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Michael DeBeur ~ character interview and his novel ~ By Fire and Starlight

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TITLE: By Fire and Starlight
RELEASE DATE: November 2017
AUTHOR: Michael DeBeur
CATEGORIES: Fantasy/Action Adventure
ISBN: 978-1976227387
IMPRINT: Sunquills

KEYWORDS: Fantasy, Potter, Narnia, Adventure, Ralph Bakshi, Magical, Anthropomorphic

Youth fantasy with anthropomorphic characters that are caught up in a magical and
mystical world of sorcery and search of their identity.

This story is about a giant intelligent mouse who has lost his memory and is trying to seek his true identity. Through his journey’s he is pursued by a sorcerer and meets many friends who to have lost their identity. Together they join forces and try to find out what happened to them.

This is a short interview with Arni:

Q:How did you feel when you first woke up outside of the town Arni?
A:I was terrified and had a very bad headache and when I stood up the world around me was spinning. I was filled with terror and just began to run.

Q:What did you think when you met that girl in the cell you were put in?
A:I was rather surprised because it was dark and did not realize there was another person in the cell besides myself, but at that point I was under the impression I was a person not a giant intelligent mouse. It came as a great shock to me when Velina (the girl in the cell) revealed that to me. I began to think I had to figure out what happened to me because I truly felt I was a human being.

Q:How did you feel when Velina vanished after you jumped out of the sorcerers bedroom window?
A:I was devastated. She was the first person I had an in depth conversation with after waking up and she had become a friend to me. I was fearful of her safety and wondered what happened to her.

Q:I guess you never thought that Grumbacher would become your friend, did you?
A:No. Especially when he grabbed me and pulled me behind the water fall past the woods. In the end though he became a great help he saved me from a demon in the hut when the door slammed shut.

Q:How did you feel when the giant cat, what was her name? Arriane, decided she would not go with you and Grumbacher?
A:We had hoped she would come with us because of her acute senses, but she was fearful of what was up the pass. I believe she also had become somewhat comfortable in her cave.

Q:Why did you think the sorcerer was pursuing you?
A:I had no idea really other than the fact we took his coins. I had no idea that he would go to such great lengths to try to get us. It kept us constantly on the run.

Q:When you finally made it to the town did you realize who and what you were dealing with in the town hall?
A:I did not think that anyone could be filled with so much hate and have the power to call down lightning from the sky. But I was compelled to do what the angelic being told me to do, that is return to the town with the coins. At the time I had no idea why.

Thank you so much for your time Arni. I wish you and your friends success in finding a solution to your predicament.

I wrote this story about 20 years ago and over the last year have edited it and have had it illustrated by Matthew Marini. Many of the situations in the story are from personal events that took place in my life and places that I have been. Some of the situations were also formulated from dreams that I have had in the past. I have always been interested in youth fiction and fantasy with morals included in the stories that I have read. I have been influenced by E. Nesbit and the Narnia series of books. I have also written poetry in my younger years and a few other short stories that had an element of fantasy in them. This is my first attempt at a short youth fantasy novel and thought by having illustrations in the book the story would come to life.


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