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Jacob Reifsteck ~ presents ~ Mirain

TITLE: Mirain
RELEASE DATE: November 5, 2016
AUTHOR: Jacob Reifsteck
CATEGORIES: Action/Adventure & Fantasy
KEYWORDS: action & adventure, sword & sorcery, magic, princess, monsters, knights, medieval times
ISBN: 978-1537541273
IMPRINT: Chimera

ONE LINER: Tired of all the tales of damsels in distress, Princess Sofia decides to slay a few monsters herself, with the reluctant help of her guards.

AUTHOR BIO: I'm just you average guy with his heads in the clouds. Raised in a fairly small town in between Ohio and West Virginia, the things I liked were usually not exactly what my friends and peers enjoyed. With the support of my family, I started my extra curricular writing when I was just out of high school. Things really took off when a group of people fairly similar to me in my third year of college. I've had my writing published in a few small local associations, but being a Ravenswood author is by far my most notable achievement, and Mirain is the work I am most proud of.

Princess Sofia, just recently turned old enough to have her own personal guards. The guards, Hector, an unproven, yet ambitious young knight and his sarcastic squire, Mark, sees this as an opportunity of a lifetime to guard the noble lady from the safety of her castle...but the lady has other plans. Her home, the land of Mirain, has prospered under years of peace, but the princess becomes alarmed at the news of possibly superstitious events at the outskirts of the kingdom. Even more alarming is that few knights bother to acknowledge them, preferring to instead compete in tournaments for personal glory and recognition. The princess drags her unwilling guards to investigate the reports of monsters in the far off corners of the realm. Soon, they discover a much bigger problem than anyone anticipated.

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