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Richard R. Hall ~ 2nd appearance and his novel Shadow Angels

TITLE: Shadow Angels
RELEASE DATE: May 30, 2016
AUTHOR: Richard R. Hall
KEYWORDS: fantasy, horror, vampires, angels, demons, witches, romance thriller
CATEGORIES: Fantasy Paranormal/Horror
ISBN: 978-1530658701
IMPRINT: Chimera

Densely descriptive Shadow Angels features a series of stunning heroines and Shawn a Vietnam war hero whose life is forever changed when he meets Anne, the vampire who will make his wounded body immortal.

Seven thousand years ago, the Archangel Michael gave five humans the blood of the angels and five swords from heaven to counter the five Esmanaa demons and their ever-growing evil. These vampires have lived their long lives hidden in the shadows, fighting the Esmanaa, protecting humans and shielding them from the dark forces that occupy their world. And now they have a new defender in their corner---but will it be enough to avoid the terrible tragedy that awaits them all?

Travel through the centuries with the Bryce family of vampires---from their creation to the final battle---in Shadow Angels, a deliciously different take on the traditional vampire tale.


When I was writing Shadow Angels, I spent considerable time thinking about and developing my characters while trying to keep their backstory to a minimum. One of the characters is Anne Bryce or as she was known by her human name, Anwen Eiren. Anne came from fourth century Britain at a time the Romans were abandoning the isle and making an orderly retreat back across the channel. Anne is not the protagonist of the story but she is very important to the story.

Anne starts the story of Shadow Angels when the Archangel Michael sends an ancient vampire to turn her. Anne was a young, beautiful girl that was profoundly affected by the harshness of her age and the brutality of it. The rapes of the Roman soldiers turned her against men, made her seek pleasure from women and made her take a terrible toll on men when she was a young vampire.

The immensity of her life span allowed her to forgive and come to terms with her early life and anger. Allowed her to realize it was the age she lived in as a mortal. She became a very powerful creature and led the Bryce vampire family. Anne had four changelings through her long life, Renee who came from the pauper streets of twelfth century Paris, a cunning and intense woman. Marilyn was second with a relaxed and casual way to approach life then came Shawn and last sweet Juliette.

Shawn was born in Dalton, which actually is Sidney, NY. Born the year 1951 and is the protagonist in the book Shadow Angels. He lived a comfortable small town life much like George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life. He was an outgoing, well-adjusted young man, handsome and athletic who loved being with people and he did enjoy a good party. His high school sweetheart was Marilyn Pomeroy who later was responsible for turning him into a vampire. All this ended when he was drafted into the army and sent to Vietnam. He learned the brutality of war, was seriously wounded, and spent the rest of his mortal life dealing with his wounds and emotional pain. When he returned to civilian life tragedy followed him until Marilyn brought Anne to him. After Anne made him vampire the great healing powers of vampirism gave his easygoing nature back to him. Over the years, he would become an irritant to the Vampire Council and at times frustrate the angels that guided him toward his destiny to lead the fight to end the Esmanaa demons.

Shawn’s vampire lover Victoria was born to nobility in Ireland the year 1246 AD. Her father was Lord Charles Draper and she lived on a large estate. Due to her birth and breeding, she was an intelligent strong willed girl and had a slightly different opinion of the commoner and them of her. As a vampire, Victoria rarely had anything to do with humans, only when they became her food. Again, due to the enormity of her life span she grew to accept humans and developed a kind streak that she always tried to hide.

A druid priest turned vampire by the Archangel Michael changed Victoria. The vampires name was Erdin Kenmare and he did not belong to any of the five vampire covenants. Michael changed Erdin to serve penance for performing human sacrifices and tasked him to kill the five Esmanaa demons. Erdin taught Victoria about the Esmanaa and she carried this knowledge through the ages to give to Shawn.

Katherine was introduced late in the book and came from a post-apocalyptic world. She came from a time when humanity was starting to emerge from its long winter after the Great War. She was a survivor and was Shawn’s changeling. Katherine is prominently featured in the sequel Rise of the Queens.

Greetings, my name is Richard Hall. I spent most of my working life in the engineering field setting up quality assurance programs for industry. While working the grind my beautiful wife Debbie and I raised two fine human beings and we now own a floral shop in Albany, New York. Always a fan of old horror, such as Frankenstein, The Mummy, and The Invisible Man---but my favorite was vampires. I have been a fan of old horror since watching my first Universal Pictures vampire movie with Bela Lugosi. Work and raising children kept me from writing that first book, but eventually in life things quiet down, and I finally found the time. I have always enjoyed writing and over the years written a few short stories. Currently I am putting the final touches to Rise of the Queens the sequel to Shadow Angels.


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