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Carol Warham ~ an interview and her novel ~ Resolutions

Carol Warham

Resolutions is Carol’s debut novel and is set in a location close to where she lives.
Writing has been her love since childhood. She started by making small comics for her dolls, progressed to training as a journalist for a short while. Once the family had grown up Carol settled down to writing and published short stories, poems and holiday articles.
In recent years she has become a judge in the short story section for the HysteriaUK competition and also for the RNA’s romance novel of the year.
Carol lives in Yorkshire, surrounded by some beautiful countryside, which is ideal for her other passion of walking, often with a dog called Sam. This lovely area is the location for her first novel, Resolutions.


Q: Did you like school when you were a child?
A:I didn’t particularly enjoy school. My mother told me, I never gave her any trouble at going. Apparently from the start I shrugged my shoulders and got on with it.  Somehow I managed to pass the eleven plus and got a place at Grammar School. This was a convent, where the nuns were lovely people and excellent teacher. I’m sorry I didn’t appreciate my time there.

Q: Dress up or dress down?
A: Both! I struggle to be mid-way – I’m not a casual dresser.  I can do scruffy with very little effort though.  When I was working, what to wear was relatively simple. I wore smart suits or slack and skirts with co-ordinating jackets. My husband and I cruise a lot and that gives me the perfect opportunity to dress up, wear cocktail dresses or even something more formal.  Now I write from home and don’t go out to work I find I’m not very good at finding the middle route with my clothes. Scruffy will have to do!

Q: Coffee or Tea?
A:I’m a tea drinker, always have been and always will be. I do drink the occasional coffee when it’s all that’s on offer, but I don’t really enjoy it. Generally it’s made far too strong for me. I do like my tea pathetically weak and pale, the teabag hardly sees the hot water! The strange thing is that, although I drink tea, I do like the smell of fresh coffee and I do enjoy coffee cake.

Q: How do you feel about exercise?
A: I do try and exercise on a regular basis. I have a dog (Sam), which makes me go out walking whatever the weather. I also belong to a naturalists walking group. I love the walks and the group of people I walk with, but I’m a bit useless on the nature bit. I can never remember the names of flowers or birds, from one walk to the next! I also belong to a gym, where I can workout, take exercise, and maybe have a swim. To be honest for every hour of exercise I probably have another hour in the coffee bar nattering with friends.

Q: What geographical locations are your favorite and why?
A: I learnt a hard lesson when I tried to place Resolutions in the United States. I really wanted the town to be called Resolution – that just wouldn’t happen in Yorkshire. I had to take advice and admit it wasn’t working so I re-located the story to Yorkshire and I’ve never looked back.  So, Yorkshire is my favourite location not only to live in but also to write about.

Q: Which holiday celebrations do you like to incorporate into your stories and why?
A: This has to be the easiest question! As my debut novel is called Resolutions – it’s set just after Christmas and over the New Year period. The title came to me before the story but then it was obvious (at least to me) the period the story would cover. I enjoyed having a holiday celebration to centre the story around. It helped give me a set time frame in which to work and acted as an anchor for the whole plot.

Q: How long does it take you to create a novel?
A: Resolutions, my first and so far only, novel took about five years. Initially the first draft was about fifty thousand words and not very good. The following year I improved the story and characters, but felt I was wasting my time and put the manuscript away for over a year. A friend then asked me if she could look at it. She turned out to be far more enthusiastic about the story than I felt.  So, with her help and encouragement I returned to the story and re- wrote it about five times before finally feeling it was ready for submission.

Q: Do you like to read the genre that you write?
A: Since writing Resolutions I have read much more in the romance genre than I ever have done. It’s a great learning curve to read other authors. In recent years I have been a reader for the RNA Romance Novel of the Year, and that has been very enjoyable and has added to my understanding of what makes a good romance and what doesn’t! However my first love is history, fiction and non-fiction and I read it as often as I can spare the time.

Q: What are you working on now? Would you like to share anything about it?
A: I started my second novel some time ago. It is putting up a struggle and I have started chapter one umpteen times and scrapped over thirty thousand words. However it is a story I really want to write. It’ll be a romance and set in Yorkshire. The story begins in Scarborough Castle.  I’m planning on a little twist and introducing some history and even a little para-normal to the story.

Q: How can we find you? Do you have a web page, FaceBook page or any buy links?
A: I have all of these. I was advised by friends to make sure I had a ‘presence’ in social media. It’s something I’ve found quite hard to do, as I’m not really up with technology.

Q: Are you currently participating in a blog tour? If you are let’s tell everyone where you’re going to be so they can catch up with you again.
A: I’m taking part in my very first blog tour ever. Many thanks to Lucy Felthouse for organizing it and for these bloggers for having me along. It’s been great fun.

Carly Mitchell returns to the small town of Yeardon in Yorkshire almost a year after running away on her wedding day. Now she wants to try to make amends with Steve, his family, and the townspeople who had prepared a huge party to celebrate her New Year’s Eve wedding.

She intends to stay only for a few days at the Resolution Hotel, owned by Steve’s parents. However, her plans change when Steve’s father is taken ill, and she feels obliged to step in and help with running the hotel. This also means having to deal with Steve’s antagonism since he has never forgiven her for humiliating him.

A further complication comes in the form of Ben Thornton, the local doctor, to whom Carly feels an immediate attraction. They enjoy getting to know each other and falling in love, until a famous model from Ben’s past arrives in the town, and stays at the hotel.

Steve attempts to get his revenge on Carly by driving a wedge between her and Ben, and by threatening to reveal what he knows about Ben’s troubled past unless Carly leaves town.

The resolution lies in Carly’s hands as she struggles between wanting to flee from the town again and wanting to stay with the man she has grown to love.

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Her pulse raced as she took hold of his proffered hand. “Carly. Carly Mitchell.” Pulling herself further up the bed, she leant comfortably against the headboard. “Thanks for helping me up.”

Ben drew the curtains. “Well, Carly, I’ll leave you to get some rest. But first, I’ll go and retrieve your bag and ask Jim to send you up an ice pack.”

She didn’t want him to leave. “Why were you here? Is someone ill?”

“A guest has a mild temperature. Nothing alarming, but Jim felt it was better to check so he asked me to call.”

“It’s after midnight. Not many doctors would come out at this time.”

Ben glanced at his watch. “So it is. Time all good boys and girls were in their beds. Good night.”

“Good night.”

She heard his footsteps going down the stairs. Her heart thumped as she wondered whose bed he would be going to. A rush of envy flooded through her. A few moments later, there was a tap at her door and Jim came in carrying her bag and an ice pack.

“Ben says you need to put this on your ankle. Bit of bad luck him nearly knocking you down the stairs.”

“Thanks, Jim. Leave the bag there, please. I’ll get myself ready for bed and put the pack on my foot.”

“If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ring downstairs.”

“I won’t. Thanks again.”

She pushed her damp hair out of her eyes and heaved a sigh. What on earth had possessed her to come back a few days before New Year’s Eve? She considered running back to the car and driving away, but her twisted ankle put that out of the question. Anyway, it would be the coward’s way out. For all her sins, she hoped she wasn’t a coward. With a little effort and some hopping around, she unpacked her bag and changed into her night clothes.

After placing the ice pack on her ankle, she lay back against the soft pillows. Dark curls, blue eyes, and white teeth flashed through her mind, and a long sigh escaped her. The memory of the feel of his hands and the warmth of his smile created a fluttering in her stomach. Something she’d not felt in a long time. She closed her eyes and scolded herself. Dreaming about the local doctor was not why she had come back to Yeardon and The Resolution Hotel.

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