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Skro ~ a character interview and his novel Sonspot

Warning: Adult language.

TITLE: Sonspot
RELEASE DATE: March 15, 2017
CATEGORIES: Fantasy/Adventure
ISBN: 978-1543108477
IMPRINT: Devil’s Tower

KEYWORDS: Awakening, higher purpose, revelations, truth, lies, eternal awareness existence, synchronicity, brotherhood, metal music, voices, psychedelics, inter-dimensional travel, perception, madness, flow, peace, utter chaos, unbound love, pride, lust, acceptance

Mac asked for death. What he got was the complete opposite.

An apocalyptic adventure of awakening, madness, and revelation, Sonspot, is the tale of Mack—a coming of age man who is plagued by supernatural nightmares. Fed up with the depraved world he was born in, he asks for death. What he gets is the complete opposite; buried memoires of his eternal soul on the Island of Eden and the damnation that follows. With the aid of a magic gum, the mysterious divine flow unfolds before Mack and his best friend, leading them on an adventure through the nine levels of hell; answering one fundamentally scary question that haunts us all to our grave.


Interviewer = Skro
            Characters = Mac, Ryan, Andy

[fade in]
All that can be seen is a room of pitch black that seems to have no end. All that can be heard is the sound of two bodies breathing. One breath is calm and smooth while the other quickens in pace; obviously on its way to a panic attack.

