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Dr. Paul Semendinger ~ 2nd guest post and his novel ~ Principal Sam Gets Fit

TITLE: Principal Sam Gets Fit
AUTHOR: Dr. Paul Semendinger
CATEGORIES: Picture Book/Children’s Book/Physical Fitness
ISBN: 978-0692925492
IMPRINT: Sunquills

KEYWORDS: School, Sports, Physical Education, Yoga, Friendship, Children, Principal

PRINCIPAL SAM'S NOT FEELING WELL! He's been eating too much candy and forgetting to exercise. Principal Sam knows he needs to get in shape, but he's not sure where to start. Ms. Tami tells Principal Sam to come to her P.E. class. If only he could keep all the sports straight! It's a good thing the kids of Sunnyside School are here to help!

Principal Sam is at it again!  The loveable principal, who often gets confused, ate far too many snacks on Halloween.  Principal Sam gained a lot of weight and is not in shape.  To fix this, Principal Sam turns to Ms. Tami, the school’s physical education instructor.  Ms. Tami invites Principal Sam into her class.  Poor Principal Sam begins to mix-up the sports and activities.  Once again the children of the school help Principal Sam.  They teach him about the sports.  All is well until a problem occurs on Field Day…  Can the special day be saved?

The Writing Process

Becoming a writer takes a great deal of time, effort, focus, energy, and a willingness to fail.  Of course, these attributes are true for every endeavor in which one desires to become successful.

I have been a writer for my entire life.  As a child, I sought to be published in our school’s small newsletter.  My mother still has the two sentence passage I wrote that was printed when I was in the first grade.  It was my first published work!  Throughout my life, I have worked at the craft – earning small accolades over the years: a story printed in a high school literary magazine and a few years later, another story printed in my college’s literary magazine.  People told me I had “talent,” but, if I did, the talent was raw.

Over the years, I have crafted numerous books.  These ranged from a history of the Beatles to a “how to be a better teacher” book.  The educational book was considered for publication many years ago, but it needed a significant level of work and attention that I was unable to invest as an husband and active father of three growing boys.  I was also busy with my profession as a teacher and school administrator and working towards, and eventually receiving, my Doctorate in Education.  Being a published author would have to wait!

Still, I kept writing as a hobby if not a vocation.

When I became a principal, my memos to my staff began becoming longer and longer.  A Weekly Memo that I began publishing for my staff became a place for me to share my thoughts on a plethora of educational subjects.  As teacher interest grew, so did the length of the passages.  I started to become proficient in essay writing.

At the same time, I had a novel in my head that was fighting to get out.  I began to invest some of my free time in the novel.  I found that writing in this way came somewhat easily to me.  I thoroughly enjoyed the writing process.  Once the first draft of the novel was complete, I began to try my hand at children’s books – another area where I have a passion.

I, of course, have always been a prolific reader.  I love language.  My reading inspired my writing.  As I wrote more, I read more – one discipline helping the other.  I also searched for ways to build my craft.  I joined an organization for writers and attended conferences and writing craft weekends.  I met some published authors and listened to their advice.  One wonderful author, Rob Skead, gave a great deal of help to me – including sharing the name of an outstanding editor, Britta Eastburg Friesen, with me.  Britta has become my editor.  I cherish her advice, help, kindness, and support.

I have pitched my books to many publishers and literary agents.  I have received great feedback.  Many have also told me the same story – “I like your writing, but I can’t offer you a contract.”  I have learned, many times, what failure feels like.  I faced book rejections for many of my works for many years.

Yet, I kept at it.  I started a blog that has received a great deal of positive feedback.  I submitted my writings to on-line and print publications – and have been published a number of times in those forums.  I began working on other writing projects including a detailed and very unique history of the New York Yankees that has received a good deal of interest.

Writing is my hobby.  I love to write.  Yet, I love my profession as the principal of the most wonderful, dynamic, child-centered elementary school in the world.  I also enjoy sharing my passion for education, with a focus on children, by presenting workshops at educational conferences. 

The writing process never ends.  I continually improve my craft.  My family and friends who offer critiques help me grow.  My editor, Britta, pushes me a great deal.  I’ll probably never be fully satisfied with my writing, I’ll always feel I can do better, but when I see the smiles in my readers’ eyes, and receive positive feedback from followers, I know I’m making a positive difference one reader at a time.

It’s great to be a writer!

Dr. Semendinger has been a passionate child-centered educator for almost 30 years. He first enjoyed a successful career as a middle school history earning numerous awards including “Teacher of the Year” and the prestigious “A+For Kids” grant before moving on to administration. Dr. Semendinger has served as a high school vice principal, a middle school principal, and is currently the principal of the most wonderful elementary school in the whole world!

Dr. Semendinger is also an accomplished writer. His first book of motivational passages, “Impossible is an Illusion” was be released in June 2017 by Ravenswood Publishing.  Dr. Semendinger’s first novel, “Scattering the Ashes” will be released in 2018 also from Ravenswood. In addition, Dr. Semendinger writes picture books.  His first picture book for children “Principal Sam and the Calendar Confusion” has been released to excellent reviews!  The follow-up book in the Principal Sam series, “Principal Sam Gets Fit” will be released in July 2017.  Dr. Semendinger’s original and unique history of the New York Yankees “The Least Among Them,” is also currently in editorial review.  In additional to his published writing, Dr. Semendinger is a featured writer on the highly successful Yankees blog, “It’s About the Money” which is a member of the ESPN SweetSpot Network.  He also frequently publishes on eduTopia and on his highly successful blog. 

More than all of this, a family man, Dr. Semendinger enjoys and greatly values the time he can spend as a husband and “Dad” with his wife and three sons.  There is nothing he is prouder of than the fact that he is a good dad and husband.



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