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Queenie Black ~ an interview and her novel ~ Love Bites

Adult language and mature content.

Queenie Black

Author Bio:
Author bio: I’ve been writing pretty much since I was able to read. I juggle fundraising for charities, family life and writing with varying success. My children have mostly flown the nest and I live in a small village in North Yorkshire, England with my husband and some chickens. I write in an old caravan in the garden where I can’t be tempted to procrastinate on the internet.

Q: Tell me one thing about each of the four seasons you like. It can be anything.      
A:        Winter = I love the crispness of the air on cold days. It’s like living in a Granny Smith apple.
            Spring            = I love the sense of opening up, the longer days, the light that makes
 you feel like anything is possible.
            Summer = Sitting in the garden, which is a riot of flowers in summer, drinking ice cold sloe gin is my favourite thing about summer. It’s the laziness of the long sunny days.
            Fall = This is my favourite season.  It’s all about fire and change for me and it makes me feel excited, challenged even. I love the wind and the colours but mostly I love the smell of wood smoke in the air as people start lighting fires and the feeling of being cozy indoors as cold weather closes in.
Q: When you think of a garden, do you picture vegetables or flowers?
A: Vegetables and fruit I’m afraid. I love flowers but long ago an aunty from a small village in Greece came to visit me in the UK. It was the first time she’d been abroad and she walked around my garden and said, “That’s a big tree. What fruit does it have?”
“Mmmm, none Aunty.”
She moved on to the next one.
And the next one. 
Each time I had to say, “None Aunty.”
In the end she turned to me and asked, “Why on earth do have them then?”
Ever since then I’ve been quite careful to have lots of fruit and veg growing in my garden. That’s not to say I don’t love flowers and in fact we have plenty but I do tend to ensure I grow loads of stuff that I can use, so where I do have flowers I try to make sure there are bee attracting ones, or herbs etc. among them.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to? Do you have an all time favorite song?
A: Great question! I tend to like individual songs rather than artists so you’ll find everything on my playlist, from Classical music to the Prodigy to Taylor Swift. My favourite all time song though has to be a little known one by King Charles, called Ivory Rd. My middle son introduced me to it and it’s a quirky love song, with a couple of slightly different sections so I don’t get bored. Brilliant!

Q: How do you feel about exercise?
A: I have a short boredom threshold so most types of exercise which involve running on treadmills or working repetitively in a gym just aren’t for me. I love dancing and martial arts and I currently do Tai Chi once a week. The rest of the time I run. I love running. If I’m doing a steady run I can zone out and go into my head and I do a lot of working out of my stories then.  If I’m doing a tempo run (this is faster one where I have to concentrate on my breathing to keep my effort levels up) then the focus on my breathing is quite meditative.  I try and run three times a week minimum and for me it’s the best kind of exercise; cheap, varied and flexible.


Q: When did you start writing and why?
A: I started writing when I was very young, about six or seven.  I was an avid reader, learning to read when I was four.  Sometimes when a book finished I would make up stories in my head in order to continue the magic and then I might write them down at school in English or for school and National competitions.  That’s why I started writing, I suppose it was a kind of fan fiction and I graduated from there.

Q: Which element of book writing is most difficult for you?
A: For me the hardest part is doing the rewrites and the edits. This is always the part that requires the most discipline and hard work and usually my original enthusiasm for the story has worn off and with it the belief in what I’m doing. This is especially when I see all the things I need to do to make it anywhere near decent. Also I often get bored with having to revisit and revisit it. You know what they say…’Familiarity breeds contempt!’

Q: What is your favorite part of writing?
A: I love the first part of writing when I just chuck the phrases down on paper and the words and ideas flow. I might go back and flesh bits out and that process will generate a couple of other scenes and then I’ll write those so I’m constantly being surprised by my own story. I love it because I have low boredom threshold. I guess that’s why I’m not too keen on the other parts of writing.

Q: Who's your favorite author?
A: I have quite a few ‘favorite’ authors but my current-top-of-the-pile best is Cherise Sinclair. I love her BDSM Dark Haven series. I love everything about her books- the characters, the plot and the insight she gives into the world of BDSM and I can’t wait for her next one.  She’s brilliant.


Q: What are you working on now? Would you like to share anything about it?
A: I’m currently working on a first novella under the writing name Viki Meadows. The novella will be called Trusting Marshall and is a romantic suspense. I’m hoping to have it finished by summer.  I’ve also got some ideas for a sequel to the title story from my collection because I’d like to explore Ella and Lang’s world, and the dynamics of their relationship, a little further.

Q: How can we find you? Do you have a web page, FaceBook page or any buy links?
A: I have a facebook page called Queenie Black Author:

 and I can also be found on Twitter @queenieblackwr1

 I’m selling on Amazon only at the moment and the collection is available for sale in most Amazon stores and on Kindle Unlimited.

Q: Are you currently participating in a blog tour? If you are let’s tell everyone where you’re going to be so they can catch up with you again.
A: Thanks. I’m lucky enough to be hosted on the blogs below. It would be great if your readers could catch up with me there too.

17th February:

Elevator Magic
A steamy encounter in an elevator makes Cass the center of attention for two sexy men. Is it just hot sex for them or will Cass have to make some life-changing choices?

Immortal Longings
Not one, but two Greek gods in her bed. How’s a girl to choose? Must Zoe’s sensual holiday romance end in farewell, or will she try to make her own heaven on earth with two demigods?

Eleanor’s Choice
Eleanor explores the shadowy world of submission – her marriage depends on it. Will the Master give her an experience she can use to please her husband, or is it time to walk away?

