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Nicole Thorn ~ guest post 2 ~ and her novel Bring Me To Life

TITLE: Bring Me To Life
 RELEASE DATE: January 15, 2016
AUTHOR: Nicole Thorn
 KEYWORDS: urban fantasy, paranormal, witchcraft, romance, action, adventure, new adult
CATEGORIES: Paranormal Romance/Fantasy
 ISBN: 978-1523276868 & 152327686X
 IMPRINT: Howling Wolf

Anastasia wanted to be a witch. One of her friends even found a spell to give her magic. But before the spell is over, Anastasia dies. She wakes up in Hell, having to serve a purgatory sentence for her crime.

When Anastasia is suddenly ripped out of Hell and brought topside, Ezra, a demon working for Lucifer, is told to send her soul down below. When he finds her, there are questions that must be answered. He decides to keep her alive until he knows her friends won’t resurrect her again.

While he still has Anastasia, he’s sent on another assignment. They have to work together to stop a murderer. But as she and Ezra grow closer, the decision to get away from him becomes harder. To save her life and find out the truth behind her death, she must leave the only person who has made her ever feel alive.

Raised from the dead after meeting her demise in a blood magic ritual, Anastasia finds herself having to survive an assassin sent from Lucifer if she wants a second chance at life.

Nicole "Cappie" Thorn was born in California but, after a stint in Kansas, moved to a suburb of Phoenix. She spends a lot of her free time knitting and reading from her massive book collection. Her eclectic tastes, like Disneyland, Buffy and all things London, carry into her writing. She started writing in her early twenties and finds it wonderfully addictive.



Guest Post:

When I decided to write Bring Me To Life I was hoping for a darker story than I had done before. Something with a different tone than the light, funny stories I normally do. I’m still not sure if I quite got what I was aiming to do, but it came out as the story it needed to be. It kind of ended up feeling like a version of Snow White’s encounter with the Huntsman, with a humorous drop of–I’ll admit it–Stockholm Syndrome. Not really a way around that one. But for me, the focus was more about how they bonded over similar shades of brokenness. The characters had darker pasts than I was used to writing.

It was challenging, trying to be in the heads of these two characters in particular. Ezra far more than Anastasia.  He had so much grief that I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep a hold on how he should be, and the arc his character went through. Making a serial killer lovable was about as hard as I thought it would be. Anastasia was far easier. She was snarky and apathetic. Thankfully, I am both of those things. So I had somewhere to draw from. All I had to do was start typing and the story felt like it was writing itself. It helped that I never seemed to know how a conversation was going to end between the two of them. They had a very thin line between love and hate.

The factor that really chose the tone were those characters. They had strong enough personalities that when they were dropped in a scene, they tended to push where it needed to go. Even when it was the opposite of my plan. Or if it undid things to come. I had to work around them. Much like spoiled children, really. I appeased them. My hopes are that it continues throughout the rest of the series, because I think the characters always know much better than I do when it comes to their actions and story.

Throughout the entire time I was writing the story, I depended heavily on my friend and occasional writing partner. She would tell me what was good and what I needed to pull back on. She helped with the construction of Ezra and who he was supposed to be. Without her, this wouldn’t be the book I love. The book that I hope a lot of people love like I do. 

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