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Leo Kane ~ an interview and the novel Hevensgate: Hope

Leo Kane

Author Bio:
Born and raised in the Steel City of Sheffield, England Leo has spent a lot of her life day dreaming and can’t seem to outgrow the habit. Despite this she managed to raise a family of three wonderful girls, a tolerant husband and, recently, a crazy husky, somehow acquiring a career and a Master of Science degree along the way.

Leo is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist with a fascination for the human condition. When not sending people into a trance or bringing her daydreams to life on the page Leo mainly spends her time happily staring out of windows and using her husband as a guinea pig for experimental cookery which he places in the horror genre.

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Q: Tell me something you would like your readers (fans) to know about you.
A:  I am a clinical hypnotherapist with a deep affection and interest for the human condition.  The tricks that our minds play, especially at our weakest and darkest moments, hold a special fascination for me.

Readers may be surprised to learn that I see dead people, all of the time.  I do, don’t I?

Q: Have you ever been too embarrassed to promote any certain titles to friends or family?
A: Yes, the sexual exploits and bad language of Jake in ‘Heavensgate’ have embarrassed me already.  Some friends say that Jake makes them blush, others said the cringe worthy, ‘I see you in a whole new light now.’  But the most embarrassing of all is our three adult kids finding out that I am not the Virgin Mary.  I find it interesting that, although Heavensgate is full of psychological and paranormal twists and turns, it’s the sex that grabs the limelight!

Q: Texting, love it or hate it?
A: I have hated texting since the day I sent this message:

‘Just landed, missing you, cannot wait to be back in your arms.  I love you.’ 

I received an instant reply, ‘If I had realised you felt this way I would have come with you.  I can't wait for your return!’ 

I had sent my words of love to my former boss instead of my husband!

Shameful, cheek scorching, never to be lived down or forgotten texting.


Q: Where do you get your ideas?
A:  I get most of my ideas from the horrific ‘newsworthy’ suffering that ordinary children and adults experience in life. 

The more spooky ideas come to me in dreams and, sometimes, in nightmares.  Failing that I can always rely on the supernatural world for unsolicited and often useless advice.

Q: What do you think is the hardest part of writing a book?
A: I hate, loathe and despise editing.  It is truly painful for me.  The thought of missing something important scares me more than any night terror.  I dislike editing so much that it can reduce me to tears of frustration.  I think, therefore I am, a failed perfectionist and a cry baby.

Q: Which element of book writing is most difficult for you?
A:  I struggle with endings, especially as the Heavensgate project is a series.  If I mess up the finales I am stuck with them.  So I write several finales and let them stew until one version shouts out to me that it deserves to be read.

Q: What is your favorite part of writing?
A:  The days when I fall into the story and time loses all meaning for me, the days when the characters make me cry or cheer for them, they are the best.  Of course the days when the final edit goes to the publisher and the book appears for sale are pretty satisfying too!

Q: When crafting the story do you go from beginning to end, or do you jump around writing the scenes that are pushing themselves forward in your brain?
A:  I leap about the plot like a loon, it’s a miracle that I ever finish.

Q: Have your characters ever taken the story in a different direction than you had originally planned? Do you have a for instance, for us?
A: In Heavensgate - Book Two, I was taking my character, Joy, out to get lost in the woods when she strayed from the plot and stupidly got trapped in Hell’s prison.  I take no responsibility for Joy’s independent and careless action.  I am painting my nails whilst gazing out of the window, waiting for the living fool to tell me how she plans to escape.


Q: What are you working on now? Would you like to share anything about it?
A:  I am writing the second book in the Heavensgate series, ‘Joy’.  The novel is keeping me awake at night to the point where I am falling out with the persistent and demanding main character who wants his fkg story told!  His words, not mine, I don’t have a potty mouth.

Q: Do you have a new book coming out soon? Tell us about it.
A:  ‘Heavensgate – Hope’ a spooky, supernatural, sexy, psychological thriller is my new release.

Q: How can we find you? Do you have a web page, FaceBook page or any buy links?
A: You can find Heavensgate at

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Q: Are you currently participating in a blog tour? If you are let’s tell everyone where you’re going to be so they can catch up with you again.
A: At the moment I am scheduled to appear here ~ on  6/5/2015 at  - Pinky's Favorite Reads as a Guest Post.

Heavensgate tells the disturbing story of Jacob who, aged seven, accidentally killed his family. At the funeral, Hope stole his heart and would never let him go.

