Monday, December 25, 2017

Loc Glin ~ a guest post and Season's Greetings

From My House to Yours

Just the other day I watched a movie – I believe it was called, Christmas Angel. At one point during the movie, this question was posed. (I’m paraphrasing, because I can’t remember the exact words, but you’ll get the gist of it.) ‘What does one say to the parent of the child that died saving your life?’ This is a Christmas movie, so naturally to make matters worse, the child died during the Christmas season. The first anniversary of the death is quickly approaching.  

During the scene the father, who lost his son, read a letter that answered that question. I don’t remember the names of the characters, so I’ll call the father Andy and the son Tomas. The content of the letter is never disclosed, but Andy smiles as he reads it. I must say that I have just now, while writing this post, realized that the scene provided a possible answer. In fact, it is the answer I am about to express.  

The question started me thinking. What could I, as a parent, read that would make me smile? If during the holiday season, a year ago, my child died while saving a young couple... what could that couple say to me?

My mind put together a few sentiments and a number of sentences. The following will serve as an example of the way that letter may have read.

Dearest Andy,
A year ago your life, and ours, was dramatically changed. Your son Tomas lost his life saving the lives of two strangers. We will be eternally grateful for his sacrifice. His honor, courage, and heroism set a standard that is not easily met. Most people would have dialed 911 and  felt that they had done all that they could. Tomas, on the other hand, chose to act. We would have died, if not for him.

Guilt plagues us, but we have accepted the gift of life that Tomas has given us. Every day we endeavor to follow his example. Your grief must be unbearable. We are writing this letter to express our gratitude. Your son will be in our hearts and remembered every day.     

On October 23, we were gifted with the birth of our first child. To honor your son’s memory we have named him Tomas.

Our son’s life shall be lived because of your son's sacrifice. We will do our best to instill the same ideals in our Tomas that you did in yours. We will tell our son that he is a miracle.

Blessed and thankful,
Isabel and Jonathan Jones

I suppose that other things could make me smile, but this particular reason, at this time of year is by far the most poignant. Maybe a picture of the new baby Tomas would touch me even more deeply. Would it make me smile or cry? I hope I will never have to find out.

No matter what you choose to believe or how you choose to worship, somewhere in your custom there is a Christmas, or at least the spirit of Christmas. Christmas is about birth or a new beginning, and hope. I can not think of a spiritual system that does not offer some kind of hope. I believe that, at their core, all/most spiritual systems are the same. Customs and ceremonies differ, but love and hope are present in most. I think of myself as “spiritual” rather than “religious.” I don’t pretend to understand any of the religions that are followed. I know a little about some of them, but if the truth be told,  I consider myself ignorant. And, being ignorant, I am not qualified to, I don’t want to use the word judge, so I’ll try…evaluate, anyone’s belief system.

So, in keeping with the system that is prevalent this time of year… 

From my house to yours - Love and Peace Always

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