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Daniel Linsteadt ~ a character interview and his novel ~ Nila: Water, Air, Fire (Air - Book Two in the Series)

TITLE: Nila: Air (Book Two)
AUTHOR: Daniel G Linsteadt
CATEGORIES: Fantasy/Paranormal/Supernatural
ASIN: B07C8H6996
ISBN: 978-1986713573
IMPRINT: Howling Wolf


KEYWORDS: fantasy, mystical, mermaid, mer-being, wolf, raven, shifter, psoriasis, illness, arthritis, parallel reality, consciousness, visions, dreams

Boredom and heartache force Seth to decipher visions shown by the mysterious Her, which leads to self-discovery that are fraught with danger and gut-wrenching decisions.

Nila-Air, the second the series, has Seth discovering the perilous motives behind his father’s heartless actions that caused his debilitated health, isolation, and suffering. Now reborn on a new pristine world, Nila are determined to rebuild their community and face any new challenges.

Finally living as a true Nila, Seth must learn how to deal with the withdrawals of his former human life. Boredom and heartache force Seth to search within himself for his meaning and purpose while his relationship with Kate deteriorates with the presence of Raymond, who becomes the Red Crystal Bearer that Seth and his father previously held.

Seth’s connection with the mysterious Her—Nila’s spiritual leader—intensifies as he attempts to decipher new visions from Her. Straying from Nila protocol, Seth discovers a new threat—the current winged inhabitants. Boredom quickly turns into adventure and self-discovery that are fraught with danger and gut-wrenching decisions. Can Seth bring peace between his Nila family and the inhabitants, and does he have time?

Q. What does psoriasis feel like?
SETH. It’s one of those conditions that affects your emotional side as much as the physical. For me, my skin has a cycle. Dry, flaky skin builds so your skin appears whitish. As it crusts over it begins to itch, and I struggle to not scratch. Some spots feel like large angry mosquito bites. It never fails that I unconsciously let down and scratch, then I can’t stop. It feels both good and painful, so it’s hard to quit once you begin. From this point on my skin both itches and burns, and is easily sloughed off in the shower, which begins a new cycle with smooth, bright red skin. Having people see your skin is embarrassing and judgment is felt, whether real or perceived. It feels like I’ve spent all of my life wearing pants and long sleeve shirts, even in the heat of the summer, to avoid being seen as ugly.

Q. Becoming Nila must have felt wonderful. Can you explain the feeling of transforming?
SETH. First you hear the sounds. The wind and clicking fully command your attention. I’m still not sure if the sounds come from within me or are external noises of transforming. It feels like you’re leaving your body … making ready for it to be vacated with something new. There’s no pain, like the stretching or distorting of body parts that leave you moaning or screaming. You suddenly sense the world different. The water temperature is the first sensation noticed. It’s always warmer, softer—it’s hard to explain. Like when I transform the other direction, the air is refreshing, light, and freeing. And yes, being Nila without psoriasis can only be described as pure joy. Through this experience I’ve learned that psoriasis is exhausting.

Q. What’s it like to live and breathe under water?
SETH. At first it was traumatic. The physical need to expand your lungs with air is huge. I mean, it’s more than just needing air, it’s addictive, which is why we constantly do it without realizing it. When that sensation is suddenly taken away, well, it was overwhelming. Once you get past this sensation, there is a pervading peace that settles over your body. The constant need for lungs chugging for air is released.

I’d describe living in the water as having the feeling of constantly being loved. The ocean’s unconditional embrace is always there. As human, we don’t feel the air in the same way … it’s much more subtle … except in the wind, which doesn’t feel like love.

Q. What can you say about Her? Is She also Nila, another species that lives in the universe, what?
SETH. Of course much more is revealed in Nila-Air, and even more in Nila-Fire. I would spoil the story if I told you, but what I can say, She is the feminine and masculine within each of us. She is the spiritual and guiding light we all seek. When you find Her, become Her, then answers to why there is life, and the purpose of your life begins to unfold. If only everyone were in earnest pursuit of Her … our world would become healthy, and how we interact with one another dramatically shift.

Q. Tell me about your father, Sam.
SETH. Short laugh …

Q. Is he the bad guy or the good guy? He vacillates between the two in my mind, but at the end of the story, a drop of doubt splashes over you.
SETH. What is good? What is bad? We create first impression all the time, that’s part of our nature—survival instinct I suspect. Perspective is what’s missing with initial judgments. The not knowing their side of the story—what makes them tick? I’m sure you’ve run into people that appear all wonderful, but as you get to know them, their ugliness leaks out. The Nila story plays off this aspect of duality. For individuals, and life in general, uncertainty ebbs and flows. This creates our drama, what moves our chest board pieces. Is a parent good or bad when they punish a child for bad behavior?

Q. Last question. Tell me about Kate?
SETH. She is my first love. The first person I wanted to express my feelings with, and even more frightening, expose my skin to. At the same time—my duality and inner conflict—to hide my imperfections from her even more.

Kate is complex. She’s in a situation that requires heartache, but I don’t see this. I only glimpse the side she allows me to see. Also, my immaturity creates unnecessary pain in my heart. Yet, I yearn for companionship, love and affection. What I eventually learn through “Her” is that love is simply two hearts resonating with one another?

Author of Oaf in Ophir and Oaf in Bear River, Daniel shares his passion for inspiring and uplifting stories—where entering the realm of the magical and spiritual blend with the heartbeat of all life—and creatures see answers to those deep questions that stir within us. Daniel received two BAs from the University of California Santa Barbara and spent most of his career as an IT programmer, but his passion is creating stories.



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