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Loc Glin ~ presents ~ Unleashing the Woman Within (A Mystic Museum Novella)

Mature content.
If you're younger than 18 please explore elsewhere

Successful and relatively happy, Rowena is surprised to find out that she is living a lie. Her introduction to BDSM is unorthodox, to say the least, but the Universe knows what is in her heart and endeavors to show her that she can have it all. For excerpts and first chapters:

Rowena Milestone, corporate executive, has an accomplished career. Yet one thing eludes her. Try as she might she can’t seem to have an orgasm even though she likes sex. Her position in the corporate man’s world tends to intimidate her dates. They perform well enough in bed, but they just don’t push her over the edge, until she meets Stephen.

Stephen Sloan has a secret. He belongs to a very special, no holds barred, anything goes sex club. He never thought he’d meet anyone like Rowena there, so he wanted to believe her outrageous story that she didn’t know how she’d gotten there. When she disappeared without a trace he knew she’d been telling the truth. Now armed with three pieces of information he is determined to find her.

Rowena was devastated when the curator of the museum couldn’t help. Minerva had said, "If the universe is willing, he will come to you." Fat chance she has of that happening.

Note: This book contains forced seduction.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Story Excerpt:
Rowena hailed a cab, her impeccable red manicure flashing as her hand waved at the passing vehicles. She looked every inch the corporate executive that she was. Her black hair was cut in a precise bob, feminine, but it could not be considered sexy. It was functional and suited her busy lifestyle. Her expensive tailored suit fit her perfectly. Her heels were a bit more stiletto then they should be, but she liked her shoes. They enabled her to express her feminine side.

She could by no means be considered beautiful. Her strong features were feminine enough when she let go of her business demeanor. That business demeanor was what got her to the top. She was a formidable foe.

Her competitive spirit is what made her love butting heads with the men that controlled her corporate world. She was good at her job, and she loved to prove it. Unfortunately that left very little time for a personal life, and no time for romance.

She hoped her date tonight would break the long run of disappointing men she’d met in the last year.


Rowena slipped into her clothes as quietly as possible. She picked up her shoes then tiptoed out of the bedroom.

This is why she never went back to her apartment with the date. She didn’t like sneaking out into the night like a thief, but she’d learned it was easier for her and for the man if she did. She’d suffered through enough uncomfortable breakfasts, embarrassing good-byes, and the untruthful “I’ll call you” to know when to cut her losses.

There had to be a man out there who could surprise her, someone who could bring her to orgasm. She’d had one, so she knew they existed. She was getting tired of searching for another. It was always so close and yet so far. She liked sex. She liked it a lot. Why else would she keep trying?

The men she met didn’t want to push the limits with her. She was intimidating at times. She tried to keep that aspect of her personality under control. When on the date, she tried to be just another woman. She was beginning to think that was a lost cause. All a man could see was the powerful corporate executive that she was. Conversation usually bought that fact up.

This man had almost made it, but this would be their last date. They’d had sex on the second and on the third dates. At least six times over the course of the two dates. She’d give him credit for that much. He pleasured her well enough. Unfortunately she was left still searching for that elusive orgasm. She decided to cut her losses and not invest any more time with him. A phone conversation later today would be sufficient. If he wanted to meet in person, she would do that. Sometimes that would happen. It wouldn’t happen with this one. Eric wasn’t emotionally invested in her. She knew that. This would not come as a surprise to him.

* * * *

Two weeks ago she’d had the breakup conversation with Eric. She hadn’t gone out since. It had been a while since she’d been inside a museum. Why she had the urge to go tonight was beyond her. She didn’t have anything better to do so why not?

She looked up at the full moon. In her peripheral vision she saw an elegant woman dressed in black. It seemed as though the woman was looking at her. The woman was shaking her head with an odd expression.

Rowena entered Minerva’s Mystic Museum through the beautifully carved double doors. It wasn’t long before she was impressed with the unusual and eclectic collection. She walked from one area to the next.

