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Rachel Adair ~ 2nd guest post and her novel ~ Inheritance

TITLE: Inheritance
RELEASE DATE: September 30, 2016
AUTHOR: Rachel Adair
KEYWORDS: Fantasy, self discovery, the supernatural, malevolence, elemental force, Celtic Lore, Northern Ireland, Tower, woodland, mother nature
CATEGORIES: Fantasy/Action & Adventure
ISBN: 978-1536857887
IMPRINT: Chimera

What had once been forgotten, will again emerge, like a whisper from afar playing upon the autumnal winds...Akasha.

Alhanna is devastated by the violent loss of her loving parents. Alone and submerged in a torturous grief she learns of an Inheritance. An estate in Northern Ireland, dominated by a monstrous Tower, what awaits inside may unlock her destiny. Yet a dark malevolent force pursues her as she begins on her journey of self discovery, into the world of the supernatural...

There stands a delicate balance between the five elements, one which is in constant turmoil.
What has once been forgotten, will again emerge, like a whisper from afar playing upon the autumnal winds..... Akasha.

Guest Post:

I started book one on that first day with a description. It's still there in the book but it did start its life as my prologue. It has been key, the description, in helping me find my way. I always found Alhanna's character the hardest to write. I kept coming back over and over again to that description to capture what I had first seen in her. I feel like only now having finished Inheritance, the first book, that I understand her more clearly. I found it really difficult, with just her, to lay out a plot. I would place her in certain situations and she would not react how I had anticipated and I would have to continually go back and look at my ending for book one. It sounds almost ridiculous to be out of control of a character that you your self are writing. I'd be complaining to my husband in the car and he's laughing at me, at the absurdity of a non existent entity being out of control. For me though she is real. I've heard it said before, am not sure from where, that you write what you know, each character you create represents an aspect of your self. I often wondered if Alhanna, as a character, represented that part of my self that I often try to hide behind a cheery disposition. That elusive indecisiveness and lack of confidence that I do hide. So when those traits manifested them selves into my lead character I struggled to step into her shoes and accept that this is who she starts out as. Bit deep? I'll move on.

So in how difficult I found writing Alhanna, I loved the darkness that my stalker seeps from his every pore. There was no path I couldn't lead him down that was too far form the light. He acts impulsively despite trying so hard to remain in control. I love that about him, he is free to disregard the rules and be completely true to him self, OK so the phrasing is a little cheesy there but you get what am saying. He has been a pleasure to unleash.

It would be unforgivable not to mention this next character within my book, and that would be the dramatic local of County Down. The history is so rich here it was hard not to be influenced in some way. Having three small dogs I am always out walking and exploring the woodlands, mountains and coastal areas, all so unique and unyielding to the elements. These landmarks inspired me, they became their own character within the story, not just a stage hosting a play, but a personality in it's own right. If you ever have the opportunity to visit I advise you take it. Northern Irish people are the warmest and friendliest you will ever meet, and Northern Ireland an almost hidden secret gem.

Originally from Yorkshire, I am now lucky enough to be living in County Down, Northern Ireland. Since moving here I feel most at home outside, surrounded by the cathartic cathedral like silence that descends in the woodlands, along the Loch sides, and abandoned quarries. It was here I felt the impetus to write.

 As well as a writer I am a working mother of four fantastically charming yet quirky children, it's always a pleasure watching them grow and their wee personalities develop. My formal education consists of average GCSE results and four A levels. It wasn't until the age of eighteen that we discovered I was dyslexic, with a little extra help from my family I have never let it hold me back.


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