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Quentin Smith ~ character interview and his novel ~ Sweet Bergamasque

TITLE: Sweet Bergamasque
RELEASE DATE: June 25, 2017
AUTHOR: Quentin Smith
CATEGORIES: Historical/Military/Adventure
ISBN: 978-1544887418
IMPRINT: White Stag

KEYWORDS: War, Wine, Adventure, Romance, Tragedy, France, Historical

How the French kept their best wines from the Germans in WW2: wine maker Jean-Marc joins the resistance to steal back their national treasure.

Jean-Marc is nurturing his first decent Bordeaux vintage in a decade when the German army invades France in June 1940. His decision not to flee with his wife and children will haunt him throughout the war, but when he loses his wine farm to the occupiers and is forced to hide in his neighbour’s cave cellars, the opportunity to join the maquis and retaliate is irresistible. Amongst his new comrades is the enigmatic Monique and their journey is one of bravery, unexpected romance and eventual tragedy, leaving Jean-Marc out for revenge.

QS: When did you first start making wine, Jean-Marc?
JM: I started helping my papa when I was old enough to hold secateurs, maybe five or six years old. And I never stopped, not until the Germans came.

QS: That must have been incredibly hard for you.
JM: Watching my wife and children leave without me was hard, hiding in my cellar while the Germans drank my wine and wrecked my house was… but when I had to abandon my farm and hide like a rat in Alphonse’s cellars…Mon Dieu…

QS: Do you regret not returning to your vineyards after the war?
JM: (hesitates) What kind of question is that?

QS: Well, I was just thinking that if you had continued making wine you may not have ended up where you are now.
JM: You mean in prison?

QS: (nods)
JM: How could I go back to making wine with my family gone, with Monique gone and the passion, the flame, extinguished inside me?

QS: It must have been difficult.
JM: (shrugs and draws on his Gauloise)

QS: Did you think your wife and children would return?
JM: (pause) When I heard they had been deported to Germany, to concentration camps, along with so many others, I knew…

QS: I’m sorry.
JM: I never expected to meet someone like Monique, you know. I married Isabelle when I was 19 and I knew nothing else, I was happy, but Monique… she… (shakes his head)

QS: If you hadn’t been a wine maker what would you like to have been?
JM: (thinks and then smiles) I loved working in the cinema after the war. The magic of the movies. (eyes sparkle) I loved the American films especially, you know we were not allowed to show them for six years during the occupation, but I saw them all afterwards. Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Ingrid Bergman – oo-la-la.

QS: You used to…
JM: You know what I really love about American cinema? Popcorn. In France we always had cheese and bread, never popcorn.

QS: You enjoyed working with the open air cinema.
JM: I loved it.

QS: Do you regret doing what you did?
JM: (inhaling sharply) Never. They deserved what they got, I know they weren’t innocent. Monique never deserved what they did to her.

QS: Do they ever bring you wine in prison?
JM: (shakes his head)

QS: Do you miss it?
JM: Every minute of every day.
(Keys rattle in the door)

QS: Good luck Jean-Marc, thank you for talking to me.
JM: Good luck? You know I am for the guillotine, no?
(Policeman enters and ushers JM out.)
JM: Tell Alphonse to take care of Chateau Cardinale for me. Tell him.

QS: I will.

In addition to being an anaesthetist, Quentin Smith has a long-standing passion for writing. He has published articles and papers in The British Journal of Anaesthesia, Anaesthesia News, Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Hospital Medicine, Today’s Anaesthetist, Spark, and Insight.

Following a five year term as editor of Today’s Anaesthetist, he undertook creative writing study through The Writing School, New College Durham, The London School of Journalism including a coveted place on the Curtis Brown Creative fiction course in 2014.

He is the author of three previously published novels: The Secret Anatomy of Candles (Matador 2012); Huber’s Tattoo (Matador 2014); 16mm of Innocence (Matador 2015). Huber’s Tattoo was runner-up in The People’s Book Prize 2015 and 16mm of Innocence was a finalist in The People’s Book Prize 2016. His recent novels reveal his interest in European history and the Second World War in particular.



