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Melanie Hamilton ~ 2nd guest post and her novel Shift (Book One)

TITLE: Shift: Book One
RELEASE DATE: March 5, 2017
AUTHOR: Melanie Hamilton
KEYWORDS: Wolf, Shifter, Shapeshifter, Mermaid, Pegasus, Fantasy, Paranormal
CATEGORIES: Fantasy/Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-1542757980
IMPRINT: Chimera

A young shifter who battles all odds to survive. Her life is linked together with a human.  If she dies, the world will be doomed.

Callisto Bennett, has just discovered who she really is two years ago. Her mother and step family know. She does all she can to protect everyone. The guy she’s been in love with for four years promises to never leave her. As time passes she realizes she’s not just a shape shifter. Hearts are broken, new bonds are formed, and blood is shed. She never quits fighting to live.  She strives to survive in this terrifying new world. There is always at least one person to live for, because once she dies, so will he.

Guest Post:

All throughout school I despised reading.  I would actually refuse to pick up a book.  “I’ll see the movie,” I would say to everyone.  I laugh now, because more than likely you will find me laying in the horse pasture, on a bale of hay, reading.  The first series I read, and loved was Twilight.  Not only did I read it once, but twice, a third, and finally I read the series for a fourth time!  Once I placed it on the shelf to begin a new series I found Harry Potter.  This too I read over and over again, finding things I had missed or forgotten.  Followed by Harry Potter I feel in love with The Hunger Games.  I guess you can say I have an obsession with science fiction and fantasy.  I’m not much of a ‘one book’ kind of girl.  I adore a series.  When I get to the last book I feel torn with sadness, hoping the author will release another so my adventure doesn’t have to end.  I have obtained a great collection, including some romance novels.  Nicholas Sparks is another of my favorites, he is a real tear jerker.  I also believe if I don’t tear up, laugh, or feel a certain emotion that I am describing while I write, then the reader won’t feel anything either.  I have to say I have shed many tears while writing my own series.  My collection moves to The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm; this book I enjoy to read while relaxing in my house or on a car ride.  I have far more books than that; more books than I have movies.  Most do belong in the science fiction or fantasy category.  The reason is this; when I wish for nothing else but to escape this world, I crack open one of my favorites, and I go on an adventure with my beloved characters.  When I do re-enter the real world I am left feeling happy, like a person who has just returned from an amazing vacation.  I do believe I will always write this genre.  After the Shift series is complete, I have no idea what will be next for me.  I do know I am no longer the girl who refuses to read.  I am now the girl who is always on some kind of adventure.

Melanie Hamilton grew up in a small town with her mother and father in North Carolina.  She works daily on a gaited horse farm owned by her family.  Melanie trains the horses there and teaches people how to ride and she’s been doing it all since she was seven.  Melanie enjoys to camp and trail ride with her family and friends, also she enjoys to dance when provided the opportunity.   In her free time, she sits on her front porch, sipping Plexus Slim, and works on her fantasy novels.  Many of the characters in Melanie’s books are based on real people in her life.  Some of the characters are based on close friends to Melanie, friends she loves and would do anything for.


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