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Ann Fuller ~ guest post and her novel ~ The 4975

TITLE: The 4975
RELEASE DATE: November 20, 2016
AUTHOR: Ann Fuller
KEYWORDS: adventure, dystopian, apocalyptic, science fiction, action, new adult, suspense
CATEGORIES: Dystopian/Young Adult/Suspense
ISBN: 978-1530797943
IMPRINT: Howling Wolf
I have loved books since I was able to pick one up. Writing only became a source of expression to me after I went through a very dark period of my life – my feelings were ones that I could fathom into words through my fingers, not out of my mouth. Each and every book I read brings a sense of realism into my existence, and I hope the world I have created becomes real to you.

The 4975 Academy of Self Defense brings life changing opportunities for anyone accepted. Hunter Gates begins to realize this as she’s branded as an ‘Elite’ student, a privilege offered to only the best ten students in the school of sixty pupils. With the help of cold and calloused self defence trainer Eamon, Hunter must trust herself and protect the ones around her to save her school and the family she finds within it.

A thrilling and intense dystopian novel focusing on trust and the importance of self-belief.

Guest Post:

I came up with the idea – well, I cannot exactly remember how, to be honest. The earliest thing I can decipher about it is picturing the 4975 on its own, and that night I saw a girl with a gun dressed in blue while I was sleeping (it was a dream.) From there, ideas started spilling out. I knew my vision for the book would not go away unless I wrote it down.

I listened to a variety of songs and watched an interesting array of movies to give me some inspiration for the stories. My playlist includes hits from Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, M83, HAIM, Hozier, and most importantly, Taylor Swift. These musical pieces and heartfelt lyrics provided me with the ideas and opportunities to kick start my series and eventually send it in to publishers.  

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