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Friday, April 27, 2018

Kitty 'de Chatou ~ an interview and her novela ~ Crazy Cat Lady

Kitty Honeycutt
Writing as:
Kitty 'de Chatfou

TITLE: Crazy Cat Lady
RELEASE DATE: February 23, 2018
AUTHOR: Kitty 'de Chatfou
ISBN: 978-1984927071
IMPRINT: Dark Serpent
CATEGORIES: Horror/Occult


KEYWORDS: horror, cats, crazy, old ladies, witch, magick, magic, occult, Seth, demon cats, demons, old house, country, backwoods horror, Sampson County, North Carolina, Godwin NC, stillborn, wisewoman, witch hunt

A horrifying look into what happens when nature is misunderstood and an old crone that harmed no one is now out for revenge.

In 1962 they thought she was dead, all they had to do was burn the old house down with her and those damnable cats in it and everything would be normal again. No more odd antics from the Crazy Cat Lady no more death. But what they didn't realize is there was much more to her relationship with her beloved cats than met the eye. Love, trust, and the bonds of a mother to her children all played a part to the insanity the town people thought raged within the crone's mind.

It's now 2018 and the stories have not ceased. Instead it seems the legend of the 'Crazy Cat Lady' have grown more horrifying than ever before prompting the local children to take a visit. Most have only come within a few feet of the old half burned house. They would stand, staring at the place, watching the creepy cats mill about the area, climbing along porch railings meowing plaintively. But three high school boys decide to take it a bit further one night which begins a horrifying look into what happens when nature is misunderstood and an old crone that harmed no one is now out for revenge.


Q: Snack of choice – chips, pretzels, popcorn, or cookies, cake, candy? Or maybe you’re a healthy snacker - fruit, yogurt, nuts, raisins?
A: Chips, cookies, cake, candy fruit, yogurt, nuts, raisins, I don’t discriminate. I like it all that is why I’m short, fluffy and happy!

Q: Have you ever been too embarrassed to promote any certain titles to friends or family?
A: Never, I promote all titles and I do have some erotic authors so I never feel as though I can’t promote a title. There are so many people out there with different tastes that I know if they don’t like a book they won’t buy it, and if they do they will. Nothing really embarrasses me. However, I would not support or market a book that had incest, pedophilia or rape in it.

Q: Favorite color?
A: Green, I love green because it usually looks great on me!


Q: When crafting the story do you go from beginning to end, or do you jump around writing the scenes that are pushing themselves forward in your brain?
A: There have been times that I jump but for the most part it’s from beginning to end.

Q: Do you always know how a story will end when you begin writing it?
A: I do but along the way that can always change.

Q: Have your characters ever taken the story in a different direction than you had originally planned? Do you have a for instance, for us?
A: All of the time. I have that happen so much it’s insane. I always tell everyone that I suffer from multi-personality disorder, I mean what writer doesn’t but my characters feel especially alive to me at times and I can’t make them behave!

Q: What geographical locations are your favorite and why?
A: North Caroline because it’s where I live and Georgia because it’s where I was born.


Q: How can we find you? Do you have a web page, FaceBook page or any buy links?
A: Yes, I do. Here are the links.



Chapter Three

At first as the boys entered everything seemed pretty normal. For the house being as old as it was, the floor was quite sturdy and Tommy actually relaxed a little. He still didn’t want to go any further though so he spoke up. “Hey man, Jerry… uh, I think this is far enough, let’s take the picture and get the hell out of here.” Jerry turned around and shined his flashlight right in Tommy’s face. “Fine, wuss puss.” He reached to get his phone out of his pocket and beckoned Tommy over to stand beside him. Jerry held the phone up ‘selfie style’ and snapped the picture. Then they started to head back toward the front door. They had made it only mid way what must have been the living room at one time when they heard an awful den coming from the stairs and before either of them could say anything the cats were upon them.

They ranged in all sizes, some were small, some large and some medium but the claws and teeth were completely uncommon. They tore at the two boys ripping their jackets, t-shirts and pants to shreds. Skin came away in chunks and strips, the cats buried their maws into the large holes they made. Somehow Tommy had struggled to his feet and ran headlong for the door, several cats clinging to him. Jerry’s phone had long been discarded and lay in a puddle of blood on the floor. He’d stopped making noise long ago. There were no screams left as his tongue and part of his jaw had already been eaten away and the cats now had him on his back their claws working through his stomach to get at intestines and tender organs. His larynx had been ripped out and the last effort he made to scream came as a gurgle as he drowned in his own blood.