She stood in front of one painting for quite some time. A dark-haired, bare-chested man stood with his legs spread apart. He wore black leather pants and boots. He had a Zorro or Lone Ranger mask covering his eyes. She could swear those dark and brooding eyes were staring at her. His wrists were covered in leather. One hand held a blindfold, the other handcuffs. Both were fisted and planted on his hips. The room in which he stood was plain. The drab olive-green walls made his figure seem all the more vibrant and alive.

What would it be like to be dominated by a man like that? Her fingers twitched just thinking about touching that muscled body. Her private regions became warm and moist.

She moved away from the picture, tried to occupy her mind with something else, but somehow her feet found their way back to it. She looked up and frowned at the painting before her.

“He is a fine specimen, is he not?” A female voice said from behind her.

Rowena turned her head. She looked the woman up and down and recalled the woman dressed in black that she’d seen while outside. “Yes, I suppose he is.”

“I am Minerva, curator of the museum.”

Rowena nodded. “I’ve never been here before. Truthfully I didn’t know it existed.”

“People find us when the time is right for them.” Minerva offered her hand.

Rowena frowned, but took Minerva’s hand. “I am Rowena Milestone.”

Minerva looked her right in the eye, something most people found difficult to do. She’d been told her gaze made people nervous. Minerva’s gaze made her nervous. She felt like her insides were being turned inside out and twisted about.

Minerva frowned. “I would never have guessed…as you wish,” she whispered.

“Excuse me?” Rowena said.

“I’m sorry. I was thinking out loud. It is nice to make your acquaintance, Rowena Milestone,” Minerva said. She released Rowena’s hand. “Safe journey,” she said over her shoulder as she moved away.

Rowena looked at the woman’s retreating back. Nice dress, she thought as she passed out.

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Loc Glin ~ presents ~ Dulce Isle (A Mystic Museum Novella)

Through the Mystic Museum the “powers that be” have sent Adrian to Dulce Isle…a place where he is destined to find an end to his heartbreaking inner turmoil and a new future filled with ‘love’ as he had never dreamed possible.


All through dinner Rosa watched the interaction between Adrian and Jon. Was Adrian interested in what Jon was offering? She couldn’t tell.

She was afraid another poor choice in men wouldn’t bode well for Jon. His last two partners were fickle. Jon needed a strong, stable relationship, not the flings these young people offered. Not that she and Jon were all that old. They were about the same age, although she’d never admit that she was very close to thirty-six.

Jon was sentimental and sweet. If he gave his love to someone, then that someone was his world. On Dulce Isle, especially here in Vista Bay, one’s sexual preference was never an issue. What was Adrian’s sexual preference? She’d felt something click between them, but she also saw the tentative glances Adrian was sharing with Jon.

Dulce Isle is an erotic ménage a trios romance, M/M/F with paranormal elements and a HEA. Heat level is rated SEXTREME by Siren-BookStrand Publishing. For adult excerpt and 1st chapter vsit

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Loc Glin ~ presents ~ Howling at the Moon (A Mystic Museum Novella)

Meet this full moon’s mystic walker!

Randy wasn’t the first man that had called her frigid. She was afraid he wouldn’t be the last. She liked sex well enough. She was just shy and reserved. A man wouldn’t respect her if she acted on the primal urges she sometimes felt. She repressed those urges, they were dangerous. She controlled what she considered unnatural desires. A normal woman didn’t feel the hunger she experienced. It took all her control to keep it at bay, so she appeared cold and lifeless.

Join Carolyn as she discovers she was born into those primal urges. Come and meet the three shape-shifting men that teach her losing control is part of her birthright.

This Erotic Romance, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Shape-shifter novella’s heat level is rated, Sextreme by Siren-BookStrand Publishing. Howling at the Moon is a fast paced easy read that is certain to heat you up and have you squirming in your seat. It is perfect reading for a lazy afternoon, or as a pre-bedtime warm-up.

Visit for the adult excerpt and first chapter.

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Loc Glin ~ presents ~ The Curse of Winford Manor

A Mainstream Romance, Paranormal, Time Travel 
Heat level rated, Sensual, by Siren-BookStrand Publishing

The Curse of Winford Manor is a sweet love story perfectly suited to those who enjoy romance and a good story. With only one mildly erotic sex scene, this book is more about the journey love takes than the pleasures of the body.