As Jacob’s innocence was ripped away, his fragile mind fractured. Now he is a man ruled by his alter egos, especially the taunting, foul mouthed, sexy and dangerous Jake, a personality with a twisted sense of fun and no conscience.

Jacob strongly believes that the dead should stay dead but his supernatural enemies and allies have other plans.

Wherever Jacob goes people die, his wife and son are missing and he is under suspicion.

With innocents and not so innocents being murdered, the cops moving in and supernatural forces battling around him, Jacob fights for his sanity and soul.

There is nothing but seductive, predatory Hope between him and eternal damnation.

Will Jacob find the courage to unlock his Locked room and read the Forbidden Book?

Will he discover that even Hope has a dark side?

Loc, would you like to meet my character  Jacob?

Yes, I would.

Well then, I’ll turn the interview over to him then.

Okay, we’ll see what happens.

Hi, what is your name?
That depends on which one of us you are talking to, my name is Jacob Andersen.  However, the Doc believes that I have multiple personalities.
Doc got his degree free from a packet of Wheaty Flakes!
Don’t listen to him, that’s Jake and he’s insane.

Are you a fictional or historical character?

I, Jacob, am real of course, but Jake is fictional.
You will discover how fkg real I am jerk-off when you wake up screaming.

What should we know about you?

I am twice widowed; a bereaved father; and I am just trying to stay sane; survive and escape the ghosts that haunt me.

Shut the fck up Jacob for shit’s sake! No fkr cares about you! 

Ignore that waste of skin; this book is about me, Jacob’s supposedly psychotic, sex crazed alter ego; the doer of his dirty deeds; his fall guy. 

Jacob is the insignificant, yellow streak of chicken shit.  He is presently, but not for much fkg longer, occupying the front seat of our mind. 

When and where is your tale set?

This part of our story ends in 2015 but I will never give up. 
Where am I?  I am in Heavensgate; a place you need a fkg bad miracle to find and a living hell that you can never leave. 

We live at Heavensgate, in the Lodge located by beautiful Lake Disregard and the Alolejos Mountains, quite close to a pretty town, St Johns, USA.
Or in the fkg Psychiatric Unit when the pussy needs a break from me.

What is your personal goal?  What do you ultimately want?

I want my wife and son to come home and the cops to get off my back:  I also very much want the ghosts and Jake to leave me alone and I am desperate for the pink Cadillac to stop its drive-by hauntings.

I want to get out of this fkg hell hole! 

I want to torture that bitch, Hope, who took our fkg heart; who stood by and watched us being fkg abused; raped; accused of crimes we did not commit!  I want Jacob to remember what he fkg did to me, what he did to the kid, Jacky and to anyone else sulking around in this shit hole that Jacob calls his sanity.

Ultimately I want total control of this mind, this body and this soul because they fkg belong to me!

What is standing in your way? 

Jake, because he is trying to steal my mind and open the Forbidden Book.
Jacob is in my way!  He barbequed our family; he gave our fkg heart away to that bitch, Hope; he hid our memories in the Locked Room.  He set the Judge on us and the bastard tried to kill me!

Well, it looks like the lot of you have a number of issues to resolve. I suppose we, meaning all of the readers, will just have to buy the book to find out how you (all of you) handle it.

Leo, I’m happy you could join me on Books and Banter. 
Thanks, Loc, it was fun.

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Kemberlee Shortland ~ an interview and her novel City Nights - One Night in Dublin

Kemberlee Shortland

Author Bio:
Kemberlee Shortland is a native Northern Californian who grew up in a community founded by artists and writers, including John Steinbeck, George Sterling, and Jack London. It's no wonder she's loved telling stories since she was very young. Kemberlee completed her first novel at 21 and hasn't looked back. In 1997, she left the employ of Clint Eastwood to live in Ireland for six months. It was there she met the man she would marry, and permanently relocated to live in Ireland. While always writing, Kemberlee earned her keep as a travel consultant and writing travel articles about Ireland. In 2005, she saw her first romance sell, and to date, she has nine published romances. When not writing, Kemberlee enjoys spending time with her two Border Collies, who feature on the cover of A Piece of My Heart, and also knitting, gardening, photography, music, travel, and tacos! Kemberlee enjoys hearing from her readers. Please feel free to visit her on her social media sites, including Facebook --
 -- and Twitter --


Q: How would you describe yourself as a color? Think personality here. Are you a light and airy pastel person, or more of a deep, dark, sultry and mysterious color?
A: I see myself as an aurora borealis of the rainbow. I’m always changing and adapting. I used to have a favorite color, but as I age, I find every color has merit and inspires me in various ways. Sometimes I’m as easy going as a ripple of soft apple green, and sometimes I’m as moody as smoky purple. I’m an artist. I appreciate all colors and their inspiration.

