Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dan Sofer ~ presents ~ An Accidental Messiah

He defeated death. Will he beat bureaucracy?

The second novel in the "highly original" and "heartwarming" Dry Bones Society series from an award-winning author.

Rooms at the Dry Bones Society are filling up as more and more Israelis leave their graves to rejoin the living. But not everyone is happy to see them.

When Moshe Karlin stands up for their rights, his quest for a brighter future leads through a minefield of treacherous politicians and brutal criminals. Will he usher in an era of peaceful Utopia or trigger a civil war?

Elsewhere in Jerusalem, a recovering prophet hides his apocalyptic delusions, a scientist unearths the shocking secret to peace in the Middle East, and a lovesick suicide bomber wanders the streets in search of his own personal redemption.

In the midst of it all, one chronic latecomer is on everyone's mind--the Messiah!

Here is a snippet from the full excerpt you will find in his interview.


Over the following weeks, however, more casualties sprouted from their graves: shell-shocked tank drivers of the Yom Kippur War; commando fighters of the Six Day War; and then the waves of gaunt Eastern Europeans mowed down during the War of Independence.

The phenomenon, bizarre and surreal by any standard, soon became routine, and they no longer bothered to notify the media when a long-deceased Jew turned up among the hedges. They did notice one trend: as time progressed, the arrivals returned from further back in the past, and the guides placed bets on which of them—if any of them at all—would welcome back to the land of the living the personage enshrined at the heart of the national park.

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