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Kitty Honeycutt ~ 4th interview and her novel ~ Where This World Ends

Kitty Honeycutt

Where This World Ends
(A Collection of Short Stories From Masquerade de Minuit)
ISBN: 978-1985075122
GENRE: Supernatural Thriller

KEYWORDS: vampires, werewolf, shifters, monsters, sexual depravity, human nature, predators, fantasy, New Orleans, masquerade, the abyss, darkness, dark fantasy, supernatural, paranormal

Where this World ends there is another World inhabited by creatures that come from the imaginations of multiple people. Step inside their minds and meet them...


Many of these short stories have the same characters in them, in different times and in different places. This is the first book of chronicles of role play that started on AOL years ago up until it’s demise.  All stories in this book take place in New Orleans in the 1800’s. The stories are collaborations by many people but mostly by my writing partner Amber Rendon and myself. We hope you’ll enjoy them, they are in their true form, some editing done for aesthetics as well as grammar and while I cannot promise they are in order to complete a whole story, I have done the best I could to put them together in such a way that each story is unique yet fits into the whole of a novel. There is something for everyone in this collection; vampires, werewolves, sex, seduction, blood and tears. This book is a celebration of a montage of writers from many places. We thank you for reading and wait in humble gratitude for your opinions and reviews.

Kitty Honeycutt


Q: If your life were a movie, would it be considered an action film, comedy, drama, romance, fantasy or a combination?
A: I would go with drama all the way. There are a lot of comedy elements but mostly drama. I have had quite the life including being homeless at one point and I can say that I’ve seen the best and the worst in people.

Q: Tell me one thing that your spouse does that really endears him/her to you. One thing that annoys you. These can be tiny little things, actually the smaller the better.
A: Everything about my spouse annoys me. We are getting a divorce, I think that sums it up.

Q: Did you like school when you were a child?
A: I loved it! I was a straight A student for most of my school career until high school. I think that is always the hardest. High school was not that fun for me.


Q: Which of your own releases was your particular favorite?
A: It’s not released yet but will be soon, I think it would have to be Crazy Cat Lady simply because of how the story came about. My cat Salem inspired it as I got the idea while he was lying across my stomach in bed one night.

Q: How do you handle a writer's block?
A: I’ve not had it yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to come back and let you know.

Q: Do you write longhand first, or does it go straight into the computer?
A: Right now it goes straight to computer. I’m losing a lot of feeling in my hands and I’m having trouble actually holding a pen or pencil and writing so I always like to type, it makes it a lot easier.

Q: Are you a sit down and play it by ear kind of writer, or do you need a structured guideline, or maybe a little of both?
A: I do a bit of both. I structure first most of the time but it always ends up changing some so I suppose I’d be a structured spur of the moment writer. ;)


Q: How can we find you? Do you have a web page, FaceBook page or any buy links?
A: Yes, I do. Here are the links.

EMAIL: author.kitty.honeycutt@gmail.com
SOCIAL MEDIA: https://www.facebook.com/authorkdhoneycutt/?ref=bookmarks

Buy links:
PAPERBACK LINK: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1985075121/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1517971598&sr=8-2&keywords=kitty+honeycutt


Anger, frustration and the inability to think straight had led him to this. It had been almost a month since he’d had a fresh catch and tonight he could bear it no more.  Dressed to impeccable taste as always the patron of the arts left the mansion but with one intent… and that was to find a good meal.  Upon entering the French Quarter he took stock with abysmal eyes, roving over the many delectable choices and listening to the whispers in their mind as they passed.  There was one… hair a bit unusual much like that of his Dove and she loitered beside a cart of fresh vegetables.  The smell of old money wafted from her form as though every sway of her body released the perfume upon the air calling out to him and causing him to still his steps.  His hands clasped in front of him he watched her through a veil of passersby and counted each precious second in his mind until he had a clear path for the connection.  He gained her name from the shopkeeper’s lips and a smile curled his tiers and never did they part as he repeated that name to be bourn upon the winds and carried to her mind. “Miss DeLuca….”  She turned to face him and he captured her eyes for a moment before she turned back to the cart.  Again her name was sent as a beacon, “Miss DeLucaaa…” This time she did not turn though shook her head as though she thought she was going insane. 

 Armand couldn’t help it, he needed to play with his food for a while, so again he spoke within her mind this time it was not simply her name. “I want to touch you…. Can’t you feel me touching you?” An image sent as well, fleeting but detailed of his fingers upon her neck as she tilted her head to the side, digits running down to her collar bone and over the gentle swell of one breast.  He watched as her eyes closed and her body seemed to move in that subtle way as though she were responding.  The shopkeeper looked at her as though she were insane and suddenly realizing she jerked upright and grabbed the small basket of goods from him before turning sharply and that’s when he caught her gaze again. “Come to me…”  Still his lips never once betrayed the ventriloquist act and only lifted more into a sublime smile as she hurried across the street and to his side.  He offered his arm, she took it as though in a daze and began to walk with him back toward the Devereaux Mansion.  She was trembling, oh how delicious it was when they trembled and as he looked her over he had an idea.  It was an idea that was taken from the well within him, the one that now harbored anger and torment for what his family was being put through.  It had been too long since he’d taken pleasure in what he was and so this poor girl would pay the price… of his lust, desires… 

 Leading her through the gate, the guards simply nodded. Yes, ghouls they were under the thrall of the house of course as were the servants and Armand was good to them, secrets would never be betrayed even under the duress of torture.  Every step she took she’d realize that it was a nail in her coffin but she could do nothing to stop herself.  Completely in his control and even through her horror as well as her fear she still longed to feel his touch as she’d felt it in the Quarter.  Trevor opened the door as though he knew his master was there and Armand led her inside.  Guiding her to the staircase at the side of the larger one he helped her navigate the steps until they reached the landing.  From there she tried to turn with the last bit of mind still under her own control and he lifted her like a child, carrying her into his room.  The door closed and locked just for good measure though none would disturb him here.  He took her to his bed and lay her upon the soft mattress.  For the first time she’d hear actual words leave his lips and those smoldering eyes seemed to travel the full length of her body making her shudder with a mixture of desire and fright. “Shhh, it will bit alright, it’s not your time just yet.”  No, in fact he intended to take his time.  He came to rest at her side, hands lifted to undo the bindings of her gown and she could not move, paralyzed by what she had seen in his eyes. 

Kitty Honeycutt is the single mother of an amazing daughter whom she currently homeschool’s. She is a publisher for over 100 authors, a writer, an entrepreneur, a singer and an animal and human rights activist.

Her household is comprised of various creatures that include, but are not limited to:

Two Chihuahua’s (Lobo) & (Tinkerbell) Eleven cats (Merlin), (Pandra), (Salem), (Mythian), (Sabrina), (Austin), (Mestofelees), (Tantomile aka Miley), (Zoey, aka Jadiss), (Willow Pixie), (Totoro aka Tiny) Five fish, (Pumpkin), (Thing 2), & (Orca the Oscar Fish) Two Ball Pythons, (Dragon) & (Gryffin) Four Bearded Dragons, (Rexie), (Chubby aka Kingsley), (Samantha) & (Georgia) One Crested Gecko, (Copper) Two Uromastyx, (Mary) & (Elizabeth) Two Aquatic Turtles, (Purple) & (Myrtle) and eleven babies that have yet to be named. One Desert Tortoise, (Bubble).

*As you can see she is also a part-time zoo-keeper.*

 She sometimes writes under the pseudonym Kitty 'de Chatfou and her first book “Crazy Cat Lady” is due out this year 2018, and will be her first published work.

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