Love Bites
Lonely Ella is mesmerised by the owner of a chocolate shop. Drawn into Lang’s rich, seductive web, she grows to fear as well as desire him. What is the secret he is hiding from her?

These four short stories contain too-hot-to-handle Greek gods, a sexy Vampire who might just turn out to be a killer, a Master who can wield a crop with artistry, and two delicious CEOs who know how to keep a woman happy. Oh, and chocolate, BDSM, MFM Mènage and sex in an elevator.

“You know what? You can take your job and stick it.” Mad as hell I grabbed my purse and stomped out of the little cubicle I called my office. I was done here and I was never coming back and fuck the giving notice part.

The elevator always took ages to creak its way between floors and I could feel the stabbing pressure of what felt like a thousand eyes in my back. Of course they were all watching. They’d been waiting for something like this to happen for twenty months. Just then melodic chimes signaled the arrival of the executive elevator. The one that normal people like me are forbidden to ride in, the one for the exalted rich and the bosses who live in the penthouse. I wanted to escape the avid looks that were directed my way and, what the hell, what could they do anyway? Sack me?

So I stepped into it.

I turned and, just before the doors closed, got a good view of open mouths, staring eyes and was that…envy? It certainly looked like it from where I was standing. As the doors slid silently shut, I raised my hand and gave a little finger wave.

The car was bigger than my bedroom, and a thousand times more luxurious but I hardly noticed the mirrored walls and the thick-as-a-mattress carpet. My attention was caught and held by the two guys already in there, one on my left and one on my right.

My gaze darted between the two of them and I felt guilty colour sting my cheeks. I hadn’t expected company but I wasn’t objecting. These guys were fit and built. One dark-haired and smoooooth, the other blonde and just-got-in-out-of-the-wild rough.

And I knew them. Brandon Shaw and Mitchell Graham owned the company I work – ooops, scratch that – the company I used to work for. I’d met them at work events, like the Christmas party and the Halloween party and the Employee of the Year party. I’d seen them a couple of times from a distance. They always had a flock of female employees around them.

I’d heard people described as chick magnets but only realised exactly what it meant when I saw these two. I used to feel their magic pull yet always stayed away because initially I was in a relationship, and then afterwards was suffering from a broken heart and struggling to cope with a job where my ex was screwing a colleague. Pity my ex didn’t take a leaf out of these guys’ books – there was never any suggestion that they had slept with anyone from the company. Which meant in the end that there was a gentle rumor that they were a) gay, or b) didn’t like vanilla and went for the more exotic, with their tastes catered for elsewhere.

I positioned myself with my back to the wall and let my gaze slide over them. To my right was Brandon. He’d taken off his suit jacket and had it hooked over one shoulder. Beneath the fine fabric of his shirt I could see the hard muscle of a broad chest, arrowing down to a pair of narrow hips and a huge bulge... Oh man.

I licked my lips and dragged my reluctant gaze away to focus on his face. He was watching me scope him out. There was a hard predatory glint in his eyes. Heat speared through me from my cheekbones to my pussy, part embarrassment and part desire. I squeezed my thighs together to stop the growing ache.

I quickly glanced away and found myself checking out Mitchell on my left. He was slightly shorter than his partner, and seemed kinder and less predatory too. His eyes were a softer green, more jade than emerald. But his shoulders were as wide and he sported an identical erection. Were they lovers? A pity for womankind if they were gay. What a loss.

I shouldn’t be in the elevator with them in the first place but the new militant me with nothing to lose didn’t care. So instead of fixing my gaze on the floor and fighting the temptation to look again, I enjoyed the view. They put my slimeball ex to shame and my panties grew damp while they silently watched me. I wished that I was wearing something a little less conservative when the elevator jerked to a sudden halt.

Not a nice, slow, we’ve arrived kind of halt but the scary kind.

The lights went out.

Panic dug its claws into me, not letting go even when the emergency lighting kicked in.

“What’s happening?” I didn’t even try and keep the terrified squeak out of my tone.

“Hey,” Brandon said softly, “it’s going to be alright. They’ll have it fixed in no time.”

“It’s broken?” I hated the idea of being shut in closed spaces, and the car, despite its size and luxury, suddenly felt very small. I couldn’t bear to spend hours locked in here hanging over all that empty space. The walls closed in, my hands and feet went cold, and I struggled to breath.

“Now you’ve done it, Brandon.”

“Easy.” When had they got so close to me? I was crowded by two warm male bodies that smelt good. Having them so close, almost touching me, took my mind off the elevator.

“Rub her hands, Mitchell. Get some warmth into them, she’s freezing.”

Mitchell sandwiched my hands between his palms and rubbed hard. The movement distracted me, not because he was making my hands warmer, which he was, but because he kept bumping my breasts. Awareness rushed through me and my nipples went hard as cherry stones and poked at my blouse. Brandon’s hands rested lightly on my hips but they might as well have been brands. I could feel every finger as if there were no clothing between us. Woodsy cologne, mingled with clean male musk, swirled around me. My pussy creamed and I couldn’t help it; my wayward body leant back until I was pressed hard against Brandon.

His cock, huge and promising, seared my lower back. I couldn’t prevent a small sound escaping. I felt my cheeks go hot. What must they think of me?

Mitchell’s expression was rich with satisfaction in the dim light.

“Shall we carry on distracting you, baby?”

I shivered, my panties drenched as my body answered the question for them. Brandon nuzzled the sensitive spot beneath my ear. His voice rumbled right through my body as he asked, “Ever been double-fucked before?”

The crude honesty of his question embarrassed me and I couldn’t answer. Then I forgot what he asked because Mitchell dropped to his knees in front of me. His hands stroked slowly up the back of my thighs. They smoothed over stockings, and then paused when they reached my lacy garters.

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