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Gry Finsnes ~ presents ~ Stones Don't Speak

TITLE:  Stone’s Don’t Speak
RELEASE DATE: February 25, 2017
AUTHOR: Gry Finsnes
ISBN: 978-1542621458
IMPRINT: White Stag

KEYWORDS: romance, war, resistance movements, illegal newspapers, life in a war zone, choosing country, loyalty

CATEGORIES: Romance/War Historical

Norwegian pianist, Ellen, Avoids the Nazi rulers of Norway, while working for the resistance and looking for her German sweetheart Friedrich, who has disappeared.

1941, Norway. The population tries to cope with the German occupation. After her successful debut concert as a pianist, Ellen Langmo, resists the Nazis who want to use her talent in their endeavor to convince people that Hitler’s ideas are right. At the same time the resistance movements begin to take form and her friends want to involve her. Trying to escape the conflicting and dangerous demands, she flees from Oslo to Stavanger on the West Coast where life is calmer. She is still looking for Friedrich but tries to accept his death when she has a strange encounter.

Gry Finsnes grew up in Stavanger in post war Norway. She studied modern languages at university in Oslo and in Sweden. Her adult life she has spent in six countries now lives most of the time in France and Florida. Ten years ago she started her writing career by publishing two thrillers in Swedish. But, as stories from the Second World War and the occupation of Norway was part of her school years but not much written about, she decided to describe this period in a trilogy called ‘Tall King’s Country.’ In this series she has published two novels: ‘Vanished in Berlin’ (2015), a romance from the Second World War between a German and Norwegian musician. ‘Stones Don’t Speak’ (2017) is the sequel to ‘Vanished in Berlin’ and the second book of ‘Tall King’s Country.’

‘Goodbye Bombay’ (2016), a romance, is about India 1980 as seen through the eyes of a western expatriate.





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