Thursday, August 25, 2016

T. C. Koury ~ presents ~ Synthesis: Legion of Stateside Delusions

TITLE: Synthesis: Legion of Stateside Delusions
RELEASE DATE: June 5, 2016
AUTHOR: T.C. Koury
ISBN: 978-1530719587
IMPRINT: White Stag

KEYWORDS: LSD, Bohemian Club, D.B. Cooper, Escape from Alcatraz, Pacific Coast Highway, New Orleans, college, fraternity, M-ULTRA, Owsley Stanley, drugs, cartel, CIA, CDC, James “Whitey” Bulger, Watergate, War on Drugs, William Pickard

CATEGORIES: Historical Fiction/Suspense/Strange Fiction

ONE LINER: Take a trip down the rabbit hole. Once you discover the truth below the surface, you are forever changed.

When Jim Sinclair and two college friends synthesize a million doses of LSD as a means of financing a post-graduation road trip across country and living expenses for their first few years on their own, they had no idea of the nightmare they would unleash. In a ‘down the rabbit hole’ experience worthy of Alice in Wonderland, the boys’ journey becomes ever more bizarre as they run afoul of the police, violent biker gangs, rogue federal agents and a mysterious clutch of powerful men who seem to guide events toward an unknown and frightening climax.

Synthesis: Legion of Stateside Delusions is a strange, twisted tale not to be missed by lovers of adventure and mystery.

I was born and raised in Alabama to a military father and an elementary school teacher mother. I had very humble beginnings, but my family moved around quite a bit after September 11, 2001. My little brother and I were the best of friends growing up, and we were all each other had while living in Virginia for part of 2003 before moving back to Alabama. Upon our return, we discovered that our mother was expecting another child and our youngest brother was born in 2004, completing the trio. I am currently on track to finish my undergraduate degree in applied mathematics, and the changes we experienced growing up allowed me to adapt to things quite easily and pursue many different activities. I have travelled from east coast to west coast, and all across Italy and parts of Europe. I enjoy variety, which is why my hobbies include reading, writing, playing guitar, craft-beer tasting, traveling, and playing basketball. I hope to move to Los Angeles, California following my graduation in May 2016 and pursue acting, journalism, screenplay writing, and continue writing novels.


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