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Cyci Cade ~ an interview and her novel ~ Dragon's Quest

Cyci Cade

 TITLE: Dragon’s Quest: Dragon Princes Book 1
RELEASE DATE: February 15, 2017
AUTHOR: Cyci Cade
ISBN: 978-1542571562
CATEGORIES: Fantasy/Romance

Cyci Cade is writer and blogger; she has a Marketing degree. She´s the author of Tut Reborn and short stories as Perhaps Love, Son of Egypt, and The boys and the Dragon.


Q: Are you a morning person, or a midnight candle burner?
A: I´m a morning person. I get up early to go to the gym and I prefer to work on my books in the morning too—my brain works better. It is the best part of the day to create new things.

Q: When you think of a garden, do you picture vegetables or flowers?
A: Flowers. I love them, and their aroma. They have the power to calm me down, and they are beautiful. A garden is a wonderful place to sit down, read a book, and get ideas to new books.  

Q: If your life were a movie would it be considered an action film, comedy, drama, romance, fantasy or a combination?
A: It is a difficult question. I think it would be a combination of all of them. I try to have a balanced life, but sometimes I lose control of everything and have to reconnect with myself. LOL. I also try to keep things interesting, routine bothers me, therefore, I need some action and fantasy.  

Q: Did you like school when you were a child?
A: No, I didn´t. L School was the worst experience of my life. The other students bullied me and I had to travel because I lived in a small city and there weren´t schools there, so it became very exhaustive. Plus, I had some terrible teachers.  

Q: Snack of choice – chips, pretzels, popcorn, or cookies, cake, candy? Or maybe you’re a healthy snacker - fruit, yogurt, nuts, raisins?
A: I´m a healthy snacker, except when I´m in the cinema. Cinema and popcorn is a perfect combination.  

Q: How do you feel about exercise?
A: I love it! I practice dancing, yoga, bodybuilding, and kendo and kenjutsu (a Japanese martial art with swords). I use to exercise eleven hours a week and it makes me feel good and strong. Plus, it increases my creativity.  

Q: Where do you get your ideas?
A: I get ideas from everywhere: books, movies, real life, funny and creepy events, words… Everything inspires me. Sometimes I start a book from the title. I hear a word and think, It will be a wonderful title, then I develop a story.

Q: How did you come to write your genre of choice?
A: Reading fantasy and sci-fi novels. Having the power to create a new and fictional world is fantastic. To be a good writer you need to read a lot and reading the genres you write gives you new ideas; besides, you see what other writers have worked on.      

Q: Who's your favorite author?
A: Dan Brown. I love his compelling writing and the way he catches the readers´ attention, his descriptiveness is incredible and keeps me whole-heartedly engaged into his stories. I can´t stop reading his books until reaching the last page. 

Q: Your favorite title?
A: Deception Point.

Q: Would you ever consider a joint project?
A: I don´t think so. I work very fast and it´s hard for me to find somebody to keep up with me. People who slow me down make me nervous. I prefer to work alone and keep my rushed rhythm.

Q: Which of your own releases was your particular favorite?
A: I can´t choose one. It is impossible. I love all my books, all my characters—even the villains. I feel like a mother having to choose a favorite kid. LOL.

Q: Do you write long hand first, or does it go straight into the computer?
A: It goes straight into the computer. I don´t like to waste time. I don´t like to do the same thing twice, that´s why I don´t like to edit my books, but I have to.  

Q: Do you always know how a story will end when you begin writing it?
A: I usually do. I have the whole story in my mind, only once I changed the ending.

Q: How long does it take you to create a novel?
A: About four to five months. I usually write two chapters a week.  

Q: Do you like to read the genre that you write?
A: Yes, I do. That is why I write fantasy and sci-fi novels.


