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Kitty Honeycutt ~ 2nd interview and her novel ~ Where This World Ends

Where This World Ends
(A Collection of Short Stories From Masquerade de Minuit)
ISBN: 978-1985075122
GENRE: Supernatural Thriller

KEYWORDS: vampires, werewolf, shifters, monsters, sexual depravity, human nature, predators, fantasy, New Orleans, masquerade, the abyss, darkness, dark fantasy, supernatural, paranormal

Where this World ends there is another World inhabited by creatures that come from the imaginations of multiple people. Step inside their minds and meet them...


Many of these short stories have the same characters in them, in different times and in different places. This is the first book of chronicles of role play that started on AOL years ago up until it’s demise.  All stories in this book take place in New Orleans in the 1800’s. The stories are collaborations by many people but mostly by my writing partner Amber Rendon and myself. We hope you’ll enjoy them, they are in their true form, some editing done for aesthetics as well as grammar and while I cannot promise they are in order to complete a whole story, I have done the best I could to put them together in such a way that each story is unique yet fits into the whole of a novel. There is something for everyone in this collection; vampires, werewolves, sex, seduction, blood and tears. This book is a celebration of a montage of writers from many places. We thank you for reading and wait in humble gratitude for your opinions and reviews.

Kitty Honeycutt


Q: Tell me something you would like your readers (fans) to know about you.

A: I’ve been writing for years, it started on AOL when people use to get into chat rooms and hang out writing all night long. Since then I have honed my craft considerably. Writing with so many different people really helps you find your own style and flair. I have actually had people just come into a room and watch myself and my partner write and tell us that we should write books because they didn’t even want to enter their own character for the love of watching us write together. That is when you get a case of the feels. It use to make me cry, and I knew then that I had the ability to truly write as an author.

Q: If you could morph into any creature, what would it be?
A: A dragon!

If you don’t mind me asking, why?
A: I mean really, who wants to mess with a dragon? I know I wouldn’t!

Q: When you think of a garden, do you picture vegetables or flowers?
A: I’d have to say both. My daughter and I have been talking about doing both a vegetable garden and a flower garden. We both love plants and trees and since she is a vegetarian it makes the most sense to do both!


Q: Which element of book writing is the most difficult for you?
A: Editing! I go over my own book so many times I get cross-eyed. I have an editor named Jennii that goes over my books and then I go over them again. I hate editing.

Q: What is your favorite part of writing?
A: My favorite part would have to be the creating. I love creating the characters and really getting into them when writing. I love to put in different dialects and inflections in their voices so the people reading it will get a real feel for the area they are from.

Q; Now your least favorite part?
A: The ending, that is always the worst. It’s hard for me to end a story without wanting to keep it going. I always feel like there could be more.

Q: Describe your favorite heroine? (This doesn’t have to be one of yours.)
A: My favorite heroine right now is Davina Honeycutt from the book Crazy Cat Lady, yes a character with my surname. The reason is because she is good but doesn’t realize she is being lured by darkness and she takes her own life to keep bad things from happening…. even though it doesn’t really work out too well. She tried though!


Q: How can we find you? Do you have a web page, FaceBook page or any buy links?
A: Yes, I do. Here are the links.
EMAIL: author.kitty.honeycutt@gmail.com
SOCIAL MEDIA: https://www.facebook.com/authorkdhoneycutt/?ref=bookmarks

Buy links:

PAPERBACK LINK: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1985075121/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1517971598&sr=8-2&keywords=kitty+Honeycutt

Kindle Price: $4.99
Paperback Price: $19.99


There were some places that those of vampiric or Lycan descent should avoid, but Alistair had earned his eccentric reputation fair and square. When he contracted the most upscale local restaurant to host a large dinner party in his name, it was only because he felt the need to reach out to his peers and cousins. Those that retrieved their mail today would find a handwritten, hand delivered invitation to dinner and drinks courtesy of Avante House. Simply put on some fine attire and make your way to the Hearth Dining Hall, was the simple wording. Alistair had been there most of the day, playing supervisor to the staff, making sure his money brought in the finest wines and beers, as well as  the choicest cuts of beef, chicken and fish. The chef had been quite busy preparing everything from appetizers to the main courses, which only needed be ordered. The elder was dressed in his customary black dress slacks, black dress shoes, and a black button up dress shirt with pin striping. His long, blue black hair was pulled back in a loose bride. He was already working on his second or third red wine, so things should be entertaining.

 Trigve' received an invitation, to his surprised it contained the Avante seal.  The man was known to be much the recluse and Trigve' had likely only witnessed him out as many times as he could count on one hand.  Dressed in his best suit, pinstriped waistcoat, an over jacket of black and slacks of the same.  Gold pocket watch on a chain hooked to one pocket, cufflinks of the same tone.  His hair was combed back and contained in a leather thong, the appearance of a man that owned the Old Bank of the United States was complete.  Of course he'd obtain the company of both women of his house this night, one on each arm, Sekhmet Diago and Jaelienne  Torro.  It was high time they'd had a night out his last had been Preservation Hall and that had been at least a month prior.  The man had just found out he had a son recently, the smile upon his face seemed to be permanent.  Of course the murder that had taken place only days ago weighed heavily on his mind but as of yet the dire situation had not reached his home.  Upon entering the Hearth Dining Hall he began to peruse the area in search of his host and friend, Alistair Avante.

Kitty Honeycutt is the single mother of an amazing daughter whom she currently homeschool’s. She is a publisher for over 100 authors, a writer, an entrepreneur, a singer and an animal and human rights activist.

Her household is comprised of various creatures that include, but are not limited to:

Two Chihuahua’s (Lobo) & (Tinkerbell) Eleven cats (Merlin), (Pandra), (Salem), (Mythian), (Sabrina), (Austin), (Mestofelees), (Tantomile aka Miley), (Zoey, aka Jadiss), (Willow Pixie), (Totoro aka Tiny) Five fish, (Pumpkin), (Thing 2), & (Orca the Oscar Fish) Two Ball Pythons, (Dragon) & (Gryffin) Four Bearded Dragons, (Rexie), (Chubby aka Kingsley), (Samantha) & (Georgia) One Crested Gecko, (Copper) Two Uromastyx, (Mary) & (Elizabeth) Two Aquatic Turtles, (Purple) & (Myrtle) and eleven babies that have yet to be named. One Desert Tortoise, (Bubble).

*As you can see she is also a part-time zoo-keeper.*

 She sometimes writes under the pseudonym Kitty 'de Chatfou and her first book “Crazy Cat Lady” is due out this year 2018, and will be her first published work.

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