What about the curse, you ask? Ah...that's where the mystery comes in.

Are you interested in an excerpt, or the first chapter? Or maybe read a review? Visit

Fish for breakfast, yuck, Leslie thought as she made her choices. Some eggs, sausage, and toast would do nicely this morning. She noticed a newspaper at the end of the serving table. Holding the plate and utensils in one hand, she picked it up. September 5, 1910. It was all she could do to not drop her plate. This had to be some elaborate joke. She stood there staring at the paper in her hand. She just couldn’t wrap her mind around what seemed to be staring her right in the face. Somehow she had traveled back in time. “Is this a current paper?” she asked. She hoped her voice didn’t sound as shaky as she felt.

“It is a few days old,” James answered.

“I was afraid of that,” she whispered.

“Are you current with events?” he asked. “Not many women are interested in the news. My Emily was. Emily was interested in everything.” His voice trailed off as he turned inward and frowned. Leslie watched his expression change. His brows furrowed, and he moved his head as if rejecting an annoying thought. “No, I’m sorry, I’m not. But you can bring me up to date if you like,” she said as she returned the paper to the table.

Her reply pulled him from his morbid thoughts. “I look forward to it.”

Rose began to fume. “Oh, no, you won’t,” she growled into her napkin. She loosened her tight lips and relaxed her angry expression before removing the napkin from her mouth. “James, may I get anything for you? More coffee perhaps?” she asked sweetly.

“No, thank you, Rose. I’m quite all right.”

“Where is the coffee?” Leslie asked. “I’m dying for a cup.”

“Do you like coffee, Leslie?” Sir James asked.

“I love it, especially Dunkin’ Donuts. Give me a regular, coconut, light and sweet, and I’m in heaven,” she said then realized her mistake. There was no Dunkin’ Donuts in 1910. She cleared her throat. “Yes, I do like coffee.”

“The coffee is over here, dear. Help yourself and join me.” Margaret motioned to the table not far from her.

Leslie put her plate down near Margaret. Then she went to the table and poured her coffee. She needed it strong and black today. She tasted it. “Can’t seem to cut out the sugar, no matter how hard I try.” She added two teaspoons and stirred.

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Loc Glin ~ pesents ~ Anonymouos

Genre: Contemporary
Length: 21,305 words
IMPRINT: Erotic Romance
Copyright © 2012 by Loc Glin
E-book ISBN: 978-1-61926-703-9

Jennifer Hartstrum has trouble with men. Her relationship with an abusive father left her with a speech impediment that flares up only when she dates. Her friend talks her into trying an exciting new dating experience, the Anonymous Club, a place where a date is an adventure and fantasies can come true. One must choose an alias, and anonymity is guaranteed.

Andrew Martin is looking for a woman who can keep up with him outside of the bedroom as well as in bed. He tries the Anonymous Club with low expectations.

When Jennifer and Andrew meet, it is Chemistry 101. Have they found what they are looking for? In a world of aliases and mystery, is anyone really who they say they are? What happens when anonymity is good for one but not the other?

“So how did it go last night?” Megan asked as she crossed the ugly, black-and-white, checked kitchen floor.

“Umm,” Jennifer hedged.

“You’re speechless? Is that good or bad?”

“It was the best sex I ever had.” She took a sip of her coffee.

“That’s good, right?” Megan sat down on the other side of the table.


“So you’re going to see him again?”

“I don’t know.” Jennifer gently massaged her temples, and then ran her fingers through her hair.

“What do you mean? What’s wrong with the guy?”


“Then why doesn’t he want to see you again?”

“It’s not him, it’s me.” Jennifer leaned back in the chair. Her fingers were clasped together behind her head, holding her hair away from her face.

“I don’t understand.”

“He is rich,” Jennifer said, throwing her hands into the air.


“What would a rich man want with me?”

“What’s not to want? You’re smart, and I know you don’t think so, but you’re beautiful.”

“I have a speech impediment.”

“No, you don’t.”

