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JD Glass - guest post with praise for his novel ~ X

RELEASE DATE: September 2017
CATEGORIES: LGBTQ/Thriller/Cyber-Punk
ISBN: 978-1976436000
IMPRINT: Black Hawk

KEYWORDS: thriller, techno, cyber, GenX, LGBTQ, Gay, Transgender, racy, psychic, conspiracy, pulp, suspense, sex, naughty

In the fast-paced cyberpunk world of political intrigue and betrayal, sex and surfing, two people must decide to live by the code, even if it requires the ultimate sacrifice. Can Charli and Anna solve for X in time?

In the fast-paced cyberpunk world of political intrigue and betrayal, sex and surfing, two people must decide to live by the code, even if it requires the ultimate sacrifice.

Charli Riven works and plays hard. She’s known as CharliX to the Consortium, a community of coders, hackers, and crackers. When she's leading the code-jockeys, Charli turns her relentless focus to surfing—and to Anna Pendleton, her brilliant colleague: the only person Charli's ever trusted, in or out of bed.

But unknown to Charli is that Anna is a CIA plant, hot on the trail of rogue agent, John Romello. And neither of them knows that Charli is the object of Romello's quest: he believes she and other Gen-Xers hold the genetic key to his new world order. When the system is breached and the waves begin to collapse around them, will Charli and Anna solve for X in time?


X is a modern cyber-thriller from the massively talented author JD Glass. Expert coder Charli Riven is at the top of her game. Known as CharliX to the elite techie community, she's a fiercely intelligent woman who heads a technology team that ensures financial transactions worth billions are securely handled. She's also a passionate surfer, riding the waves in her spare time. She takes her sexual pleasure where she wants it, whether it be from her colleague Anna or a young man she picks up at a party. Charli and Anna's liaison grows more serious with each sexual encounter they have. But their burgeoning love affair is disrupted when ChariX's system is infiltrated by John, a man with an ingenious plot to steal a large amount of money. Someone in Charli's team has betrayed her causing suspicion to abound. Anna is on a secret mission which could create an irreparable rift in her relationship with emotionally-guarded Charli. When Charli herself is kidnapped, John's sinister motives come to light showing that he's not simply after financial gain, but is aiming to instill a whole new world order.

JD Glass has written a clever tense story which tests the boundaries of trust for two high-flying women that develop a unique emotional and sexual bond. Memos and online conversations are interspersed with the story adding realistic dimension to the text. There's a sufficient amount of technical detail to make this tale seem very probable - without being too techie to alienate readers who might not understand the language. Glass writes about sexual scenes incredibly well. She manages to be graphic, emotional and erotic without slipping into the blatantly pornographic. As she did so well in her wonderful coming of age novel Punk Like Me, sexual encounters are a process of discovery for the participants where learning about each other’s bodies forms a tighter emotional bond and achieve a greater amount of pleasure. X is a very entertaining read and I'm excited to see what this multi-talented author produces next. Eric Anderson

JD Glass has done it again! X is not a book for the fainthearted or intellectually lazy. While the sex is hot, the characters are multi-dimensional and complex. What is fascinating about X is its implications in the broader context of gender and power within queer culture and deserves serious attention. It is complicated, intense, and a chilling schema of where the soul of America has gone to. Hold on to your dreams, because X is one hell of a nightmare ride

Merry Gangemi, Host of Woman-Stirred Radio

JD Glass is the author of American Library Association (Stonewall) and Lambda Literary Award (Literature) finalist Punk Like Me, Punk And Zen, Lambda Literary and Ben Franklin Award finalist Red Light, GCLS finalist American Goth, and X; selection editor of GCLS Award winning anthology Outsiders, and listed on the Advocate's Top 100 (2011) for CORE, Vol.1 Iss.1. JD's latest releases are Nocturnes (an erotic collection), Glass Lions, Punk & Zen Pt.1: The ReMix (Extended DJ Cut), Interludes, First Blood, and the forthcoming Punk & Zen Pt. 2: The ReMaster (Deep DJ Cut). Called by some the voice of a generation and the erotic philosopher by others, JD works in often familiar-seeming worlds, with people we know, people like ourselves, people we’d like to meet, and provides powerful stories that allow the reader to rejoice and wonder, stumble and fall, then rejoice victoriously again at the amazing experience of being human.





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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Kat de Falla ~ presents ~ Slime Spewing Vampire Velociraptors

TITLE: Slime Spewing Vampire Velociraptors
RELEASE DATE: May 10, 2017
AUTHOR: Kat de Falla
CATEGORIES: Children’s Science Fiction / Fantasy & Scary Stories
ISBN: 978-1544111292
IMPRINT: Sunquills

KEYWORDS: children’s eBooks, Animals, Dinosaurs, science fiction, fantasy, scary stories, adventure

What’s worse than Flying Mutant Zombie Rats? Try Slime Spewing Vampire Velociraptors that can turn the whole city into their slaves!

