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Cyci Cade ~ guest post ~ Dragon's Quest

 TITLE: Dragon’s Quest: Dragon Princes Book 1
RELEASE DATE: February 15, 2017
AUTHOR: Cyci Cade
ISBN: 978-1542571562

KEYWORDS: Dragon, Palace of Jade, Mythology, Immortal Warriors, Dragon’s Dynasty, Fantasy, Romance

CATEGORIES: Fantasy/Romance

Three lives separated by time and land, connected by curse.

Three lives separated by time and land, connected by curse.

Two princes from the Dragon´s Dynasty, Liu and Wei, are cursed and condemned to live as dragons. After two centuries their fate changes when Kate appears in their lives and they are able to return to their human form. However, the curse isn´t broken yet.

To break the curse, the princes must recover the eyes and heart of the Great Dragon. As Liu, Wei, and Kate embark on a journey to the Palace of Jade in search of the first eye, they´ll have to face mythological creatures and immortal warriors. They´ll have to face death too, and prove that they are honorable men to save Kate´s life.

They´ll be tested as never before. They´ll discover feelings they never imagined existed. They´ll have to fight like wild warriors.

A curse can be broken… but at what cost?


Quotes from Dragon's Quest:

- She looked at her newborn babies for the last time, tears gushed out of her eyes, blurring her vision.
- Samantha kept quiet, possibly also paralyzed, waiting for the dragon´s next movement. The dragon stared at Sam, studying her for a fleeting instant.
- Another dragon waited for her; it hissed and approached, its forked tongue flicked out, testing the air. Kate turned around, weary from fleeing; her legs ignored any command to continue.
- The dragon stayed nose to nose with her and sniffed Kate´s clothes, his long-green-scaled-body waved in a peculiar way drawing shapes in the water.
- The dragon flapped it’s powerful wings strongly to cross the clouds, casting, rippling shadowy figures as he passed, his paws helped him to keep balance while he flew in that distant, strange, and cold region.
- She dropped her fingers in his palm. The stranger pulled her to walk to the rocks and helped her to sit on the top gently; then, sat beside her.
- He pulled her against his muscular body in an aggressive way; his lips moved in an enjoyable way on hers. The funniest thing was that Kate was receptive to his caress as if it was natural and they had been doing it for a long time.
- The blade whistled, slashing the air ferociously. Liu was a lethal weapon managing that sword, his favorite one.
- Her eyes weren´t playing tricks, the blue dragon was there, his big yellow eyes over her, his head lowered, his wings spread.
- She put an arrow in the bowstring, and counted the seconds to the time the bird appeared, showing off above them and approaching cautiously. Its form resembled a pheasant with five-colored marking; it was red with five-colored markings, and had the basic form of a chicken.
- The Phoenix, on the other hand, burned fiercely, reduced to ashes and a new young Phoenix arose before the ashes disappeared in the dark hole.   
- As they approached the Palace, he saw the green and golden building; the highest tower disappeared into the clouds, probably led to the heaven as the legends said.
- The only noise Liu could hear was the blades’ clank when one particular sound caught his attention, the whistle of an arrow cutting the air, traveling across the room in slow motion to hit Kate´s chest.

I am grateful to God for giving me so many wonderful gifts, guiding my life, and giving me wisdom to handle the obstacles that appear in my way.
To my family for believing in me and my projects that sometimes seem to be too unbelievable, for their support and love.
To my friends, who in a way or another contribute to my work.
To my readers, who keep me writing more and more, and searching for new stories, for reading my stories and sharing them with friends.
To bloggers for reading, commenting and sharing my stories.
To all people involved in the process of publication and distribution of this book.
Thank you very much. 

Cyci Cade is writer and blogger; she has a Marketing degree. She´s the author of Tut Reborn and short stories as Perhaps Love, Son of Egypt, and The boys and the Dragon.




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