Q: What are you working on now? Would you like to share anything about it?
A: I´m editing Dragon Princes #3—Dragon´s Ally. Book #2—Dragon´s Memories—is ready; Liu, Wei, and Kate will have to face menacing creatures to recover the second eye of the dragon. One of them is about to abandon the team.

Q: Do you have a new book coming out soon? Tell us about it.
A: Yes, I do. ‘The Dark Side’ is the book #1 of a vampire series called ‘Nocturnal Secrets’. The book will be released in three or four months. 

Q: How can we find you? Do you have a web page, FaceBook page or any buy links?
A:   Yes, I do. Here are the links. ~
Author blog:
Facebook page:

KEYWORDS: Dragon, Palace of Jade, Mythology, Immortal Warriors, Dragon’s Dynasty, Fantasy, Romance

Three lives separated by time and land, connected by curse.

Three lives separated by time and land, connected by curse.

Two princes from the Dragon´s Dynasty, Liu and Wei, are cursed and condemned to live as dragons. After two centuries their fate changes when Kate appears in their lives and they are able to return to their human form. However, the curse isn´t broken yet.

To break the curse, the princes must recover the eyes and heart of the Great Dragon. As Liu, Wei, and Kate embark on a journey to the Palace of Jade in search of the first eye, they´ll have to face mythological creatures and immortal warriors. They´ll have to face death too, and prove that they are honorable men to save Kate´s life.

They´ll be tested as never before. They´ll discover feelings they never imagined existed. They´ll have to fight like wild warriors.

A curse can be broken… but at what cost?

Liu interfered pushing her away and handling his swords. A Phoenix put forward its talons, opened its beak and kept the wings spread. Liu put his left leg back, adjusted his center of gravity, and slashed at the bird.

He held her shoulder firmly and looked straight in her eyes. “Don´t chicken out. You kill them or they kill you.”

She nodded, panted, prepared the arrow and shot one after another with a skill that she was unaware she had. The Luan-Bird emitted a sad sound when it was hit, like a lamentation that produced a guilty sensation and made you feel like the nastiest person in the world. The Phoenix, on the other hand, burned fiercely, reduced to ashes and a new young Phoenix arose before the ashes disappeared in the dark hole.

Wei twisted the spear so fast that his movements were almost imperceptible; he defeated many birds with triumphant and lethal blows. The newborn Phoenixes flew away and the Luan-Bird vanished into thin air. He smiled and celebrated the victory for a very short space of time. A noise like a thunder broke the celebrations.

Liu shouted. “Run!!!”

They sprinted across the bridge. Kate crashed onto the sides against the ropes that supported the bridge. Liu grabbed her arm and steadied her. She liked to feel his hand on her; she felt cozy, protected, but that wasn´t the time to think about good sensations; they were running to save their lives.

Wei stopped abruptly. “Go back!” He ordered and held the spear in front of his body.

Liu pulled her behind him; a spooky beast ran toward them. It was enormous and had the body of a tiger and nine heads with human like faces; its body covered by a green and blue hair.

“Kaiming,” Liu whispered and stepped back.

Kate moved fast when she saw other beasts reaching the bridge.

The boys lifted their weapons. Liu ordered her to hurry. First, Kate thought that she should stay and fight; second, she considered running away; in the worst-case scenario she´d die either staying or running. If the brothers couldn´t stop the beasts and they weren´t able to reach the other side of the bridge, their journey ended there.

As the boys moved back, she chose the second option. She planned to gain space and shoot the beasts to give them a better chance. Kate glided her hand on the rope to steady herself while she ran. She wobbled; her uncoordinated feet tripped, but she continued as fast as she could.

Kate was going to help; she got to the middle of the bridge, soon she might be near the other side and she´d able to help them. She could be useful; she´d be helpful. However, her happiness lasted just a short while; the rotten wood broke, opened a hole in the bridge and dragged Kate to the abyss. Her hands looked for something to hold, nothing was strong enough to support her weight.

“Liu!” Kate yelled while she drifted away.


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