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Paul Bridgeman ~ guest post and his novel ~ When You Walk By Night

TITLE: When You Walk By Night
RELEASE DATE: September 2017
AUTHOR: Paul Bridgeman
CATEGORIES: Horror/Dark Fantasy/LGBTQ
ISBN: 978-1974477982
IMPRINT: Dark Serpent

KEYWORDS: Extra-dimensional beings, lesbian, gay, bisexual, nymphomania, Prostitution, Brothel 

Let me take you for a walk by night, I have dark stories to tell, You won't regret it.

Take a walk with me to the end of your street, where the lampposts end and the darkness hides dancing, skipping horrors. Waiting for us are a Copy-cat killer who picks the wrong guy to copy. A strange epidemic that is not quite what it seems and has consequences for us all. An ancient Djiin who trades in souls and loves a twist in his deals. A girl plagued by nymphomania who is going through some deep changes. An exclusive, high class brothel with an interesting charging policy. Inter-dimensional horror on a human farm. A collector of cursed books and Objet D’Art, with a very nosey wife. A group of flatmates terrorised by a possessing spirit with murderous intentions and a sweet girl who would do anything for love. Oh! And Vampires. I can see them now. Come on, take my hand they are getting impatient. . . 

Guest Post:
The other day I was asked by a friend “How do you start a story?” I have to say that the beginning of a story can come from anywhere. I have had ideas come from a news story, technological breakthroughs, having someone say something to me that brought a picture into my mind that did not represent what they were saying, but something darker and more interesting (That was already hooking its’ sharp eager claws into my imagination). I find that when I need to write and I sometimes need to before I even have an idea, if I sit quietly and listen to dramatic inspiring music and idea will come. Favourite albums for this are “Enchanted” and “Stories of Johnny” by Marc Almond (Or anything from Mr Almonds cannon), Black Sabbath, especially “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” or the “Twin Peaks Soundtrack” any album that had a clear, lifting mood and its own stories really. I normally tell Damian my idea and watch his reactions, he is always a good critical soundboard, but I watch his eyes because I worry that people like to be nice about your creative efforts. I would rather know if someone sees something wrong and tells me. Damians’ eyes calm me down when I am feeling insecure, because he shows all his emotions there. Another massive form of inspiration for me is my dreams, they inspire both my writing and my art and are always extremely vivid and detailed. Sometimes, I am actually getting out f bed as I wake up with a full formed idea and heading for my notepad to write it down before sleeping again. I would advise anyone who writes to do this and not to kid yourself that you will still remember it in the morning. Get up! Write it down! Then sleep, the frustration of losing a good story is a pain that is ugly. I also have a pad for drawing ideas, this same thing applies, sketch it, go back to sleep. The scariest idea I ever had, came to me fully formed as I was driving down the M4 to Cardiff in South Wales. The idea was so clear and forceful that my car swerved on the motorway and I had to pull over at the next exit and write the bare bones down. Ideas and inspiration can also come from friends and family, a lot of my friends are artists, writers and other creatives and sometimes our conversations can really set ideas firing off. My nephews and nieces used to inspire me when they were children when they would not understand what I had said and would question me, their grasp of language would make me see possibilities in words that would have eluded me, had I not seen it through their eyes. I have to give a special mention to my cousin Michelle LaChetta, she has such a sharp sense of plot and always picks nits when she reads my work (Bitch!). Her discussions and suggestions are invaluable across all my writing, art and poetry, that’s all you’re getting LaChetta! Inspiration is everywhere, practically leaping out at you whether you want it or not. So, finally, keep your eyes open, pay attention to detail and write any ideas down immediately, always read back over your work, some of your best ideas will occur while you are editing and never doubt yourself. Listen to that still, small voice and if you really like it send it off to a publisher, rejection normally comes with great advice. That said, I wish you all the very best of luck in your work among the scribblers of the world and I hope that you will read my work and that I will read some of your stories one day.

I have loved ghost stories from a very early age and by the time I was nine or ten years old I was scaring my brothers with bedtime stories of my own! I always wrote other stories but only really showed my brothers as I was too shy and worried that people would laugh. I was delighted to find creative writing an escape from daily life in my teens. I would often use my artistic skills to illustrate and even create cartoon strips of my stories. However, for many years my pleasure in art and storytelling was mainly shared with close relatives and lovers. I worked for both big soft drinks companies of certain colas and at Westminster, which meant that I have been lucky enough to travel all around the world, which does inform some of my stories, however most of my stories are based in Wales, which is my home country and the place I love best. I lived in Thailand for many years where I worked at Rayong University, teaching Business English. I learned to speak, read and write Thai and to cook their delicious food and to perform their unique massage. The culture of Thailand also sparked my art and writing like never before and I sold my art to clients in Thailand, Japan and the USA. When I returned to Wales I had a successful exhibition of surrealist art called “Genius? Genius!” and I decided to take a course in Art, Design and Illustration which lead to a Batchelor of Arts with honours in General Illustration. This was followed by an ignition of my passion for art and writing again and I began to write and paint with abandon. I was invited to exhibit at New Designers 2012, the most prestigious and largest illustration exhibition in Europe. I was very proud of this and my work received good attention, I even signed autographs, which felt surreal.! A few years ago, I met author David Owain Hughes (Look him up!) and he introduced me to Ravenwood Publishers and the lovely Kitty. It still took a huge nagging session from my Mother Rose and my husband Damian to make me offer up my stories for publication. To tell the truth I had forgotten about sending the stories out at all. So, when I received the email from Kitty offering publication I almost gave Damian a heart attack with the noise I made. When I told him and my Mother they almost deafened me right back! Imagine my delight when I found that other people liked my stories. I sometime wonder where all these dark, spooky and kinky stories come from, I am just glad that they do come to me I hope that you will enjoy my stories and check in with me now and again. I will put up descriptions of my stories and maybe even excerpts of them, I will share my own artwork for characters in my books on my blogg at and also keep you up on gossip and future publications. I really hope we will become friends and then I want to thrill and scare you all to death Mwaahaha Love to you all Paul Bridgeman.



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