When Pea opened a portal and the alien cat, Max Gigan, jumped through from another dimension, he certainly didn't expect the talking tomcat to stay on as a family pet. He soon learns it can come in handy to have a fur ball from an alternate universe around when his friend re-opens the portal letting in vampire velociraptors who want to slime and eat the whole city!

Pea’s dad is one of the first infected. But his dear old dad isn’t the only one. The dinosaurs escape the museum where the portal opened, and rampage through Milwaukee. As Pea's dad gets sicker, the BMX gang joins together with the feline army to corner the raptors and use them to develop an antidote. But Pea's meddling step-monster brothers threaten to ruin everything! A city wide alert goes out for the misidentified "turkeys" while Pea and his gang try to stay ahead of the hunt.

Can the kids capture the dinos and get them home before they control everyone with their vampire powers? Will Pea’s dad remain infected forever?

Join Pea and his gang in their battle against the SLIME SPEWING VAMPIRE VELOCIRAPTORS.

Author Kat de Falla was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she learned to roller-skate, ride a banana seat bike, and love Shakespeare thanks to her high school English teacher. Four years at the UW-Madison wasn’t enough, so she returned to her beloved college town for her Doctor of Pharmacy degree and is happily employed as a retail pharmacist where she fills prescriptions and chats with her patients. She is married to her soulmate, classical guitarist, Lee de Falla and raising four kids together ala the Brady Bunch.


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Monday, February 26, 2018

Paul Bridgeman ~ character interview and his novel ~ When You Walk By Night

TITLE: When You Walk By Night
RELEASE DATE: September 2017
AUTHOR: Paul Bridgeman
CATEGORIES: Horror/Dark Fantasy/LGBTQ
ISBN: 978-1974477982
IMPRINT: Dark Serpent

KEYWORDS: Extra-dimensional beings, lesbian, gay, bisexual, nymphomania, Prostitution, Brothel 

Let me take you for a walk by night, I have dark stories to tell, You won't regret it.

Take a walk with me to the end of your street, where the lampposts end and the darkness hides dancing, skipping horrors. Waiting for us are a Copy-cat killer who picks the wrong guy to copy. A strange epidemic that is not quite what it seems and has consequences for us all. An ancient Djiin who trades in souls and loves a twist in his deals. A girl plagued by nymphomania who is going through some deep changes. An exclusive, high class brothel with an interesting charging policy. Inter-dimensional horror on a human farm. A collector of cursed books and Objet D’Art, with a very nosey wife. A group of flatmates terrorised by a possessing spirit with murderous intentions and a sweet girl who would do anything for love. Oh! And Vampires. I can see them now. Come on, take my hand they are getting impatient. . . 

Warning ~ Adult language and possible triggers.
Interview with Todd from When You Walk By Night by Paul Bridgeman

Todd is the frustrated husband who is inspired to kill his wife by copy-catting a serial killer, as they race towards the end who will prove to be predator and who will be prey?

Did you ever really love your wife Todd?
Listen, I married Mary when I was seventeen. I was sick of jacking off and she was happy to make sure I didn’t need to. She was kind of cute too, nice titties, but I still don’t know why I married her she wasn’t even pregnant, I guess I just needed a regular fuck.

Did the idea for killing Mary come all at once in a flash or did it germinate slowly?
It began when I was listening to stories about the serial killer known as “The Artist”, first I was shocked, but as I became fascinated I saw a way out, so I suppose it germinated and then took me over.

How do you think that Ava would take it if she knew that you would kill your wife?
Oh my God! I would never let her know, she’s wild in bed, but she is a good person. She just knows what she wants and she takes it, I like that. Confident women are sexy!

Is that why you became bored with Mary?
No, Mary could be fun, but she was needy and she needed me too much. She was also like an ice cube in the sack, so a no fun zone really. She just had to die, I would have let her live if she would just have divorced me, but I wanted to keep the house.

Did you ever have murderous intentions about anyone else?
Listen! I am not a bad person, I just wanted her out of my life, I offered her a divorce but she was not up for that. I looked at several options, but in the end it was easier just to kill her. So, in answer to your question no, it was forced on me by circumstance.

Did you feel guilt after the event? Would you change things if you could?
Guilt? For what when I left her she would never have been able to trick anyone else into marrying her. I did her a favour really, I felt like I evolved and she didn’t so she became extinct. . . in a way.

