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Dominic Hodgson ~ guest post and his novel Gift of the Mancynn

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TITLE: Gift of the Mancynn (The Ragnarök Chronicles 2016.1)
RELEASE DATE: May 10, 2016
AUTHOR: Dominic Hodgson
ISBN: 978-1530503858
IMPRINT: Devil’s Tower

KEYWORDS: Apocalypse, Death (Horseman of), young heroes, invasion, genetic manipulation, temples, war, subversion, aliens, series

CATEGORIES: Science Fiction/Fantasy

ONE LINER: They are immortal. We are their weapon. He is the key.

What if everything we thought we knew about the universe was wrong? What if there was something beyond our perception of space and time? And why do we feel the need to constantly strive towards the technological advances that have brought us from the wheel to the particle accelerator? Are we really motivated by our own curiosity and greed? Or is this the work of a higher power?

Philip is a teenage boy, who goes to school, watches TV, and is just so happens to be supernatural. He's never thought to question his abilities, and why should he? That's just who he is. Except that now he's being visited by mysterious figures, headed by the deathly Lord Gryal Repa, who insist that it's his duty to work with them, that he should do whatever bizarre tasks they ask of him.

And the further Philip and his friends travel, the clearer it gets that he is not the only one aware of Gryal and his cohorts. They have infiltrated this world for their own insidious agenda, and they are preparing something far more dangerous.

With plans thousands of years in the making already in motion, it's a race against time as Philip must decide what side of a conflict traversing the dimensions he's going to be on, before everything he's ever known is changed forever.


This book was actually one of necessity. My long term goal, among other things, is to create a wide universe made up of many novels whose settings are spread out throughout time and space. For as long as I can remember, I have been coming up with stories, it’s something that I couldn’t stop if I tried, and so by the time I started senior school I had amassed a virtual catalogue of book ideas, all of which I planned to write someday. And one day I realised, a lot of these could be set in the same universe, some of the enemies could be the same people. That was when I began arranging the different series into a sort of chronological order from which I could create a common historical thread.

I had to tweak a number of the stories a little for continuity, but pretty soon the multiverse of The Ragnarök Chronicles was taking shape. The only problem was, none of my planned novels really worked as a debut for the multiverse. I needed something that would help it start with a bang as it were. It was then that I came up with the idea for Gift of the Mancynn and the books that will hopefully follow.

I’m not sure where the individual concepts came from, but everything just seemed to come together. And what’s more, the existence of Mancynn, the Brethren Lords and everything else helped in varying ways to hold every other story together in one continuous tale spanning my multiverse.

Just to go back to my inspirations, I always like to specify first off that no conscious parallels were made with real life in anything that I made up. By this I mean that I didn’t knowingly base any characters on anyone real, and all fictional locations are exactly that: fictitious. Secondly, however, I always like to make my works as realistic as feasibly possible, and so when I do use real locations, such as the CERN in Gift of the Mancynn, I make an effort to make them as accurate as can be. On that same note, I try to keep as much of the science behind my stories as plausible as I can. The reason behind this (other than because that’s just the sort of person I am) is that I know that there are people out there who will nit-pick works such as this for inconsistencies and impossibilities, I am one such person, and so by making everything as believable as possible. That being said, and in case anyone is now inspired to prove my accuracy wrong, I am aware that despite all my efforts there are just some elements of my novel that cannot be rationalised in the real world.

This series aside, I also have planned a plethora of more average length series, even more one-off novels, television scripts and a play (although I’m not sure how the latter would be received, were I ever to properly write it). For point of reference, 154 of those TV scripts are fan scripts for BBC’s Doctor Who. I would hope that I am not out of line for saying this, but should I go in for a career other than novel writing, I would very much like to write for that show. All of the above came about in pretty much the same way, thanks to my overactive imagination which I seriously cannot turn off.

My name is Dominic Edward James Hodgson, I am 18 years old and I live in Northamptonshire, England. I am in my final year at Bedford Modern School, and am soon to be going off to university. I spend lots of my free time working on my novel and scripts, but I am also a massive science fiction and horror fan. I attend Comiccons when I can, participate in theatrical productions and have been known to practice archery from time to time. My dream is to make a career of writing novels, of which I have numerous planned, but I would also like the opportunity to work in the production of TV and film, especially to write for some of my favourite shows.

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