Tommy saw the car’s headlights and started to crawl toward them but just as soon as he thought Travis had seen him the car turned and sped away. He lay there now on his stomach the cats from the house joined by others outside. They jumped on his back and head, ripping and tearing, chewing flesh as they went. There was no doubt these cats had not been fed in a very long time, or so one would think, but they would be wrong. The last thing Tommy saw… or thought he saw was a hunched old woman standing at the door grinning at him. It seemed she was laughing silently or was it all just a dream? He would never know… would anyone? His vision began to fade; at least the pain was gone. His body had begun the process of shut down and he would make a very fine feast indeed. The cats began to move away and back into the house, some slinking off into the edge of the woods that bordered the house on the opposite side of the field… they moved oddly, their movements jerky and awkward, not like true cats at all. They’d be back… tomorrow night, and the next waiting for more to come.

Kitty Honeycutt is the single mother of an amazing daughter whom she currently home school’s. She is a publisher for over 100 authors, a writer, an entrepreneur, a singer and an animal and human rights activist.

Her household is comprised of various creatures that include, but are not limited to:

Two Chihuahua’s (Lobo) & (Tinkerbell) Thirteen cats (Merlin), (Pandra), (Salem), (Mythian), (Sabrina), (Austin), (Mestofelees), (Sage), (Zoey, aka Jadis), (Willow Pixie), (Totoro aka Tiny), (Clementine) & (Sandy) Five fish, (Pumpkin), (Thing 2), & (Orca the Oscar Fish) One Ball Python, (Dragon), Four Bearded Dragons, (Rexie), (Chubby aka Kingsley), (Samantha) & (Georgia) One Crested Gecko, (Copper) Two Uromastyx, (Mary) & (Elizabeth) Two Aquatic Turtles, (Purple) & (Myrtle) and eleven babies that have yet to be named. One Desert Tortoise, (Bubble).

*As you can see she is also a part-time zoo-keeper.*

She sometimes writes under the pseudonym Kitty 'de Chatfou and her book “Pray For Hell” is due out later this year 2018, and will be her second published work.

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Blank2 Loc Glin ~ presents ~ Unleashing the Woman Within (A Mystic Museum Novella)

First let me fill you in on the premise of The Mystic Museum Series. Minerva’s Mystic Museum is located in New York City. Every full moon the “powers that be” choose someone from the visitors of the museum. This someone, known as the mystic walker, will be the hero/heroine of the novel. The “powers” select someone they feel deserves a second chance, or just a chance to follow their destiny. Minerva, the curator and caretaker of the museum meets the chosen mystic walker. Through the magic that has been entrusted to her, Minerva supplies them with the opportunity to change their lives.

Successful and relatively happy, Rowena is surprised to find out that she is living a lie. Her introduction to BDSM is unorthodox, to say the least, but the Universe knows what is in her heart and endeavors to show her that she can have it all.

Rowena Milestone, corporate executive, has an accomplished career. Yet one thing eludes her. Try as she might she can’t seem to have an orgasm even though she likes sex. Her position in the corporate man’s world tends to intimidate her dates. They perform well enough in bed, but they just don’t push her over the edge, until she meets Stephen.

Stephen Sloan has a secret. He belongs to a very special, no holds barred, anything goes sex club. He never thought he’d meet anyone like Rowena there, so he wanted to believe her outrageous story that she didn’t know how she’d gotten there. When she disappeared without a trace he knew she’d been telling the truth. Now armed with three pieces of information he is determined to find her.

Rowena was devastated when the curator of the museum couldn’t help. Minerva had said, "If the universe is willing, he will come to you." Fat chance she has of that happening.

Note: This book contains what some could consider forced seduction.

For excerpt/adult excerpt and first chapter click here:
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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Dr. Paul Semendinger ~ character interview and his novel ~ Principal Sam Gets Fit

TITLE: Principal Sam Gets Fit
AUTHOR: Dr. Paul Semendinger
CATEGORIES: Picture Book/Children’s Book/Physical Fitness
ISBN: 978-0692925492
IMPRINT: Sunquills

KEYWORDS: School, Sports, Physical Education, Yoga, Friendship, Children, Principal

PRINCIPAL SAM'S NOT FEELING WELL! He's been eating too much candy and forgetting to exercise. Principal Sam knows he needs to get in shape, but he's not sure where to start. Ms. Tami tells Principal Sam to come to her P.E. class. If only he could keep all the sports straight! It's a good thing the kids of Sunnyside School are here to help!

