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Max Kahl ~ guest post and his novel The King of Eiselorn: Elwendur (Book One)

TITLE: “The King of Eiselorn: Elwendur (Book One)
RELEASE DATE: June 10, 2017
AUTHOR: Max Kahl
CATEGORIES: High Fantasy/Epic Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1544887098 1544887094
IMPRINT: Chimera


KEYWORDS: George R.R. Martin, J.R.R. Tolkien, Kingdom, Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy, Adventure, Battle War

A story of war, death, love, heroism, loyalty and lost values, in a world of constant struggle, unexpected treasons and a renewed hope despite uncertainty.

After the invasion of the Kingdom of the Mountain, an era of darkness hovered for years over the Continent of Imnavel. Only a few, decimated after decades of war, resisted the attacks.

But the Hordes of the East finally conquered the Elevated Mountain of Iver Osterith, last bastion of defence of the inhabitants of Imnavel. This last act forced the survivors to regroup in order to repel the invasions or perish forever.

New armies rose. New weapons were wielded. New steels were forged. Forests and lakes died. Even the Ancient heard once again the rumour of war - that old rumour which hadn’t been heard since the First Eras.

From then on, the Hermehrs waited for their revenge, one which would return to them their past and history, their ancient lands and their old songs of honourable kings and noble lords. Only one warrior could do that. And his name is reflected in old prophecies.

The Golden Eras and the Wise Eras had come to an end to give way to the Era of the Elwendur - the Migration of the Peoples.

The writing process of this book was an adventure. After reading Tolkien’s Book and old epic literature I decided to write my own story. Every night, during two years, I traveled to another world, one of fantasy and magic. While I was writing, more ideas came to my mind to immortalize them: heroes, beasts, music, poetry, peoples and so on. All mixed with spectacular battles, magnificent wars, but also stories of love and friendship, ideals and loyalty, treasons and evil deeds, even a little bit of science fiction and psychological components. I wanted to remember old visions of a legendary past in my imagination. The main character, Alanvel, is the typical warrior and remind us of Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings, Sigfried of the Nibelungenlied and Alaric the Goth. Diverse facts occurred for him to make important decisions and change his entire life. And even more, his name appeared in ancient prophecies of old books. When the enemies from the past reborn again, he felt suddenly that he had to raise his sword again. But he was not alone. From there on, time passed by and the war began until his name was remembered in the future generations.

I can add that this book is destined to young and adult readers, lovers of J.R.R. Tolkien or George R.R. Martin, who like complex mixed stories, large variety of characters with variable personality, supported by additional elements such as epic poems, songs, invented languages and symbology, calendars of the diverse facts, genealogies of the peoples, geographical maps, cosmogonies and a huge amount of battles and action. In addition, these two books contain some science fiction components (overlapped realities, notions of space, time, matter and energy, etc.) and psychological contents too (fears, dreams, wishes, promises, premonitions, visions beyond reality, time and life, etc.). This work has a great basis of classical, but it also encloses different concepts of psychology, physics, astronomy, metaphysic, and of course, a great quantity of honor, values and ideals so forgotten in all those times (and in these days too). And in my vision, the most original lines can be discovered in the end of the Second Book, where everything was not as it seemed, specially some characters and their treasons beyond comprehension that will shock the reader and make him want to read the final of the finals, in order to see how everything ends. 

Max Kahl was born on April 12th, 1976, in the city of Rosario, Argentine Republic. He is married and has two children. He is a German, English and Music teacher. At an early age, he developed a keen interest in the literature of novels, especially in historical novels. In his adolescence, his interest focused on the history of ancient European peoples and on renowned authors. Tacitus, Strabo, Sturluson, Borges, Goethe and all the historical and literary Germanic collection, such as the Nibelungenlied, the Runes or the Norse Eddas have been and continue being his genuine passion.

The King of Eiselorn, in its two parts - Elwendur and Iddinthad -, is his first epic fantasy novel. He intends to put to the test heroism, mysticism, lost values, the returning to the sources of Nature, family, loyalty and love, in a world where struggle is constant, pain is quotidian, treason is unexpected and hope is renewed despite uncertainty.


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