Q: When you think of a garden, do you picture vegetables or flowers?
A: Flowers. I once knew a woman called Mary B who had an amazing garden. She was the grandmother of a good friend and I used to housesit for her. She had a large piece of property, and just behind her house was a patch she set aside that was about an eighth of an acre in size that was full of roses. Nothing else. Just roses. Every color and type. She taught me how to cut roses for the house and to prepare them so they’d stay fresher longer in the house, and how to prune so that they’d keep blooming through most of the year, and to get the best blooms in the next season. I’ve always wanted to grow a garden like this but never really had the place or the funds for it. However, we just took a rental 18 months ago with a proper garden. In it, someone had planted several roses. I’ve dedicated some time to giving the plants a proper pruning before last summer and had some amazing results. Pruned again before the winter and now I’m getting some amazing results. I’ve even added to the garden with my own contributions which are doing well. There are other plants in the garden, several of which I’ve planted, but the roses are the crowning glory. Mary’s teachings stuck with me all these years and are paying off in Nuala’s Garden. (Nuala is our landloady)

Q: What kind of music do you listen to? Do you have an all time favorite song?
A: My music tastes are eclectic as my colors. It really depends on the mood I’m in. One day it might be Led Zeppelin blaring from my office, and the next might be James Bay. I love all kinds of music, thanks to my dad — from the 50s right up through some of today’s artists.

Q: Snack of choice – chips, pretzels, popcorn, or cookies, cake, candy? Or maybe you’re a healthy snacker - fruit, yogurt, nuts, raisins?
A: Cheerios or sweet apples. I love food, but despite being a big girl, I’ve never really been a snacker of candy or even healthier options. But when I do snack, it tends to be a little bowl of dry Cheerios. I might have these while I’m working. In a weird way, I can concentrate better. And I like sliced fresh apples with cinnamon. They’re like having an apple pie without the crust. I tend to have this in the evening while watching tv before bed. An apple a day and all that.


Q: What is your favorite part of writing? Your least favorite part?
A: I love the research, and getting pulled so deeply into the story that I feel like I’m losing touch with my reality and submerging myself into each character’s reality. I don’t like when I don’t have the time I want to write. Writing and running a successful publishing house don’t usually work in tandem.  The more involved I get in a company project, the less involved I am in my own projects. Now that we’re finding our balance though, I’m able to start scheduling ‘me time.’

Q: Would you ever consider a joint project?
A: Absolutely. I’m currently working with an author on a new project for our company which will require me making time to write my inclusion. I can’t wait. I’m already researching. We’ll be announcing this project this summer.

Q: Which of your own releases was your particular favorite?
A: It’s always the book I’ve just finished. In this case, it’s One Night in Dublin. This is book #9 in the City Nights series from Tirgearr Publishing. The stories in the series are all standalone erotic romance novellas. Their tie is that all the stories happen over the course of 24 hours in a city somewhere in the world. My story is set in Dublin Ireland on St Patrick’s Day. My heroine, Sive, has a big decision to make about the men in her life, and just 24 hours in which to make it. She’s not prepared for what happens. The hero of this story is, currently, my favorite hero, and Sive’s journey to him is one of emotional and personal growth for her. In a way, she has to earn him, but also accept his unconditional gift. I love this story on so many levels.

Q: How do you handle a writer's block?
A: I don’t believe in writer’s block. I believe that every story is akin to taking a car journey. Like every journey, we route our way on a map. If we come to a dead-end, we turn around and go back to a place the journey worked and moved us forward. Like with writing, if I come to a point in the story that doesn’t work, I go back to the last place it did work, and see other alternate routes the story can take that moves the story forward in a positive way. I feel if I don’t come across any blocks during the writing that the story isn’t deep enough . . . it’s too easy. I want challenges in my writing. I want characters to go through a full range of emotion. I want them to stumble and pick themselves up. I want them to grow from the first page to the last. I want them to be people readers can associate with. And hopefully fall in love with.

Q: Do you always know how a story will end when you begin writing it? Have your characters ever taken the story in a different direction than you had originally planned? Do you have a for instance, for us?
A: I’m not a plotter or a pantser. I fall somewhere in the middle. I have a rough idea of where the story will go — I have a strong feeling about the beginning, middle and end. I research as much as possible about whatever backstory is going on, especially if it’s historical. And I try fleshing out my characters as much as possible before I start writing so I don’t have to struggle too much while writing the story. Once I have a great opening line that I hope will draw the reader in, I then go where the characters tell me. See above about losing my reality and entering the character’s reality — I can plan all I want how a story will go, but sometimes the characters tell the story they want told.