[Mac] “Where am I? What is this? Why am I here? Are you a person or a monster? Ahhh, I think I’d rather you be a monster.” All Mac hears is soft and rhythmic breaths coming from only a few feet from him.
[Mac] “Seriously. Show yourself. I’m a little scared. Okay, fine. I’m freaking the bleep out!”
Soft chuckles.
The light flicks on. It reveals Mac and another person that looks somewhat like him but has short hair and is not as tan. They are sitting in sofa seats with a lamp in between them. Nothing else can be seen.
[Skro] “Sorry about that. We had technical difficulties.”
[Mac] “Yeah, yeah. Ain’t such things of coincidences.”
[Skro] “Do you know where you are right now?”
[Mac] “I dunno. Some slip space dimension, since I have no clue how I got here. I’d say I am dreaming.”
[Skro] “Correct. We’ve invaded your dreams so that we could get an interview with you. You’re a really tough guy to get a hold of; never know where you might be in the world.”
[Mac] “Really? Yeah, makes sense. It’s not the strangest thing I’ve been through recently.”
[Skro] “No, I’m just kidding. We’re in a building in Manhattan. You wanted to meditate before we began and you fell asleep. You don’t remember?”
[Mac] “Oh yeah…” (Skro chuckles ominously)
[Skro] “Let’s begin. How does it feel being the star of this new mind bending adventure, Sonspot?”
[Mac] “You’re joking, right? What about Ryan? What about Andy? I’d still be stuck in the deepest crevice of my mind if it wasn’t for those guys.”
[Skro] “You don’t have to be humble here.”
[Mac] “It’s not that it’s not humility, it’s just the truth. My bros are my bros. They should be here, where are they?”
[Skro] “We tried to contact Ryan but his agent said that he is taking a long deserved sleep in his bed that he couldn’t sleep in for… and I quote.. ‘eons’ while you guys were on your ‘trip’.
(Mac chuckles)
[Mac] “He does love his bed. I dunno how he could ever sleep again. Not sure if I ever will. Actually, if I do, I’m damned to hellfire… so… yeah.”
[Skro] “Tell us if you will, about that sunspot of yours.  IS it sunspot or sunspot?”
[Mac] “The book is Sonspot. But it’s not really a book. It’s a real life universe that the dude who wrote this peered into.” Mac looks up and around, slightly paranoid. He resumes,” But the thing with my eyes I call a sunspot. I call it that because the sun burned tiny perfect holes in the middle of my retinas; right in the middle of my vision. It’s always there. It’s like.. humm… when you look into the flash of a camera and you see those spots after?”
[Skro] “Yeah.”
[Mac] “Yeah that. Except it’s purple and green.”
[Skro] “You see it non-stop?”
[Mac] “Yup. It spins at like light speed, constantly; constantly reminding me of the truth.”
[Skro] “Which is?”
Mac only offers a sinister chuckle. Then says something with his eyes. They shine devilishly for a moment, arising a deep feeling within Skro that causes a shiver all around his body. Mac chuckles.
[Skro] “So, tell us. Are you aware of the prologue and the epilogue where Lucifer is still good and then turns evil?
[Mac] “Yeah. That’s how it actually happened; here anyways.”
[Skro] “With a game of ultimate frisbee?”
[Mac] “Only the gods could invent a perfect game like that.”
[Skro] “So, you’re a polytheist?”
[Mac] “Geeze. Nah. I’m definitely a mono-theist. There is a one that is aware of it all, though I’m prone to believe it’s all within us. A god to me, is just a person like us that is aware of more dimensions. And they are able to break the space/time paradigm living forever in one eternal day.”
Footsteps can be heard behind Mac, along with the sound of something scrapping along a floor.
[Ryan] “Mac trying to preach to everyone how reality is set up? Don’t believe him, he’s full of shit. Oh, can I say that? Is this live or something?” He positions the sofa chair he’s dragging on the peripheral of the lamp light and causally takes a seat.
Mac chuckles.
[Skro] “We can edit it; put an asterisk over one of the letters. What do you mean that he’s full of bullsh*t?”
[Ryan] “He doesn’t actually know. Yeah he saw it with his eyes. But hes had his mind on a platter for so long now, that even he believes that reality is nothing more than a molecule of a fart of one of his own infinite selves.”
[Mac] “I am a text book narcissist. Ryan’s seen it with his eyes too. He knows.”
[Ryan] “Bullshit is you ask me. If anything, you’re one of MY farts.”
[Skro] “You guys have a special bond. You guys really are best friends.”
[Ryan] “Eternal enemies if you ask me.” (Mac lets out a hearty laugh)
[Skro] “We’ve seemed to come off base a bit. I have a bunch of questions to ask.”
[Ryan] “Yeah, he’ll do that to ya.”
[Mac] “Haha! It sounded like you said,’ Hell’ll do that to ya.”
[Skro] clears throat, “Which brings me to my next question. Was it scary at all journeying the nine levels of hell?”
[Ryan] “It felt like an eternity. Wasn’t too scary. After Cerebus became out… ohh.. don’t wanna spoiler alert.”
[Mac] “Because both our homeboy Jesus and Dante already traversed it, we knew it could be done. And you know, all you have to do is believe.”
[Ryan] “Bullshit. Not the believe thing; that’s totally a thing. But you were scared shitless the whole time. Outside of the lust realm I saw you shaking like a dog.”
[Mac] “True. But I was also super excited. Anxiety and excitement are two sides of the same coin.”
[Ryan] “I’ll give you that one.”
A portal opens up behind Mac. A shadow figure pops out and runs up to the light.
[Andy] “Yo dudes. Think you can have an interview without me? It’s okay, I was only your guide through hell. In fact, wasn’t I the guy that even showed you how to peel back the layers of the veil for you guys to realize the truth?” Andy is made of energy and leans on the armrest of Mac’s sofa chair.
