s accented voice asked, startling her. “I never remember which is politically correct these days.”

Londyn shook her head. She hadn’t thought he was paying attention. “Oh no. I mean, she’s a girl who’s a friend—er, I mean she’s my best friend and we live together.” Her face was on fire. She’d never felt like she had to explain her situation before.

“Ah, I see. That’s nice. Our last nanny eloped with her girlfriend after being together for twenty years. Perhaps you and Abi are the same?” Callum’s face was pinched in question, awaiting her fumbling reply.

“No, nothing like that. I like guys,” she finally blurted, clearing the air.

Bailey giggled and clapped, while Bethany bit into a roll as if she was bored with the conversation.

Looking over, Londyn managed to catch a small smirk on Callum’s face before he masked it.

“Good to know,” he murmured, picking up a fork. “Wouldn’t want there to be any confusion there.”

Suddenly warm, she tore off her hoodie. It wasn’t until Bethany’s mouth dropped open and the roll fell out that she remembered she’d forgotten to put on a shirt underneath, too distracted with Abi’s talk of sex and kissing.

Gaze swiveling to Callum, she found the hue in his brown eyes darkened, his expression suddenly undiscernible.

“My, my, I wasn’t informed you were a burlesque dancer as well,” a new voice clipped.

“Shit!” Londyn scrambled for the hoodie she now swore would be the death of her and yanked it on. “I, um—”

“Mary Archer,” the woman said, taking her seat to Callum’s left. “We spoke the other day on Skype.” Her brown eyes grazed over Londyn. “You had on more clothes then.”

Heat crept up Londyn’s neck and face until she wanted to rip the sweatshirt in two. “Yes, glad to meet you in person.”

Mary ignored her and turned her attention to the meal. “Ah, my favorite. Lamb stew. How’d you know?”

Callum took a sip of red wine. “I didn’t. You made the menu, Mother.”

Londyn bit back a smirk, but the girls openly giggled.

An hour later, Bailey and Bethany gave Londyn the grand tour of Archer House. She met the cook, Gloria, who happened to be Alfred’s wife, learned that Alfred’s name was actually Lionel Alfred, and discovered her new favorite spot in the house.

“Come on, Londyn. Let’s swim,” Bethany suggested, running toward the natatorium.

Stepping through the glass doors, Londyn bit her lip to keep from screaming with joy. With a retractable roof and walls, the pool could be both indoor and outdoor. She was officially in love.

“You don’t have a swim suit on,” she reminded the girl.

Bethany frowned. “True. How about we swim tomorrow? Daddy makes us take lessons each afternoon. I can show you what I know. I’m great at swimming underwater.”

Bailey tugged on her pants. “Me too, me too!”

Nodding, she walked to the glass walls. There was a perfect view of the mountains with enough privacy from the trees. There was no way the spot could be more serene.

“Sounds good to me.” She took both their hands. “I was a swimmer in high school, so maybe I can teach you a thing or two.”

Bailey jumped up and down while Bethany bobbed her head in agreement. The summer wouldn’t be too bad if there was a pool to swim laps in.

“Let’s go build a fort,” she said, racing for the door. She desperately needed to let off a little steam after the dinner fiasco. Both girls squealed in delight and followed her.

Yeah, she would definitely enjoy her time at Archer House, with or without a summer fling.

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