“I stutter whenever I’m around men.”

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Loc Glin ~ presents ~ Undivided Attention (A Mystic Museum Novella)

A Siren Erotic Romance Now available at Bookstrand
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Sci-Fi Romance, bondage, spanking, HEA]

On the eve of her wedding, Korina discovers the rumors of her betrothed’s hideous looks are true. Fearing the stories of his brutality are also factual she takes drastic action. The result of which lands her in an alien dimension.

Five years later she is compelled to visit Minerva’s Mystic Museum. The ‘powers that be’ have interceded giving her the chance to change that destiny. 

Korina is sent home where she discovers it is the morning of her wedding day. Determined to do the right thing, she marries Adam. 

Witches are not unknown to Korina, so how will she handle the curse that has divided her husband into two men? 

Adam is caring and kind. Arun is, well, a bastard! Unbeknownst to her they are two halves of the whole man she has married. 

Will Adam’s ugly face and Arun’s kinky sexual desires send her running home? Or, will she stay with her husband, honoring her betrothal commitment? 

Does Korina have a kinky side as well? 

How will she break the curse? Does she want to?

"I'm about to ruin her life. I should have a heart and back out of this betrothal. Her parents will agree now that they've see me.” Adam’s eyes found Berbir. “I just can't," he sighed. "I need someone. That's something I never thought I'd admit."

He almost laughed. His arrogance and conceit were what had gotten him into this predicament in the first place.
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Friday, August 17, 2018

Julia Kent ~ presents ~ Shopping for a CEO's Honeymoon

Out Now
Shopping for A CEO’s Honeymoon 
(Book 14 in the Shopping series) by Julia Kent 

Release date: July 15, 2018
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance

He says we never had a proper honeymoon.
So, instead, he’s giving me… a prepper honeymoon?
Who knew billionaire preppers were a thing?
I guess I’m about to find out.

Julia Kent’s New York Times bestselling romantic comedy series continues in Shopping for a CEO’s Honeymoon as Andrew and Amanda settle in to married life… and so much more.

I am eating a piece of grilled white asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, drizzled with melted manchego cheese and coated in crushed pistachio, when my friend and co-worker Josh ruins my culinary orgasm by bringing up my honeymoon.

More specifically, my lack of a honeymoon.

And all I can do is grunt.

“I’m just saying,” he says with a sigh as he waves his bacon-wrapped, goat-cheese-stuffed date around on its toothpick like he’s the conductor of the Boston Pops doing a tapas bar gig, “you married a freaking billionaire. You deserve a honeymoon.”

“It’s not about what Amanda does or doesn’t deserve,” Carol insists on my behalf. As I chew, I give her a look that either says thank you or is so indecent, I need a cigarette and a fan, because damn, that asparagus is good.

“What is it about?”

“It’s about what they want. I mean, my God, Josh! Andrew bought her an estate as a wedding gift. I think he’s got all the good-husband bases covered.”

“Pfft. That? He’s a billionaire! That’s to be expected.”

“You’re pooh-poohing my husband’s gift to me? An estate in Weston, Massachusetts? It’s one of the most expensive zip codes in the country,” I say, parroting his affect.

“Hello? Billionaire? For him, that’s like buying a cheap condo behind the railroad tracks in Clinton. Declan bought Shannon an entire coffee chain.”

“This isn’t a competition,” I say, alarm making my pinot noir taste like vinegar.

“And he managed to give her a nice honeymoon in Hawaii.”

I lean in. “Define nice. Because those two still refuse to talk about their honeymoon.”

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Author Bio:
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent writes romantic comedy with an edge. From billionaires to BBWs to new adult rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every contemporary romance she writes. Unlike Shannon from Shopping for a Billionaire, she did not meet her husband after dropping her phone in a men's room toilet (and he isn't a billionaire). She lives in New England with her husband and three sons in a household where the toilet seat is never, ever, down

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Mark Morrison ~ 2nd guest post and his novel ~ Two Spells

On the Grill
Q: Do you use your grill during the winter?
A: Of course. Any season is awesome!

Q: What is your favorite grilled food?
A: Chicken.

