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Arthur Telling ~ presents ~ Yancy Gates: A Dialogue With Self

TITLE: “Yancey Gates: A Dialogue With Self”
RELEASE DATE: April 20, 2017
AUTHOR: Arthur Telling
CATEGORIES: Metaphysical/New Age
ISBN: 978-1543007053
IMPRINT: Gaia’s Essence

KEYWORDS: Buddhism, Occult, New Age, Metaphysical, American Indian, World’s Fair, Spiritual, Religion

A spiritual theme in a developing San Francisco World’s Fair gives Planning Department employee Yancey Gates a pathway for awakening the mind.
Yancey Gates seeks enlightenment, while enduring a mundane job plagued with office politics at the San Francisco Planning Department. Opportunity arises when a dynamic new California governor proposes a world’s fair in San Francisco having a spiritual theme.

Yancey’s job in Planning takes on new life as the governor’s plan drops into his lap, and carries him to a Northern California Buddhist monastery where present moment awareness is a way of life, and to a fiery American Indian chieftain whose distrust of the White Man threatens the governor’s plan.

Remaining steadfast as he navigates through challenges and pitfalls, Yancey’s focus stays on the question of his
real purpose, his reason for living, and he brings you, the reader, along a tumultuous journey towards enlightenment.

Arthur Telling, born in San Francisco, California, grew up on the San Francisco peninsula, and presently resides across the bay in Oakland with his wife. A lifelong search for meaning and purpose in life, brought him to nearby Berkeley, with its rich metaphysical environment.  He has authored several novels, and has written numerous stories and articles. His articles have regularly appeared in online conscious lifestyle magazine OM Times ( including the January 2017-C issue “Jane Roberts, the Seth Books: An Overlooked Giant”  and August 2016-B issue “Son of Man May Not Have Been Jesus”. His article “A Different Jesus Message” was published in the November 2011 AMORC online Rosicrucian Digest. His article answering the question “How are the mind and brain related?” appeared in January/February 2008 edition of British Journal Philosophy Now. His website is



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  1. I am here and can answer questions anyone may have about what I know and understand regarding our lives here and what happens beyond, when we "die", and things in my new novel Yancey Gates. While spiritualism and fictitious stories tend to be separated by genre, there is a common thread, which is that, just as in a book where every word must be carefully placed or the story won't read right, in our world and our futures outside of this world, a narrative automatically develops. Without such narrative, there would be chaos. This narrative, this careful discriminatory placing of images and sounds and other sensations of the five physical senses, this narrative will make the difference in what we experience, being a peaceful and soothing heaven or a chaotic hell. A broken narrative would lead to chaotic worlds, and we call this "hell". The good news is of course that we will write our own future world by our thoughts and actions today.

  2. I am reading Arthur Tellings latest book "Yancey Gates-A Dialogue with Self". ( I have read a number of his prior novels & online magazine articles) So far it is very interesting. I enjoy how the characters interact, all with different beliefs & ideas about their religions and lives. Yancey Gates, the main character, seems to be the most confident with his own thoughts and regarding what may happen after this life here on earth and he is still searching for more knowledge which appears to me so far. Yancey seems to become enlightened by others he works, talks or meets in his "now" (daily life) I cannot wait to see how the author ends this book (or maybe I should say, begins) as it is all about enlightenment in all of our lives. I like the way he inter-twines awake with a dream... Sometimes not knowing which is which until Yancy Gates realizes he is back where he was before he entered the dream world. Or is his dream world "HIS WORLD?) The characters are quite creative with what they want & how they interact with each other. The story the author is telling is quite unique and I enjoy waiting how all this will come together. And why he chose this particular story. Sometimes I find myself wondering is Author Telling or Yancey Gates really telling this story!

    1. The fiction spinoffs are intended to merely be stories he's writing as sits doing whatever he's doing (remember, he's writing as a hobby). It's to give readers a feel for how our imaginations and dreams take on a real life, and how getting lost in a story helps us cope with an often otherwise mundane world, and that memory of real events and of imagined or dreamed events are very much alike, after they've passed into memory.

      This book began as three different books that I started and two of which I sat aside. The first part was the start of a non-fiction book, wsa to be my first book. The second part, Sam the contractor, was the beginning of a novel. I started a new book and dropped parts of these two unfinished books into it. It's unique in this way. It is to give readers a feel of people who are on different levels of awareness, jumping into the heads of various characters and observing the world from their vantage point.

      My other books were traditionally written. In all of my books I know where the main characters are starting from and where they will end up, and I let the characters write the book. It often will turn in unpredictable ways. But as long as I keep a grasp on the planned end result of the characters, I won't get lost and the book will get finished.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, and for reading my book.


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