[Skro] “Your office said you were on vacation in Greece for an indeterminate amount of time.”
[Andy] “I’m just messing with you guys. But once I heard of this, I had to get straight over here. There’s no way I’d miss an interview like this.”
[Ryan] “This is a dream, right? I’m still in my bed, aren’t I?” Andy winks to Ryan.
[Mac] “Even reality is a dream, subconsciously set up by the majority of sentient awareness.”
[Ryan] “Shut up.”
[Skro] “This is quickly becoming chaos.”
[Ryan] “Welcome to Mac’s mind everyone. You might make it out, probably not though. Definitely not with the same perception you did about everything when you first when in. Ehh, that sounds like Mac. I’m not Mac, I’m my own person.”
[Mac] “Sure about that?”
[Ryan] “No! I’m not sure about anything. But fuck you trying to fuck with my mental stability.”
[Skro] “You know what? This is good. I do have some questions for Andy.”
[Andy] “Mmmhumm?”
[Skro] “You gave the bros a psychedelic gum, one that when chewed allows the chewer to peel back the veil of our world in order to reveal… now this is the tricky part to explain. Care to elaborate?”
Andy suddenly gets paranoid.
[Mac] “We’re all already dead and on some level of hell. We must wake up, read the signs that are all around us, and realize what level of hell we are on. Then we can take the necessary steps in order to transcend to a place that we really wanna be at. Sorry Andy.”
[Andy] “All good bro.”
[Skro] “Scary stuff.”
[Ryan] “Bullshit. Fiction, remember.”
[Mac] “Yeah, whatever you say.”
[Skro] “What was that gum?”
[Andy] “Good question. IT found me on day. And no matter how much I chewed of it, it always replenished itself.”
[Skro] “Care to elaborate?”
[Andy] smirks, “Please. I’m not giving away all my secrets.”
[Skro] chuckles then says,” Smart. So, Mac, the whole first part takes place in the Island of Eden. Now, are you proclaiming yourself to be Adam?”
[Ryan] “HAH!”
[Mac] “That’s the narcists in me. Buuuut, Adam’s blood, or Mack’s blood in this universe, and DNA is within us all. So, the knowledge is there to be unlocked by anyone if one is so inclined to blow their minds past the point of no return.”
[Ryan] “You’re really not that cool.”
[Andy] “Hah! I’ve been there. You really don’t come back from an experience like that the same. Either it fucks you for…ever… or.. it fucks you forever. It just depends on your preference on being fucked. Can I say the fuck word?”
[Ryan] “They’ll edit it somehow; add an asterisk over one of the letters.”
[Andy] “Cool. Good. Got a little nervous there.”
[Skro] “Where’s Eve? I mean Jane?”
[Mac] “Everywhere.”
[Skro] “What about Jezebel? She was your girlfriend for a while in hell. Where is she at?”
[Ryan] “Probably draining the soul of her fifth victim since him. Nah fuck that, probably on her tenth by now.”
[Mac] “Read on my friend. Hey, don’t be so harsh on her man.”
[Ryan] “Seriously? You’re still defending her?! After everything she did to you! Who know how many dudes she actually cheated on you with. I know she’s gonna deny all of it. But come on dude, seriously?”
[Mac] “You know. Some part of me is like fuck it; free love and go with it.”
[Ryan] “Pussy. Got you by the balls.”
Andy chuckles, Skro leans forward in his seat.
[Mac] “Fuck. Good point. Isn’t there another question or something?”
[Skro] “I dunno, this is pretty interesting.”
[Ryan] “You won’t get anywhere on this subject. He’s convinced that he sees something light in her and because of that his stubborn ass is always going to love that damned chick. Whatever, at least he knows it.”
[Mac] “Damn right.”
[Skro] “Well what about Jane?”
[Mac] “Read on.”
[Ryan] “Yeah, can’t give away the whole story. I hate when movie trailers show the whole movie. It’s like what the fuck? Why even go see it then? Where’s the mystery?”
[Andy] “Yeah right, so stupid.”
[Ryan] “Hey, that’s my line.”
[Andy] “Felt right.”
[Skro] “Andy. You were super crazy; speaking a mile a second in the cafĂ©. You seem somewhat normal now.”
[Andy] “I was tweaking my ass off; highly caffeinated and on the gum.”
[Skro] “We didn’t even mention the voices. They’re a big part of the story.”
[Ryan] “Fuck his bullshit voices; annoying fuckers never shut up. I’m getting bored. Can I go back to my bed now? I know this is a dream, not fooling me. I’m lucid as fuck. I know Andy is still in Greece. Mac’s a dumbass, dunno up from down so he probably still thinks we’re in a building. Skro is just a figment of Mac’s imagination and all of this some crazy dream in Mac’s crazy little coconut head.”
[Mac] Mac looks over to Skro,” But you said this was in a building.”
[Andy] “Yeah bro. This is some strange co-dreaming shit. We must be connected by the gum somehow.”
[Mac] “Cooool.” Skro fades out with a grin. “Where’d he go?”
[Ryan] “He’ll be back at some point. He’s like a part of your subconscious.”
[Andy] “This was fun, later bros. I can feel my girl waking me up in a most pleasurable way.”
[Ryan] Yeah, I’m gonna go too. Gonna go fly around in a dream with mad naked chicks that want me to no end.”
[Mac] “Sweet. Well shit, that was fun bros.” They fist pound. Two portals open up. Andy jumps into one while Ryan soars into the other. A strange calmness comes to the scene for several breaths. Mac begins to unconsciously tap his finger; Skro reappears, sitting in the chair.
[Skro] “So Mac, tell all of your seething fans…”

Skro is a pseudonym.. but an actual being that was wrangled in from some faraway place, deep within the caverns of imagination. His mortal self lives in the outskirts of Atlantic City, New Jersey. He was born in 1989. Sonspot is his first novel. He loves everybody; no exception.. because we all emanate from the same source, and all eventually find our way back there; no exceptions.


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