Q: Do you have a recipe you’d like to share? It doesn’t have to be for meat. Any picnic food will do. If you are vegan this is your time to shine. 
A: Hawaiian Burgers. My father taught me how to make them. He mixed hamburger meat with eggs, Italian bread crumbs and honey then made patties grilled them and topped then with a pineapple ring, American cheese and a black or green olive in the center hole.

Q: What kind of grill do you prefer? Propane, charcoal, other? Why?
A: Propane because it's the easiest, most reliable and I believe the food taste better.

Q: What is your favorite BBQ/picnic menu?
A: Meat, chips and soda pop.

Q: Who man’s the BBQ in your house? By that I mean ~ Who is the designated cook? I personally find it interesting that a man will not cook a “normal” dinner, but has no problem taking on grill responsibilities.
A: I am but in our home of 35 years, I do a lot of the cooking inside as well.

Q: How do you like your steak cooked? Rare, medium, well done? Is this a taste preference or a healthy choice? Personally, I prefer rare, damn the consequences! lol
A: Medium rare. And I love your answer better though.

Q: Do you dress for the grill? If you watch commercials the person at the grill has at least an apron and sometimes a chef’s hat on, what about you?
A: I dress for comfort only.

Q: Would you consider grilling in the nude dangerous?
A: If I'm the nude one it may be dangerous for the neighbor's mental stability.

Q: Do you have an interesting or funny BBQ/picnic story for us?
A: Yes. My family and my best friends were at Venice beach in Florida. My friend lit his BBQ grill that was sitting right next to the picnic table which had a paper tablecloth covering it and being held down by all the food for the day. Both families left for what we thought would be a short walk to let the charcoal get warmed up for lunch but completely forgot about it while getting caught up in a silly touristy shell hunting ritual. Needless to say with the not so gentle beach breeze blowing across the picnic table and paper not getting along so well with fire, we had a four alarm situation shortly into our now shortened stay at the beach that day. Two firetrucks and an admonishment from the Venice fire chief, we concluded the day laughing about what happened in a local Burger King.

TwoSpells is a magical tale about teenage twins, Sarah and Jon, who find out that they're heirs to an ancient, magical realm containing an enchanted library that can transport a reader to anywhere or anytime the author has written into a story. They soon realize that moving through the uncharted inner-sanctums of multidimensional worlds isn't the safest nor wisest of choices.

Both are emboldened with a wondrous mystical gift that no being has ever possessed. But fate intervenes pulling them into an evolving inter-dimensional war between their kind, Irregulars, and treacherous evil forces flowing from parallel universes looking to claim the library's unique magical enchantment as their own portal to besieging and conquering all realms outside their own.

The two must rescue their world from a phantom hybrid alien race controlled by a demented dark-wizard, Jeremy Sermack. They'll either assimilate or be exterminated.

Will they embrace their true identities as Irregulars and become the valiant saviours the prophets envisioned, or will they retreat to the perceived safety of their distant homeland populated with the Regulars?

THE FRONT DOOR LAY FLATTENED, hinges bent and twisted and the sliding bolt-lock contorted. The door jam was broken and splintered.

“What is this?” Grandpa roared, waving his walking stick at the mountainous intruders. “Which one of ya’ is gonna pay for all this?”

The dust settled and the two ominous figures stood just outside the doorway, the bright moon blazing behind them. Tattooed across their pale blue foreheads were the numbers thirty-seven and thirty-eight. Each was stuffed into a suit two sizes too small and busting at the seams, barely able to contain their hulking, muscular bodies. Black, wraparound sunglasses hid their eyes from view and Sarah could tell that something strange lay behind them. One muttered into a small microphone curled toward his lips and the other stared straight ahead.

Grandpa rolled up behind them. “Collectors!”

“Collectors?” Sarah whispered to Jon. He shrugged.

“You know why here,” Thirty-seven grunted, flipping one side of his jacket open and exposing a peculiar gold badge attached to his belt. It was a cluster of mechanical gears embedded with astrological symbols and a mechanical winged dragon clinging to a peculiar orbs.