Do you consider yourself bisexual?
No, sometimes to achieve something you have to do stuff you don’t like. I didn’t do anything back to the guy, I just let him do me. Believe me I didn’t get anything out of it, I’ve had more productive wanks. I needed info, he had it, he wanted my cock, I let him have it. Simple business.

Did you feel guilty when you went back to your wife and girlfriend after gay sex?
I don’t know why you keep on about guilt, I don’t do anything if I don’t want to. Guilt is just a real downer. Some people seem to like it, not me. End of story.

Were you scared what the Serial Killer would do when you framed him for killing your wife? It didn’t occur to me, I think we could have got together and talked about it. I could have asked him if I did it properly, you know compare techniques. The idea sort of turns me on.

Have you always been cold-hearted to others?
I am not cold-hearted, I loved Ava and would have done anything for her. As for other people, I take care of myself and mine and I mind my own business, just like they should.

Do you think you will kill again?
No, I’ve got the house now and Ava, so I’m happy. Mind you Ava had better keep her end up, things have quieted down for us on the horizontal boogie front, so who knows?

Do you regret the death of your child at all? Well, it didn’t do anything to me, but it would have got in the way of me and Avas’ erotic lifestyle. So, it was part of the problem you see? Had to be done. After all it was barely a tadpole really.

Is there anything you would have done differently? I would probably have slipped one more fuck into Mary after I dumped the body, I have to say she looked great as a slutty platinum blonde and that blue gash WOW!

Did you ever wonder if you would be caught? No, I did think about it, but I am smarter than most people and I can act like fucking Anthony Hopkins, so they would have to be fucking sharp! (He laughs)

Do you regret the effect your actions had on Marys’ mother?
That dried up old cunt had it coming, always putting Marys’ back up and telling her what a hopeless piece of shit I was. I am only sorry that I didn’t see her face when she found out that her precious family was out the window (Laughs!) I bet it was a fucking picture! (Laughs again). Seriously though any day I can bring that mammoth bitch down is a great result for me.

What kind of relationship did you have with your own mother? My mother was wonderful, anything I wanted she gave me, anything I needed was there. So all this unhappy childhood stuff is bullshit. I was a happy, content child and I am still a happy and content human being now that I have the people and things I want in my life. So! Don’t drag my mother into this fucking mess all right!

What are your plans for your future? I plan to settle down with Ava, travel and live a long life with her. The insurance money from Mary has made sure that we won’t be short of money.

I have loved ghost stories from a very early age and by the time I was nine or ten years old I was scaring my brothers with bedtime stories of my own! I always wrote other stories but only really showed my brothers as I was too shy and worried that people would laugh. I was delighted to find creative writing an escape from daily life in my teens. I would often use my artistic skills to illustrate and even create cartoon strips of my stories. However, for many years my pleasure in art and storytelling was mainly shared with close relatives and lovers. I worked for both big soft drinks companies of certain colas and at Westminster, which meant that I have been lucky enough to travel all around the world, which does inform some of my stories, however most of my stories are based in Wales, which is my home country and the place I love best. I lived in Thailand for many years where I worked at Rayong University, teaching Business English. I learned to speak, read and write Thai and to cook their delicious food and to perform their unique massage. The culture of Thailand also sparked my art and writing like never before and I sold my art to clients in Thailand, Japan and the USA. When I returned to Wales I had a successful exhibition of surrealist art called “Genius? Genius!” and I decided to take a course in Art, Design and Illustration which lead to a Batchelor of Arts with honours in General Illustration. This was followed by an ignition of my passion for art and writing again and I began to write and paint with abandon. I was invited to exhibit at New Designers 2012, the most prestigious and largest illustration exhibition in Europe. I was very proud of this and my work received good attention, I even signed autographs, which felt surreal.! A few years ago, I met author David Owain Hughes (Look him up!) and he introduced me to Ravenwood Publishers and the lovely Kitty. It still took a huge nagging session from my Mother Rose and my husband Damian to make me offer up my stories for publication. To tell the truth I had forgotten about sending the stories out at all. So, when I received the email from Kitty offering publication I almost gave Damian a heart attack with the noise I made. When I told him and my Mother they almost deafened me right back! Imagine my delight when I found that other people liked my stories. I sometime wonder where all these dark, spooky and kinky stories come from, I am just glad that they do come to me I hope that you will enjoy my stories and check in with me now and again. I will put up descriptions of my stories and maybe even excerpts of them, I will share my own artwork for characters in my books on my blogg at and also keep you up on gossip and future publications. I really hope we will become friends and then I want to thrill and scare you all to death Mwaahaha Love to you all Paul Bridgeman.



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