Case in point, I was considering writing erotica a few years ago. It was the story of a struggling musician who loves making it with his groupies. The only struggle in the story was me getting into the writing of it. I struggled for a couple weeks about how to start the story, where to get him into the sack, moving the plot forward to get him into the next sexual encounter.

What ended up happening is I lost myself in the protagonist’s head and got to know him as a person. And the story I started changed drastically. What I ended up with was Rhythm of My Heart, book one in the Irish Pride series. He’s a struggling musician and she’s an artist rep wanting to contract him. The instant attraction is so strong is scares them both. They push and pull with each other until they finally give in to the inevitable. And wow! The inevitable is explosive. This was a much more powerful story than the erotica ever would have been.


Q: What are you working on now? Would you like to share anything about it?
A: I’m currently working on an erotic romance novella called Beguiler. This is book two in my ABCs of S-E-X series written as Scarlett Valentine. Nathan Fallon has a ghost hunter show on reality tv. While he’s grown rich from his show, and it’s earned him a reputation as the beguiler of ghosts, his real love has been in traditional paranormal investigations . . . not the commercial shenanigans needed for ratings. On a hiatus from the show, he takes his closest crew to Ireland to investigate a location he researched  as the possible location where he might find the remains of a woman who’s haunted him since his youth. What he finds is much more than he ever expected.

Q: Do you have a new book coming out soon? Tell us about it.
A: I don’t have anything slated for release, but there are a few things in the works. As above, Beguiler. Also The Diary (time travel romance), and I’ve been asked to revisit an old WIP called Sarah’s Secret . . . and several other ideas percolating.

Q: How can we find you? Do you have a web page, FaceBook page or any buy links?
A: Google ‘Kemberlee’ and you’ll find me. Not many with same spelling as me. I do have several direct links though —

Q: Are you currently participating in a blog tour? If you are let’s tell everyone where you’re going to be so they can catch up with you again.
A: I’m on tour 11-15 May. Loc, you are my last stop on the tour, but if anyone would like to visit the other blogs that hosted me they can be found here:

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I’ll also be posting about the blog on my site —

One Night in Dublin
City Nights series, #9
Erotic Romance
Tirgearr Publishing

At her mother’s prompting (nagging) about grandchildren, Sive wonders if it really is time to settle down. She’s just finishing college so she should be thinking about her future. But is she ready to settle down? Is she ready for kids? And more importantly, which of the three men she’s been seeing does she want to spend the rest of her life with? Sive has a choice to make, and only 24 hours in which to make it.
We all make them. From the moment we wake up, it's: “do I get out of bed now or hit the snooze button . . . again?” “shall I wear this outfit to work or that one?” “tea and toast or grab something on the way?”

It's all mundane bullshit. They’re all choices we make on the fly without even realizing we're making them.

Think about it. What choices do you make when you’re not thinking about them? Like going home from work. You get on the train, find a seat and wait for your stop. But when you get there, you wonder how the hell you got there because you don’t remember making the journey.

What I’m trying to say is that we often go on auto-pilot and just do what needs doing without any real thought, because there are usually more pressing things to think about—the important things. Or seemingly so. Like, what movie to see, what restaurant to eat in, where to go on holidays . . . and for some girls, this pair of sensible shoes on sale or another pair not on sale but immensely sexier?

For me, today, my choices aren't so mundane, and they’ll require a lot of conscious thought. I have an important decision to make. One that could change my life forever, pardon the cliché.

They—whoever 'they' are—say there is someone for everyone, that we all have a 'type' of person we're attracted to. I'm still figuring it all out . . . exploring to see what is my type . . . that someone just for me. And it doesn’t help that my mum’s voice is in the back of my head, asking . . . i.e. nagging (yes, I just said i.e.) . . . when I’m going to settle down and give her grandkids.

First, let me say this: I'm not a slut. I'm not loose, I don't carelessly sleep around, and I don't do one-night stands. I just love men and all of their vast differences.

What can I say about my boys that every other woman out there doesn’t already know about men? Charmers, every one of them. But they all give me something I need.

Tonight I need to decide what, or who, I need the most—Fitzy, Moss, or Sully.

~ ~ ~ ~

I’m happy you could join me on Books and Banter. 
Thank you so much for hosting me. I hope the readers had as much fun as I did.

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