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Lee Ann Mancini ~ guest post and her children's book ~ God's Easter Miracles

 Warning this material is of a young adult nature.
If you're over 18 ~ Well…You’ve been warned.

    Publisher: GLM PUBLISHING (February 1, 2017)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0997332514
    ISBN-13: 978-0997332513

      Paul, Jimmy, Brian and the whole town witness God's Easter miracles in this unique story. God’s Easter Miracles highlights God’s love and provision to His children. The lessons learned are not only about Jesus’s resurrection, but also awareness of treating children with Autism with love and respect, and taking care of God’s creations.

      As in previous books, God’s Easter Miracles establishes characters that children can relate to, while capturing their imagination and touching their hearts in a loving way. Written in a fun and endearing way, God’s Easter Miracles also provides interactive entertainment by including hidden symbols for children to locate throughout the book.


      Easter is a blessed, fun holiday for adults and children. But, how do we teach young children the true meaning of Easter? How do we look into their innocent eyes and tell them that Jesus was crucified, hung on a cross, died a terrible death because of our sins, rose to heaven on the third day, and now is alive forever? Here is an example to tell little ones about the true meaning of Easter:

      “One Sunday morning, a special Sunday we call Easter morning, Mary Magdalene and her two friends were sad because Jesus had died on a cross. They went to the tomb where Jesus’ body was so that they could show Jesus they loved and missed Him. When they came to Jesus’ tomb, they went inside and saw that Jesus was not there. They were afraid because they did not know who took Jesus away. But a beautiful angel dressed in a bright robe came to them and said: ‘Do not be afraid, Jesus is not here. Go and tell Jesus’ helpers that He is alive.’ What wonderful news! Jesus was alive! Jesus is called our Savior because He saved us from our sins. When we don’t behave that is a sin. Jesus died for all the sins of the world. But after Jesus died on the cross, His followers buried Him in a tomb, and the angel came to announce that He is alive and is now in heaven. One day, we will be in heaven with Jesus forever! Easter is about Jesus’ death, but more importantly, it is about His rising to live again. At Easter, we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. We can learn about resurrection from the seasons. During winter, all the plants die, but then in springtime, they all come back to life. Resurrection means dying and coming back to life. Because Jesus died and came back to life, we never have to be afraid of death or dying. In fact, right now, Jesus is in heaven building a beautiful place for us to live with Him forever and ever!”

      What glorious, good news! Watch as your children’s faces reflect the joy of hearing the story of salvation. For those who participate in Easter festivities, explain to your children that opening up an Easter egg and finding a surprise is like Mary and her friends going to the tomb and finding out the wonderful surprise that Jesus was alive. In addition, tell your children that every little bunny that is born in the spring reminds us that we need to celebrate new life.

      Lee Ann Mancini’s desire is for children to begin to know and love Jesus from an early age. This passion led her to seek out books for her own children that portrayed an active relationship with Jesus in a relatable way. She knew communicating God’s truth through captivating words and compelling illustrations is a crucial part of establishing that foundation.

      An adjunct professor at South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary, Mancini holds a master’s degree in Christian studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School as well as Knox Theological Seminary. She holds a board position with the Florida Authors and Publishers Association and the Alexandrian Forum and maintains memberships with organizations such as the Christian Small Publishers Association and the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association.

      Mancini is an active member in her local community, visiting schools to share the Adventures of the Sea Kids series with children, as well as speaking to women’s groups about the redemptive power of the Gospel represented through the types of brides of the church. Learn more about Mancini and the Adventures of the Sea Kids at

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