Principal Sam is at it again!  The loveable principal, who often gets confused, ate far too many snacks on Halloween.  Principal Sam gained a lot of weight and is not in shape.  To fix this, Principal Sam turns to Ms. Tami, the school’s physical education instructor.  Ms. Tami invites Principal Sam into her class.  Poor Principal Sam begins to mix-up the sports and activities.  Once again the children of the school help Principal Sam.  They teach him about the sports.  All is well until a problem occurs on Field Day…  Can the special day be saved?


Host: We are here with Principal Sam, the main character in a new series of picture books.  Welcome Principal Sam.

Principal Sam: Hello.  Thanks for having me.

Host:   Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Principal Sam: Yes.  I am a lucky man.  I am the principal of Sunnyside School, an elementary school with great kids and teachers.

Host: That’s nice.  What, if anything, is special about your school?

Principal Sam: The student, especially, help me.

Host: They help you? 

Principal Sam: Yes.  I get confused sometimes.

Host: I don’t understand.

Principal Sam: Neither do I sometimes.

Host: No.  I don’t understand how the kids help you.  What are you confused about?       

Principal Sam: I get confused about all sorts of things.

Host: Like what?

Principal Sam: Well, I used to get confused about the holidays…

Host: How do you mix-up a holiday?

Principal Sam: I once tried to celebrate Thanksgiving on Valentine’s Day.

Host: How did that work out?

Principal Sam: It was ok.  The kids helped me figure it out.  One student gave me a Valentine’s Day card.

Host: How have you worked through this problem?

Principal Sam: The students and teachers helped me.

Host: What did they do?

Principal Sam: I can’t tell you that.  It’s how my book ends.  You’ll have to read the book to find it out.

Host: Fair enough.  Can you tell me if you confuse anything else?

Principal Sam: Sports.  I got confused there as well.

Host: You mixed-up sports? 

Principal Sam: Yes.  I say things like “Touchdown!” when students score in basketball.

Host: Can you tell me how you fixed that problem?

Principal Sam: Nope.  That’s what my second book is all about.

Host:  How many books will you have?

Principal Sam: I’m hoping a lot.  Right now I have five book titles.  The one about sports, “Principal Sam Gets Fit,” is coming out now!.  The others will come in time.  My next book tells the story of how I mixed up some famous children’s stories.  That book will be titled, “Principal Sam and the Three Bears.”

Host: What do you know a lot about?

Principal Sam: Being kind.  Helping others.  Working hard.  Those are things I believe in and teach the students at Sunnyside School.  We all support and help each other.

Host: It sounds like you have a special school.

Principal Sam: I do.  Now what was your name again?

Host: I don’t think I ever told you my name.

Principal Sam: You might have, and I just forgot.

Host: I don’t think I did.

Principal Sam: Well, it’s nice talking to you anyway.

Host: The pleasure was all mine.  Yikes!  We are out of time.  Thanks for coming.  I hope to see you again Principal Sam.

Principal Sam: You’ll be seeing a lot of me.  My books are becoming VERY popular!  I love sharing my stories with children.  Thank you so very much!

Dr. Semendinger has been a passionate child-centered educator for almost 30 years. He first enjoyed a successful career as a middle school history earning numerous awards including “Teacher of the Year” and the prestigious “A+For Kids” grant before moving on to administration. Dr. Semendinger has served as a high school vice principal, a middle school principal, and is currently the principal of the most wonderful elementary school in the whole world!

Dr. Semendinger is also an accomplished writer. His first book of motivational passages, “Impossible is an Illusion” was be released in June 2017 by Ravenswood Publishing.  Dr. Semendinger’s first novel, “Scattering the Ashes” will be released in 2018 also from Ravenswood. In addition, Dr. Semendinger writes picture books.  His first picture book for children “Principal Sam and the Calendar Confusion” has been released to excellent reviews!  The follow-up book in the Principal Sam series, “Principal Sam Gets Fit” will be released in July 2017.  Dr. Semendinger’s original and unique history of the New York Yankees “The Least Among Them,” is also currently in editorial review.  In additional to his published writing, Dr. Semendinger is a featured writer on the highly successful Yankees blog, “It’s About the Money” which is a member of the ESPN SweetSpot Network.  He also frequently publishes on eduTopia and on his highly successful blog. 

More than all of this, a family man, Dr. Semendinger enjoys and greatly values the time he can spend as a husband and “Dad” with his wife and three sons.  There is nothing he is prouder of than the fact that he is a good dad and husband.



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