“We do not!” Grandma shouted, leaning on her walker.

“Overdue book,” the other one boomed, holding out a six fingered hand.

“I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about ya’ thug,” Grandma said, rolling her walker closer. “Who’s gonna fix me door?”

The Collectors muttered something in another language to one another.

“We haven’t even been ta’ the bloody library in years,” Grandpa argued. “Ya’ have that written in your records?”

Thirty-seven moved closer, his hand out again. “Special text overdue.”

Sarah and Jon eased backward a little. The tone of its voice sounded threatening.


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Monday, August 13, 2018

Ellie Barker ~ presents ~ For Queen and Country

If you're younger than 18 please explore elsewhere.
Adult language and mature content.

Out Now – For Queen and Country, Undercover Lovers: Book Three by Ellie Barker (@sinfulpress @EllieBa3)

Released on July 13th 2018 from Sinful Press, For Queen and Country is the new LGBT erotic crime novella by Ellie Barker, and is the final novella in the Undercover Lovers trilogy.

For Queen and Country concludes the story of Nikolas, a bisexual police mole, and Sky, a transgender thief, as they work to infiltrate the local crime syndicate. Ellie Barker has created a fast paced and highly entertaining trilogy, with a diverse range of characters, various sexual encounters, and unconventional romance. Secrets and Spies, the first in the trilogy, was released in May 2018, and In Bed with the Enemy, the second book in the trilogy, was released in July 2018.

The Undercover Lovers trilogy is Amazon exclusive for a limited time before being released across all main platforms. It is available to read through Kindle Unlimited.

Nikolas Jinsen, police mole and mafia odd-job man, is given an ultimatum; stop seeing his girlfriend, or lose his job. When a hasty attempt to keep both goes wrong, he does the only thing he can think of: he lies. But with his new roommate a member of the elite gang that Nikolas has been tasked to look into, and his assignations with his girlfriend constantly interrupted by calls on his services as a lover, Nikolas finds that work isn't all fun and games.

For Queen and Country is a light-hearted erotic crime novella with LGBT themes.

There’s something about fucking people I hate that I absolutely love.

It’s partly the pleasure. I can make them writhe, moan, plead for me to just keep doing what I’m doing. I can stop, teasing and taunting, sliding in and out slowly, flicking a clit or a nipple with my fingers or tongue. I can reduce them to a begging, panting mess just by using my body and my cock.
And it’s partly the sense of power. It’s being able to bend them naked over whatever I want, grip their hips, thrust in again and again. I love the way my hips slam into their skin, the way my fingers pinch and tug flesh, eliciting moans of pleasure even when I’m hurting them.

And it’s definitely the ability to make them orgasm. I can make them scream and groan, squirt over my fingers or pulse cum over their skin. I can draw it out, getting that build-up oh oh oh! until it snaps and they shake, jerking under me, held by my hands and cock and mouth as they can’t control their pleasure.

To see someone I hate at my command, helpless under my tongue, is really satisfying.
Case in point: Tanya Mardos. Blonde, large-breasted, round-assed, and quite frankly one of the biggest bitches I’ve ever met. She was a bitch to my girlfriend, and she’s a bitch to most of the people around her. She’s also a grade-A bitch when it comes to business, mostly because she doesn’t shy away from the illegal side of things.

She’s usually quite nice to me, but that’s because I have a cock and I know how to make her come—multiple times, if necessary. I’m a tool that she likes, especially right now, because I’ve just given her a screaming orgasm in her favourite position: up against the floor-to-ceiling windows of her penthouse, with everyone outside able to see her hot, naked body.

Not that they can, incidentally, because security dictates the glass is one-way. But it’s a fantastic illusion, and considering Tanya is an exhibitionist, she makes the most of it.

She’d just finished making the most of it, and headed back into the room to pick up a drink from the desk as I wiped my face and remembered how to breathe.

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Author Bio:
Ellie mostly writes short'n'dirty flash fiction and short erotic fiction in any genre going. She prefers vampires over werewolves, and is always hot for a rainy night.

You can find out more about Ellie over at, or follow her on Twitter as @EllieBa3

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